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EzineArticles Tips and Training Snippets

  • Expert Authors: “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” – Benjamin Franklin. :)
  • Make a difference! Build your reader’s trust and earn loyalty by writing a quality, informative article for them.
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Expert Author Showcase: Cindy Hartman

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Cindy Hartman in Today’s Author Showcase

Reaching success in a relatively unknown industry can be a huge challenge for many business owners and entrepreneurs, but not for Expert Author Cindy Hartman. After discussing the importance of sharing knowledge with a marketing coach, Cindy found great value and success in addressing her clients’ needs with quality, informative articles.

As a focused effort to market her business and to establish herself as a leader in her industry, Cindy began writing articles in 2008. Since then, she has found article writing to be an integral part of her overall marketing plan. “[Personal Property Inventory] is a fairly unknown industry, so educating why people need to know what they own helps sell the need for our service,” Cindy commented. “Obviously, people won’t buy something they don’t know they need!”
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First Quarter 2012 Video Roundup

New Tools, Quick Tips, Laughs, and Leveraging Your Credibility!

Our video studio has been busy in the first quarter, producing an assortment of videos to help you get the most out of your article writing efforts.

In case you missed the video releases on the Blog and in newsletters, here’s a list of the videos to help you get caught up, along with a short recap of each video’s message:

The Best Article Writing Strategies for Affiliate Marketers

Increase Trust, Credibility, and Traffic to Increase Your Conversion Rate

From brick and mortar shops to big businesses, many have turned to affiliate marketing to promote their products or services through an affiliate network. And over time, many affiliate marketers discovered how articles can increase their trust, credibility, and traffic.

Why? Article writing is a powerful tool. It builds credibility, fosters trust, and increases traffic to your blog or website. All you need is your expertise (i.e. knowledge and experience) and time (i.e. writing, editing, and submitting) to snag these incredible benefits.

Let’s say you have a product that recently launched onto the market. By writing articles in the product’s niche, you increase your credibility by leveraging your expertise. You also build trust with readers by providing unbiased information in a quality, informative article. In turn, these readers click the links in your Resource Box to discover more quality and relevant information, as well as your products or services. With a great user experience, these readers will likely return again, as well as share their experience online and off.

If you have considered dabbling in affiliate marketing or if, as an affiliate marketer, you want to increase your conversion rates the right way, we have a few article writing and marketing strategies for you to succeed.
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The Power of Social Networking

Article Writing + Social Networking = Success

Between Twitter and Facebook alone, there are over 800 million users tweeting, sharing, posting, reposting, and more.

For Expert Authors, this exchange of information makes article marketing and social networking a perfect match. Social networking sites get your articles into the hands of pre-qualified readers faster than search engines, and your articles create a constant source of information for your followers on your social networking sites.

Discover how you can harness The Power of Social Networking and achieve the many benefits with the strategies and tips in the video below!

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Top Misused Words Part II

Don’t Lose Your Credibility by Misusing These Words, Too!

We’re back again with your next installment of the most commonly misused words in the English language. Our last edition certainly struck a chord with many authors as we listed some of your biggest pet peeves or offered points of grammatical clarification.

Let’s take a moment to discuss what happens when an error does see the light of day. It’s always a humbling moment when, as an Expert Author, someone points out grammatical errors or inconsistencies in your published articles or on your site. Use these errors as moments of discovery by adding them to your proofreading lineup to strengthen your writing skills and maintain your credibility as an Expert Author.

Without further ado, keep a vigilant eye on your articles for this next batch of abused, ill-used, and misused words:

affect vs. effect

affect – To have an effect on; make a difference to; an emotion or desire.

Incorrect: Chocolate effects my behavior.
Correct: Chocolate affects my behavior.

effect – To bring about; to cause something to happen; a change that is a result of an action or cause.

Incorrect: Chocolate has an incredible affect on behavior.
Correct: Chocolate has an incredible effect on behavior.
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Expert Author Showcase: Brenda Avadian

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Brenda Avadian in Today’s Author Showcase

Expert Author Brenda Avadian’s career changed dramatically while caring for her father, an Alzheimer’s disease patient. From communication and leadership consultant, to caregiver, spokesperson, advocate, and author, Brenda’s mission is to “bring knowledge, support, and joy to family and professional caregivers through keynotes, workshops, and one-on-one coaching.”

What sets Brenda apart from other Expert Authors is her modest acceptance of praise, even in the light of her success and incredible article writing skills. “Whenever I get to thinking that I am unique and extraordinary, I learn that many of us who are serious about the quality of the information we share with our readers follow a parallel path,” she commented. “I think what makes EzineArticles authors unique is the caliber of training you provide for us to write better quality articles. I give everything to writing…”
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1-Minute Approval Tips #1: Your Author Photo

Episode 1 of the “1-Minute Approval Tips” Video Series

Strapped for time? We decided to slice our 2-Minute Approval Tips series in half to provide you with the same quality tips in half the time!

Over the course of this series, you’ll discover a wide range of quick tips to ensure you’re getting the most out of your article writing efforts; including member interface tips, traffic-building tips, credibility and exposure tips, and of course tips on how to achieve painless article approvals on the very first submission.

Kicking off the first installment in the 1-Minute Approval Tips video series, discover how easy it is to upload your professional author photo using and find out what you’ll earn in return.

Downloadable Versions:
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Monetize Your Article Writing Efforts

Improve Your Strategy to Increase Your ROI

If you’re like most Expert Authors, your primary motivation behind writing articles is to market your product or service… and inevitably make money.

Articles are a fabulous way to share your expertise with the world while also sending interested readers to your landing page via your Resource Box. Once on your landing page, readers become potential customers and those customers are the essential element to selling your product or service. In the end, more customers equals more money.

The key to successfully marketing your product or service through articles is to optimize your article writing strategy. When you write articles you’re investing a lot of time and effort into the process. It only makes sense to maximize your ROI (Return on Investment). By focusing on the quality of your articles and strategy, you can increase your ROI and more successfully monetize your article writing efforts.

Increasing the ROI from your article writing efforts is as simple as increasing your value, your efficiency, and your effectiveness. The best place to start is to first…
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Fine-Tune Your Preferences on

You’re in control with Settings!

You may need to update your contact information from time to time or perhaps you want to receive your Monthly Performance Summaries via email.

No matter! You are in full control of your account settings and how you wish to receive your EzineArticles notifications with

How to access Settings on

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your current EzineArticles username and password
  3. Select the author name dropdown menu located in the upper-right corner of the page
  4. Select Settings

Within Settings, you will find three tabs:
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