Branding With Your Author Photo on

Build Exposure with Your Author Photo

Getting quality content out there is not always enough. To cultivate a loyal readership or to reach out to new readers, it is important to employ simple marketing methods to bring your articles up to the surface and stand out against the thousands of other authors in your niche.

Branding is an incredible marketing technique for your articles. It builds trust with your readers and promotes you as an authority in your niche. Conveyed visually or through written messages, branding is something tangible readers can relate to and recognize.

One of the easiest methods of branding is the visual message. For the writing community, an author’s visual message is their author photo. Readers trust someone they can visualize behind the writing and your author photo creates a visual connection.
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Increase Your Credibility by Giving Your 100%

Bad Author vs. Good Author

Imagine you have two versions of yourself perched on your shoulders: a Bad Author and a Good Author.

The Bad Author tells you about techniques that may sound pleasing and easy, but the methods ultimately boil down to sacrificing quality.

The Good Author tells you to give it your all by ensuring your articles meet the needs of your readers with engaging, quality, and informative content.

So whose advice should you take?

Watch this video to see how one expert deals with his inner authors:

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EzineArticles Cyber Monday Special!

3 Incredible Deals For a Limited Time

It’s Cyber Monday! In celebration of one of the most intense online shopping days of the year, we have 3 amazing deals to help you take your article writing efforts from so-so to outstanding:


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Night at the Movies: What Your Readers Want to See

Nightmare on Article Street Part 2 – If You Missed the Previous Article…

Starting in the middle of a movie series can make the storyline difficult to follow. The same is true for readers beginning in the middle of an article series.

Imagine standing in line with a friend at a movie theater while looking at the theater’s marquee to decide what to see…

Space Invaders Part 7

Never having heard of Space Invaders, you are confused on how you could have missed previews for the first seven films. That’s a lot to have to catch up with and you see there are plenty of other films available to watch. You turn to your friend and you both agree the movie is not for you…

Like you and your friend, readers want readily accessible information that is easy to comprehend without having to play catch up by looking for the preceding articles. Readers want the full benefit in one article rather than across several articles. If the reader perceives it will take too much work to go searching for all the parts, the reader will continue looking for the content they desire.
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Ten Reasons We Are Thankful For Our Expert Authors

Happy Thanksgiving!

In the spirit of giving thanks, we want to extend our gratitude to EzineArticles Expert Authors in the Ten Reasons We Are Thankful For Our Expert Authors:

  1. Our Expert Author’s unique, entertaining, and often humorous personalities shine through their articles. Their commitment is a constant source of inspiration!
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Measure Article Performance With

Your Articles on the Performance Stage

Tracking the performance of your articles is important to your article writing success and with the new member interface it has never been faster or easier!

The Performance section helps you:

  • Monitor the Traffic of Your Articles Over Time
  • Compare Your Articles
  • Analyze Statistics
  • Follow Your Category Ranking Against Other Experts in Your Niche

Watch this video to learn how to really work the Performance section of to your advantage:

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Scale the Article Writing Mountain To Your Success!

Climb The Article Writing Mountain

A mountain climber wouldn’t think about trying to scale Mt. Everest without harnesses, climbing shoes, ropes and slings, crash pads, helmets, and plenty of warm clothes. Similarly, it’s much easier to scale Mt. Article Writing if you have the right tools to succeed.

Tools To Help You Climb Mt. Article Writing and Achieve Expert Status

Write With a Narrow Focus

The quickest way to lose readers is to make your articles too broad. You want to narrow in on a particular sub-niche of your main niche and keep things simple for your readers. For example, if you’re writing in the family niche, pick a sub-topic (e.g. setting up rules for a teenager). Now you can share your insights with your readers on a narrow topic that will be easy for them to follow. You don’t need to give them a dissertation. Just give them a few nuggets of valuable wisdom. This will help you start to scale the mountain.

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Words of Wisdom Article Template

Readers and Authors Use Famous Quotations as a Source of Inspiration

If after reading a quote you have found yourself saying: “I wish I wrote that!” Or believe someone else said it best, therefore there is no need for you to say it again – we have the article template for you.

Famous quotations, words of wisdom, idioms, and proverbs are a great way to engage the reader and share your personal story that either proves the words of wisdom or disproves them.

Some common expressions and words of wisdom can be “spot on” and teach us life lessons so we don’t have to make the same mistakes others have made in the past.

In other cases, we learn that some words of wisdom may be inaccurate based on our own experience. This is something definitely worth sharing.

Either way, if some personal experience in your niche reminds you of words of wisdom you have heard in the past, you can write an article about that experience.
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Expert Author Showcase: Bill Lampton, Ph.D.

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Bill Lampton, Ph.D. in Today’s Author Showcase

After 23 years as a vice president of three colleges and a medical center, Expert Author Bill Lampton, Ph.D. launched Championship Communication. For the last 12 years he has served to help organizations and individual professionals strengthen their communication, motivation, sales, and customer service, through speaking, seminars, and executive coaching.

What does Bill like best about being the president of his own business? “I start every day by shaving my boss,” he stated in his EzineArticles Expert Author Bio.
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Article Writing Billboard Countdown

Counting Down The Top Article Writing Hits!

The Article Writing Billboard (AWB) ranks them each week and you use them to squeeze more out of your article writing efforts. Hot off the charts, here we go with this week’s top 5 article writing hits from around the world. Now on with the countdown!

#5 – You Really Got Me With Your Title – The Blinks

You want your readers to be saying “you really got me” to themselves after reading the title of your article and your first paragraph.

Here are some ways to connect with your readers:

  • Use an easy to read title.
  • Use a title that’s well positioned with top-level keywords.
  • Start your title off with its subject or a top-level keyword.
  • Clearly explain the benefits of reading your article in the first paragraph.
  • Use a hook in the first paragraph to get them to read on.

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