Expert Author Showcase: Philip Spires

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Philip Spires in Today’s Author Showcase

Originally from the north of England, Expert Author Philip Spires has traveled around the globe, picking up moments of inspiration and compiling every detail in his commonplace book for future inspiration. Settling in Spain, Philip and his wife opened a small tourism business, which allowed him to attain a Ph.D. and dedicate more time to his unrelenting passion for writing.

Philip embraces his dedication for the written word through various writing mediums and has an impressive collection of published works: two novels (Mission and A Fool’s Knot), a collection of short stories (Voyagers), a non-fiction book (50 of the Best co-authored with Martin Offiah), over a hundred book reviews, and another novel on the way (A Search For Donald Cottee, a parody of Don Quixote).

You may be asking yourself: how can a novelist’s advice apply to article writing?

Success Is a Shared Experience

In all forms of writing, engaging the reader is critical to achieving success. Philip describes this as sharing a unique experience and positioning the reader to empathize with this shared experience: “it’s being taken there, rather than being told what it’s like.”

Accessing experience depends on the writer’s abilities to “be honest and driven by a need to experience, clarify and interpret,” he said. “All writing, even in academe, should be driven by this self-seeking discovery, a desire to communicate the detail of experience. Never prescribe, always explore.”

With self-discovery in mind, Philip continues to write “because I have ideas and questions I want to explore. My motivation is selfish. I am not really seeking material rewards, though a few would be nice. What I want is intellectual gratification… so I keep plugging away doing what I do, reviewing books, writing from experience and interest in the hope that others will find it engaging.”

Engage the Reader on Common Ground

Engaging the reader doesn’t stop at merely sharing your experience. If you were to tell an ordinary story about your day, many readers would not sit on the edge of their seat, excitedly waiting for more information.

So how do you make something that seems ordinary engaging? On his website, Philip recommends drawing “the reader into your world by starting on common ground… And how do you do that? You ROT. R – O – T. Read, Observe, Think.”

Here’s how Philip breaks “ROT” down:

  • R is for read. Read, read, read – and when you read something, review it. And say more than just what happens in the book… read, review, and write your thoughts into your journal.
  • O is for observe. There’s a world out there. We inhabit it. Look at it, describe it. If you come across something of interest, make a note of it and how you felt or how it affected you. In our world, giants don’t change into mice and lizards with red eyes don’t fire laser guns. But millions of other things even more surprising, more interesting and less predictable do happen.
  • And T is for Think. Take time to think, to reflect on what you experience and, if you think it’s interesting, write it down.

Original and thoughtful, Philip offers a unique perspective by exploring experiences, reflecting on their impact, and sharing discoveries with readers. When preparing your next article, use Philip’s advice and let your discoveries break through to common ground by practicing “ROT” to provide reader’s with a unique and valuable experience.

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I don’t know which I like better – your ‘ROT’ acronym or your article about ‘Culture of Benidorm.’ How far is it from Bilboa and are you still renting out rooms?

Comment provided November 3, 2011 at 4:57 PM


Hi Phyllis, I agree with you about liking the “ROT” acronym. Very helpful for being a writer.


Philip Spires writes:

Dear Phyllis

Thanks for the comment. Benidorm is a very long way – in European terms! – from Bilbao. About 570km. Yes we stil have our small tourist rental business. have a look at:

Best wishes

Comment provided November 4, 2011 at 9:15 AM


Vijay writes:

“In all forms of writing, engaging the reader is critical to achieving success”.

A solid nugget and I subscribe to that.


Comment provided November 8, 2011 at 4:06 PM


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