Expert Author Showcase: Miriam B Medina

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Miriam B Medina in Today’s Showcase

Gaining inspiration from life itself, Expert Author Miriam B Medina has a unique set of specialties that she uses to write reader-compelling, engaging articles.

A historian, a translator, a singer/songwriter, and a poet, Miriam shares what she’s learned to help educate people in an informative way. “Education is key to success in life,” she said, “and I aspire to help people succeed.” What makes Miriam’s articles stand out is her innate ability to incorporate her diverse background and personal experiences through narrative. “I believe it adds personality and élan,” Miriam reflected. In turn, these narratives engage readers and stand the test of time.

Success and Confidence Gained Through Perserverance

Currently an administrator of a non-profit education website, Miriam admits it’s no easy task to get published, get noticed, and to maintain your momentum in your efforts when you feel stuck. After learning about from a friend, Miriam saw an opportunity to promote herself as an Expert Author and to bring traffic to her blog and her website. “I thought it looked like a good opportunity,” Miriam said, “so I tried it, and it’s led to other opportunities.”

Reflecting on her previous despairing feeling of the overwhelming odds to achieve success, Miriam commented “the only way to get where you want to go is to keep going, to persevere. That’s what I’ve done. I’ve put my nose to the grindstone. I’ve collaborated, written when I didn’t feel like it, and pushed on,” she continued. “Now I’m a Diamond Expert Author with 135 published articles getting some love and appreciation right here for all of my hard work.”

Not only has Miriam increased her exposure by writing articles, she’s built up her confidence. “I have learned a lot on how to become a better writer thanks to my experiences here with EzineArticles,” she said. “I am more conscious of my grammar, my tense, my punctuation, my content, and the overall presentation of my articles. I’ve learned the catchier the title, the better. This experience has given me self-confidence in my creative capacities.”

Miriam on Writing and Writer’s Block

A typical writing session for Miriam is chaotic. In a cluttered workspace, with a scattering of notes, Miriam strings together her stories and education pieces “just as life and creation comes from chaos,” she said.

To overcome writer’s block, Miriam reads other writers’ works that hold her interest or to provide that spark of inspiration. In her article How to Escape the Dreadful Writer’s Block, Miriam recommends three additional exercises that naturally relax the brain and defeat the block:

    1. Try background music while you write – … this will relax you and get your mind focused on something else, loosening you up and allowing you to start the writing process in a state of relative ease.
    2. Try setting a tone in the area you are writing in – … it is best to choose a quiet, secluded spot in which to write. It’s even better using things like scented candles and artwork to set the mood and stimulate the mind…
    3. Put it down – That’s right, let the writer blockage think it has won. Let the mind drop its guard, thinking you have quit the process. Sometimes getting rid of your written work for a few days, getting out and stimulated, can get the brain working, the heart pumping, and can help you overcome writer blockage.

Try Miriam’s strategies to defeat your next bout of writer’s block and incorporate your diverse background as well as personal experiences to allow your personality to shine in your articles.

Do you have a question or comment for Miriam? Feel free to leave it in the comments section below.


Randall Magwood writes:

Congrats on the publicity Miriam. Your 3 exercises for defeating writer’s block are excellent tips. Once again congrats.

Comment provided August 30, 2012 at 11:35 PM


R Hill writes:

Wonderful story and really motivating for me to hear all about how you do it Miriam.
Thanks for the tips! I’ll try them right away!

Comment provided August 31, 2012 at 12:05 AM



Thank you Randall . I appreciate your comment. I hope the tid-bits helps.

Comment provided August 31, 2012 at 10:05 AM


Terry Newell writes:

Miriam – You have such an inspiring approach to writing. I’m not a writer but I’m trying. This blog is so full of positive insight and useful tools and tips that I may feel confident enough to finish and share some of the things I’ve been working on soon. I’m sure many writers will find the exercises you practice to escape writer’s block extremely helpful. You’re so right about using music and scent to both relax and stimulate the mind. I listen to music and have scented candles going at all times in my home because they offer comfort and a kind of companionship, but now I can see how valuable they are as writing tools, as well. Thank you, Terry Newell

Comment provided September 1, 2012 at 6:34 PM



It’s just a matter of finding what works for you. If you get blocked using scented candles and music, try something else. Go for a walk first.
Exercise while you write. Hunter S. Thompson used to crank the television up on an empty channel because the white noise helped him. Just find something that frees your mind to write, and pour your thoughts and feelings onto the page.

Comment provided September 2, 2012 at 2:04 PM



Rachel Hill,I hope the motivation helps you to do the same. I love reading as much as I love writing, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Writer’s block is generally stress related, it’s just a build up of stress that freezes you with a fear of action. Overcoming fear and getting to it is what it’s all about, so GET TO IT!!!

