Write Like You Speak

Engage Your Audience and Build Your Credibility

Verbal communication is often considered the most advantageous form of communication because of non-verbal cues. From hand gestures to eye movement to the tone of your voice, you are able to achieve a higher level of engagement without saying a word.

How can writing compete with that?

Descriptive language and other tools can certainly make up for the absence of verbal cues – that’s why they exist! However, these tools are often overlooked in articles and exchanged with the dry, shriveled tones of formal language.

Here’s how you can provide the same level of engagement that verbal communication achieves with the written word.
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A Guide to Managing Alternate Author Names

Preserve Your Brands with Alternate Author Names
By: Vanessa, Editorial Manager

You play multiple roles in your professional and personal life. Why not create a brand for each of your specialties?

Creating a different brand for each specialty allows you to be specific in each niche without appearing suspicious to your reader. Readers are more likely to trust an expert who specializes in one thing rather than a person who claims to know many different things on a wide variety of subjects, i.e. a “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

For authors, building a brand begins with creating an alternate author name.
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Time Management Strategy for Success-Driven Expert Authors

Stop Wasting Your Time!

Does article writing sometimes make you feel like poor Gertrude? You set a goal. You vowed to write no matter how long it took. Time passed while a multitude of emotions swept over you; the words just wouldn’t come!

Avoid meeting the same demise as Gertrude. Be more productive and get more out of your article writing efforts by considering how much quality effort you’re putting into your article writing.

Measuring how much time you’re putting into your articles on a daily and weekly basis will allow you to set reasonable article writing goals to become more efficient. Find what works for you so it fits around your lifestyle and your other responsibilities. In turn, your efficiency will help you become a better Expert Author and help amplify your platform.

Here’s how:
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Expert Author Showcase: Nancy Nicolazzo

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Nancy Nicolazzo in Today’s Showcase

Thought provoking and compassionate, Expert Author Nancy Nicolazzo is committed to helping other people make the most out of each moment, every day.

Inspired by stories and discussions on how meditation and mindfulness has impacted people’s relationships and lives at home or at work, Nancy is motivated to write and coach. “I have always loved words and fine writing and believe that words can inspire and improve our quality of life,” she said.
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Develop Your Audience with Personas

Write Relevant Articles with a Persona in Mind

Buckle up. We’ve got a in-depth, audience-targeting strategy that you’ve got to try.

Understanding your audience is one of the key elements of success. Not only will it encourage new audience participation, it will help you discover changing patterns in your niche. It will also help you understand the current conditions that affect your audience’s participation now and later. As a result, you will be able to write quality, informative content targeting your reader’s needs and wants.

One audience-targeting strategy: creating personas. Personas represent segments of your audience to help you view your platform from your reader’s perspective as well as align with their likes and dislikes. Here’s how!
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Maintain Connections with the Author Alert Signup Box

Add the Author Alert Signup Box to Your Website or Blog

Nurture relationships with your visitors on your website or blog and grow your fan base with the Author Alert Signup Box!

The customizable Author Alert Signup Box allows your fans to sign up directly on your website to receive an email alerting them when a new article of yours is published on EzineArticles.com.

Here are the steps to easily create an Author Alert Signup Box for your website or blog.

  1. Log into your My.EzineArticles.com account*
  2. Select the Resources tab
  3. Select Author Alert Signup Box from the left-navigation menu

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Writing an Effective Call-to-Action

Alluring Strategies and Top CTA Blunders
By: Vanessa, Editorial Manager

You did it! A reader has read your quality, informative article from title to conclusion. Now what?

Did you provide an effective call-to-action (CTA) in your Resource Box? If you didn’t, you may be missing out on an incredible opportunity to foster a relationship with your readers and drive traffic to your blog or website.

A CTA is a pitch to your readers to urge or motivate them to take immediate action. When effectively used, a CTA can generate incredible results and increase your return on time investment.

Use these tips to write an effective and alluring call-to-action!
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Expert Author Showcase: Bruce Hoag

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Bruce Hoag in Today’s Showcase

Expert Author Bruce Hoag’s work as a psychologist and business mentor has provided him great entrepreneurial insight. As a Ph.D. graduate of the Manchester Business School’s Organizational Psychology program, Bruce assists others in building their own online business to adapt in a rapidly changing business world.

Utilizing article writing as his primary marketing strategy to build exposure for his publications, Bruce has cultivated several writing insights that have led to his success. Confessing if he could start over again, he said he would follow his own advice he prescribes others: “Write every day,” he recommended. “The more you do it, the better you’ll get at it … I know how many articles I want to write each day, and that’s the first thing on my agenda.”
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The Power of Premium Membership

Discover One Secret of Truly Successful Authors!

Many of EzineArticles most successful Expert Authors have a secret that they’d really prefer we didn’t share.

A secret that speeds up their article review time, decreases their support time, helps improve the quality of their articles, gives them more control over when their articles are published, allows them to laser target their Resource Boxes, and provides an abundance of valuable insight into their articles’ performance.

This “secret” is an EzineArticles Premium subscription. This investment gives these successful authors the edge they demand in their article writing campaigns. Here’s what they get:
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How to Write an Engaging Introduction

5 Approaches to Piquing Your Readers’ Interest

Imagine you have walked into a networking event; there are doctors, lawyers, business executives, entrepreneurs, work-at-home experts, and dozens of other professionals.

You recall the key to networking is to engage your audience with an exciting speech that sums up what you offer in less than 30 seconds. How do you get the most out of 30 seconds? Catch your audience’s attention with a motivating and memorable introduction. And then, focus on the solutions you can provide your audience (without spouting off a litany of products and services) to build trust.

To readers, articles are a lot like networking events. They rely on article titles to catch their attention, a summary to give them a snapshot, and an introduction to compel them forward.

Compel your readers with these tips!
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