Expert Author Showcase: Lee Binz

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Lee Binz in Today’s Author Showcase

It’s clear Expert Author Lee Binz’s helping nature has led to her success. Laser-focused on helping parents homeschool high school students, Lee passionately covers every nuance of her niche because it’s what she loves and knows best.

Knowing her articles will not only help parents who homeschool students, Lee opens her expertise to anyone looking for strategies to help students get ahead. “I just love [when] people stop by and read [my] articles,” Lee stated. “Even parents who do not homeschool could benefit… We are ALL interested in getting our kids in the college of their choice and getting big scholarships.”

Lee reaches her target audience through a variety of platforms: articles, newsletters, consultations, blogs, social media sites, mini-courses, audio and video, etc. – many of which are free. When she first started her newsletter in late 2006, she had 25 subscribers (admittedly limited to friends and family). Over 5 years later, it is clear her success is widely received with over 14,000 newsletter subscribers and more articles published every month.

Lee’s Article Writing Strategies

  • My articles are almost always born from my answers to my members… I spend a lot of time each day receiving and responding to questions… I just love helping homeschoolers and so the articles come very naturally.
  • Appreciate that people approach the topic from every perspective… I do not write to a single type of homeschooler. They can be beginners or experts. Some have one child and some have twelve (or even more). Sometimes I feel I should be the one asking for advice!
  • Fleshing out ideas into articles that are long enough… I am a very direct person and don’t waste a lot of words in my responses. I have had to learn to not be so concise, but to expand on my messages a bit to make them more palatable. Since most of my readers are women, the softer touch is much appreciated.
  • Being consistent… Sometimes the pressures of running a consulting business, two membership sites, [etc.] make it difficult to find the time to write articles. I’ve tried to overcome this by just finding small slots of time to sketch out my ideas. I will occasionally start an article and then just come back and finish it later. Sometimes ideas start as a kernel and then grow throughout the day as I interact with homeschoolers.
  • Focus on what you love… You will write better and have much more natural credibility… I like to think that focusing on your passion is more effective than a scatter-shot approach. I would [also] recommend new writers start quickly, gain some credibility, work to move up to the Diamond level and enjoy the results. I appreciate [EzineArticles’] high standards and have found other writers who have helped me.

Discover how you can increase your visibility and cultivate a loyal readership by using Expert Author Lee Binz’s strategies in your next set of quality articles. Do you have a question or comment for Lee? Feel free to leave it in the comments section below.


PABAN writes:

Every time I receive a newsletter in my inbox from EzineArticles I feel happy as could learn something new and improve my article writing Strategies. Thanks again for the post.

Comment provided February 16, 2012 at 11:19 AM



Hello Lee

How do suggest finding writers that are willing to coach/mentor? My niche is step parenting specifically the role of stepfather. Thank you.

Comment provided February 16, 2012 at 11:21 AM


Lee Binz writes:

Hi Geraldo,
My mentors are all experienced homeschool moms who are willing to share their advice and help. I have found many from among my facebook following. I think the best approach is find a facebook group in your niche and start networking.


Gerardo writes:

Thank you Lee for your suggestion.



Donald Coles writes:

Just knowing that there are trained writers, or just conscientious commentours can help someone to strive to become better writers with good spelling and punctuation. Besides being an artist, I enjoy the expression of writing.

Comment provided February 16, 2012 at 2:03 PM


Cat Alexandra writes:

Hi Lee, fine tips here! What especially resonates is making your blogs the answers to your reader’s questions.

You have given me some ideas for a new blog article.

Comment provided March 1, 2012 at 2:50 PM


Pat Coldiron writes:

Hi Lee,

Very enjoyable read. Like you, I get to the point pretty quickly, but have learned to lengthen my blog posts into articles, so I can cover both areas.

Comment provided March 15, 2012 at 4:22 PM


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