Article Writing Tips to Retweet: August 2012

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Article Writing and Ideas

  • Writing, like most things, takes practice. You get better each time you do it. Train those muscles by writing every day!
  • Avoid driving your readers mad with padded content! Be clear, concise, & direct to build trust, loyalty, & credibility.
  • You are unique and you have original ideas. Share them in a quality, original article.
  • “You fail only if you stop writing.” – Ray Bradbury. Don’t you agree?
  • Surprise readers with topics you’ve discovered to let them know how your unique insights can be helpful to them.

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Expert Author Showcase: Miriam B Medina

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Miriam B Medina in Today’s Showcase

Gaining inspiration from life itself, Expert Author Miriam B Medina has a unique set of specialties that she uses to write reader-compelling, engaging articles.

A historian, a translator, a singer/songwriter, and a poet, Miriam shares what she’s learned to help educate people in an informative way. “Education is key to success in life,” she said, “and I aspire to help people succeed.” What makes Miriam’s articles stand out is her innate ability to incorporate her diverse background and personal experiences through narrative. “I believe it adds personality and √©lan,” Miriam reflected. In turn, these narratives engage readers and stand the test of time.
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SEO and Article Writing: Start Small to Build Big

Start Small to Build Success

You’ve heard it time and time again: Content is king, but quality is queen. You may be thinking: “All of my quality content is of no use if my articles cannot be seen. Give me something tangible to work with!”

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is often that “tangibility” element many article writers seek. Need proof? Take a look at the competition out there; e.g., the keyword “SEO” has over 11,000,000 global monthly searches alone.

What’s amazing is that many authors already have what they need. With the assistance of even the most simple keyword tools and a finger on the pulse of your niche, you can be successful without the bells and whistles. Here’s how:
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An Insider’s Look at Premium

Discover What Premium Subscribers Already Know

Have you ever thought about becoming a Premium Membership subscriber? Most Expert Authors have at one time or another. Premium brings with it the valuable benefits of faster turnaround and response times, improved review quality, increased flexibility, and more data upon which to make article writing and marketing decisions.

One of the major reasons most members don’t subscribe is that they’re unsure about how they’d put those benefits to good use. Premium is a significant investment, and not knowing what to do (and what not to do) can negatively impact its value.

Here’s a quick guide to getting the most out of a Premium Membership subscription:

  • Take Advantage of Improved Speed with High-Quality Articles – Having your articles reviewed in less than one business day by our most senior Editors can get your articles out there working for you days earlier than without Premium. Take advantage of this competitive advantage by submitting only quality articles. Or if you’re still learning, use this benefit to speed up that time-consuming back-and-forth editing process.
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Latin Meets Contemporary English

5 Commonly Misused Latin Words or Phrases

As fast as we are able to speak, write, or sign, language continues to evolve. One of the most fantastic examples of this is the Latin language.

Although considered a dead language, Latin is still very much alive today. It has influenced many of the languages spoken around the world, including the romance languages and even English. Used by students and scholars from the sciences to philosophy, Latin is still taught in many schools around the world. Even choice Latin words or phrases are used in the presence of another language to offer a subtle turn of phrase in order to convey an idea, thought, or even settle a legal matter.

Discover 5 of the most common Latin words or phrases that are often misused used by English speakers and writers:


The Latin phrase exempli gratia (meaning: for the sake of example or for example) is abbreviated e.g. and is often followed by a comma (depending on the style) because it’s a parenthetical phrase. Also, e.g. should not include every possible scenario, only a sampling.

George is a huge fan of cyborgs, e.g., the Terminator, Inspector Gadget, and Robocop.
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Expert Author Showcase: Gerald Gillis

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Gerald Gillis in Today’s Showcase

Gerald began writing articles in June 2010 based on the advice of a fellow author. The advice was this: Article writing is an effective way to deliver messages to readers, while at the same time establishing and building upon your brand. Two years later, Gerald has found this advice both accurate and worthwhile.

Unfettered and unrestricted to one particular area of specialty, Gerald writes for a variety of niches. As a novelist, Gerald reaches out to fellow writers and offers his advice on writing and written communications. As a former business leader, Gerald provides effective articles on business communications, business ethics, public speaking, and leadership. “These areas are complimentary,” Gerald said, “and I have the background and experience to write credibly in each of them.”
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Smart Keyword Usage Tips

Placement, Moderation, and Integration
By: Vanessa, Editorial Manager

Knowing where and how to use keywords can help you focus your article topic as well as increase your searchability, but understanding keyword usage can be tricky.

Keyword usage is a little like cholesterol. Good cholesterol will help ensure your health and quality of life, whereas too much bad cholesterol will build up and wreak all kinds of havoc on your health. Good keyword usage will help increase your exposure, whereas excessive keyword usage will build up and wreak all kinds of havoc on your credibility and potentially lower your ability to be seen.

It’s all about finding balance: a healthy article diet of original, informative content, knowing which bad keyword practices will wreak havoc, and integrating good keyword strategies into your efforts.
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Article Diagnostic Center: Link Emergency Care

Emergency Care for Your Articles’ Links

It’s important your links are working properly to ensure a good user experience. After all, if you tell a reader to click on a link in your Resource Box and they land on a 404 error or worse, they will not politely inform you that your link isn’t working. Instead, due to their frustration, they will simply leave.

All of the links in your published articles are tested daily to ensure they’re responding properly and don’t contain dangerous malware. If a link is flagged in our system two days in a row because it’s either broken or unsafe, it will be displayed in the Article Diagnostic Center of your account. You will also receive an email notifying you to resolve the issue ASAP. If links in the Article Diagnostic Center are not addressed in a timely manner, they will be deactivated in order to maintain a good user experience.

Here’s a problematic link drill to guide you around your Article Diagnostic Center should you ever need it or if you find yourself in need of link emergency care today:
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Why Promotional Content and Articles Don’t Mix

Practice Your Customer Service Skills in Your Articles

Article writing is similar to an office visit, a doctor’s appointment, and even a homeowner walking into a hardware store asking for advice. They all require a level of customer service, which involves communication, trust, and complete focus on the patient, customer, or reader.

Let’s take a closer look: Imagine you own a hardware store …

Promotional Content Disappoints

A customer has just walked into your store and has asked you a question about rakes. You reply: “This rake is only $9.99! For a limited time only, if you buy a rake you will also get a pair of gloves for free!” You know that’s a sure way to lose a customer either because of your vast experience in customer service or you’ve experienced something similar and left the store frustrated and disappointed.
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