Expert Author Showcase: Sean G Murphy

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Sean G Murphy in Today’s Showcase

In April 2009, Expert Author Sean G. Murphy wrote his first article simply to see if he could do it. Surprised by his success, Sean was motivated to continue writing based on the positive response from readers who conveyed their gratitude for his articles.

“My articles on have given me international credibility and have been the key to growing my business,” Sean said. “For all the people who watch us on social media or read our articles (that we know of), there are 10x as many who see our stuff and never make a comment.”

A Humble Article Beginning

At first, writing didn’t come easily to Sean – questions about what to write and seeds of doubt crept in. However, with the support of his friends, Sean found his writing stride. “I will see something or hear something and with how easy it is to use [], I type out the story right away,” Sean commented. “Having the ability to put my thoughts down and have them archived online is a great comfort. So my sessions are ‘that’s cool,’ ‘let me put my spin on it,’ and poof! The article is done.”

Although he claims to not be “the best writer,” Sean provides a conversational tone that’s engaging while maintaining informative value. To further hone in on his audience and their needs, Sean stays in tune with current trends via Facebook, his family, and other forms of media. Inside the Actor’s Studio, for instance, inspires him to expand upon profound interviews. Even Sean’s 8 year-old son inspires him to keep it simple because “everything we needed to learn we learned in kindergarten,” he said.

Here are a few more highlights from our interview with Sean:

  • Should I share articles on social media sites? “[I] thought that was being presumptuous, big form of self-promotion … and it is. What changed it was when folks who I did not know said ‘thank’ you for the articles.”
  • Which niche is the best fit for me? “Sometimes I had ideas that were outside my normal “home business” segment, so I just decided to write based on my experiences. I realized that it was okay to have articles outside my focus.”
  • Has the article been a success? “Now you can benchmark articles against each other [in] and you can track easily the results your material gets. I’m still amazed – I wrote an article for a friend to have, never thinking it was something others would want. It has been a top 3 producer since the beginning and if I had no way of tracking it, I would not have known that I should write more articles on that topic.”
  • How many articles should I write? “If you want to expand your credibility, write a few articles. If you want to be an expert … WRITE MORE ARTICLES.”

Discover your article writing power by trying out Sean’s strategies and let go of seeds of doubt to cultivate your own international recognition!

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Randall Magwood writes:

Hi Sean, congrats on the publicity. You’re certainly no beginner to EzineArticles, and it’s good that your articles has brought you lots of credibility. Once again congrats!

Comment provided September 20, 2012 at 7:22 PM


Joseph Dabon writes:

I have mixed feelings about this. It is good slice of the author, make us see what is “inside” him. Sadly, I saw not much. They are generalities, no specifics. But I take my hat off for him for being in the “highlight.”

Comment provided September 20, 2012 at 8:28 PM


Werner writes:

Hi Sean congrats for such a good achievement. Looking forward for a worthy initiative in future.

Comment provided September 24, 2012 at 8:20 AM




You have pointed out something that I find invaluable at They track the results of your articles and each month they list the 3 top articles. I have written about love, loving relationships, healing, success, body therapy, nutrition, dieting, health, healing, marriage, relationships, spirituality and sexuality.
Since 2008 I have posted 239 articles on all these different topics and only a very few on specific aspects of sexuality. Yet, the 3 most prominent articles in all this time have been the articles I wrote about Male Sexual Arousal, Foot Fetishes, and Cheating.
What that reveals to me is that there is a huge need out there for me to write articles that specifically help individuals struggling with these and similar very sensitive and not much talked about topics.
As much as I love to write about love, people who are struggling with personal issues are also struggling with love.

Comment provided September 25, 2012 at 9:34 PM


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