Comment provided September 2, 2012 at 2:09 PM



I want to thank Ezine for publishing all of my work, and for allowing so many people to enjoy it and share it. This spotlight not only helps spread
my work, but it gives me some validation, and shows me that I’m doing this for a reason, and what I’m doing is working. Thank you, Ezine, fot the opportunity and for the spotlight. I won’t let it go to waste!
Miriam B. Medina

Comment provided September 2, 2012 at 2:12 PM


Hi Miriam,

Congratulations and keep up the great job!



Thank you Vanessa. It’s feedback like this that lets me know that all of my efforts are worthwhile. I think that if I ever do get writer’s block again, I’ll remember your kind words, and that should get me right through it.



Joel Cotto writes:

I like Writing and Writer’s Block
number 3. Put it down

From all the hype and excitement in writing post or article it will come to a time that you can’t think of a word to continue the phrase you are writing or if the write up you created is just right to what you are thinking. It is better to give some space and enjoy life for a moment, to keep your senses alive again.

Congratulations and Keep the motivations up and running. Your articles are worth reading.

Good Day and God Bless to All

Comment provided September 5, 2012 at 12:36 PM


Tony Castaldo writes:

Congratulations to Miriam Medina EzineArticles’ Expert Author. A great writer, journalist, social researcher, artist. A great woman too with a huge heart who works for a better world. From Italy, Tony Castaldo.

Comment provided September 6, 2012 at 11:45 AM


Well, well Tony, my good friend and famous journalist what a nice surprise all the way from Brusciano, Italy. Thank you for your comment. In the three years that I had the opportunity to translate your press releases into English for the italian-American Community here in the U.S. I learned a lot from you with regard to Journalism and the Italian Culture, on which I have written many articles that have been published here at You always encouraged me to keep writing, well I took your advice and here I am today enjoying the moment.You were always an inspiration to me. Thank you.



Yes, I agree with you Joel. Sometimes it’s more constructive to take a breather, rather than to simply push on to push on. If you do that, your
work is sub par, which further makes you feel like you can’t write, and that can actually add to your inability to write. Beating writer’s block
is just a matter of finding the confidence to write again. Keep up the good writing.

Comment provided September 6, 2012 at 6:18 PM



Thank you Tony. You have been a great inspiration to me as a journalist. I appreciate all the tid-bits regarding journalism. I am grateful for all your help with the Italian Culture, which I was able to include in my articles that have been published.

Comment provided September 6, 2012 at 6:22 PM


John Conejos writes:

Your efforts and success provides me inspiration to keep on writing. You weren’t getting the results you wanted and so you persisted on finding alternatives. Great job and I am happy for you.

Comment provided September 6, 2012 at 9:11 PM


Thanks John, it’s responses like this that help me push myself when I feel like quitting, and that’s what you need to make it through, so I really
appreciate the feedback. I hope I inspire you to write something great.



laura oppenheimer writes:

Miriam Medina is a positive, dedicated researcher and writer. Starting out, she was unsure of herself, but her
determination to become a writer has carried her as she worked on her grammar and her writing skills. She’s
written content for her website, her blog,and more, remaining self-critical even as she gained experience. I told
Miriam, as I reviewed her progress, to edit, edit, edit, and then edit
some more.Even while in awe of her perseverance, I see that she continues to become a stronger writer monthly.
. Congratulations Miriam.
Laura Claridge
Farrar, Straus biographer

Comment provided September 11, 2012 at 5:36 AM



Thank you Laura for your words of encouragement. In the seven years I worked with you as a researcher, I learned so much from you as an accomplished biographer. You were my role model. Edit was always one of your favorite words, which taught me discipline in bettering myself. If it wasn’t for that word I wouldn’t be here enjoying the moment. Thank you so much for all the great times, we spent working together. It was quite a rewarding experience.

Comment provided September 11, 2012 at 8:01 AM


Allison Paul writes:

Remarkable advices. I should try some of them one day. May be today. I think “Try background music while you write” works! And we may also get some inspiration from the song…

Comment provided September 13, 2012 at 10:27 PM


Thanks for the kind words. Yes, start today. Killing procrastination helps to defeat writer’s block. Why put off til tomorrow what you can write today, as they say! I can’t wait to read what you write. Now crank up that music, get inspired, and write your masterpiece! Glad you enjoyed, and hope the tips help!


Kara Nelson writes:

Thank you Miriam, excellent 3 tips for us to learn!

Comment provided October 14, 2012 at 10:59 PM


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