Late Night Article Writing: 3rd Edition

Article Writing Top Ten Countdown

Once again, the newest sensation to hit late night entertainment – Late Night Article Writing – with your host, Lenny Wordsmith!

Watch tonight’s episode to see the Top Ten EzineArticles Blog Insights, Tips, and More from January 2012.

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The Top Ten EzineArticles Blog Insights, Tips, and More from January 2012 Countdown:

#10 – Expert Author Showcase: Gini Graham Scott: With over 70 published books, it’s clear we could all learn something from Gini. Her strategies can help you build and extend the life of your library of quality articles.

#9 – New Easy-to-Use Scratch Pad Tool: Log in to your member interface and access your very own Scratch Pad anytime you want. Use it for article ideas, notes, goals, feedback, and much, much more.

#8 – Article Promotion: Become Your Article’s Agent: Your articles can go pro if you become their agent and put them in the best position to succeed. Write quality articles, choose relevant keywords, and promote your articles to achieve greater visibility.

#7 – 4 Features to Help You Write Confidently: In the Library tab of your member interface, check out the audio or PDF training series, a video library, and your digital locker. All of these training tools will save you time and amplify your writing efforts.

#6 – Top Spelling Blunders Part II and III: EzineArticles has gathered some of the most common spelling errors even the most credible Expert Authors make. Familiarize yourself with these mistakes to help maintain your credibility and build confidence in your writing skills.

#5 – Want Freedom? Write with Confidence: Address unresolved issues, such as branding misfires, dead links, or misguided sales tactics, to provide value to your readers. Doing so will create an article library that is an asset for many years to come.

#4 – 5 Video Channels to Keep You Connected: Although new EzineArticles videos premiere on the blog, there are also 5 video channels where you can access professional training videos that cover topics for all experience levels to help you write more quality articles.

#3 – 2-Minute Approval Tips #20: Reaching the Word Count: Adding 50 words of fluff at the end of a quality 350 word article is not going to do you or your readers any good. Brainstorm key points, share your personal experiences, and offer an additional relevant tip to reach the word minimum the right way!

#2 – Quick and Easy Resources to Show Off Your Articles: Want more exposure, credibility, and traffic? Well, sign in to your member interface and click on the Resources tab to discover 6 tools to strengthen your article writing efforts.

#1 – Increase Your Visibility to Get Results: Grow your business with EzineArticles by writing quality articles and staying connected. Build your Network and share your published articles on your social media sites to boost your articles’ reach!

There you have it! The Top Ten EzineArticles Blog Insights, Tips, and More from January 2012.

Visit each of the Top Ten posts on the EzineArticles Blog today to discover insights and tips to help increase your credibility as an Expert Author and write more quality, original articles.

Catch up with your favorite Late Night Article Writing host, Lenny Wordsmith and watch how he nearly bungled the Top Ten Countdown here!


Linda writes:

I love Lenny’s videos. They are so entertaining and relevant.

Comment provided February 15, 2012 at 2:50 PM


Karen writes:

I prefer to read than to watch the videos. I have benefited much from all your tips. Thanks.

Comment provided February 15, 2012 at 8:34 PM


PABAN writes:

If any article writer writer follows all the top ten tips I am sure he can be the king of article writers of the planet!

Comment provided February 16, 2012 at 3:39 AM


Russ writes:

Man you guys are always coming up with very creative ideas. This is genus. As usual.

Comment provided February 16, 2012 at 11:47 AM


Cat Alexandra writes:

Another fine installment full of great value! Thanks folks, you’re the best!

Comment provided March 1, 2012 at 2:46 PM


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