Article Writing Tips to Retweet: September 2011

Every month @EzineArticles provides well over 100 useful tidbits of information, and training – We’ve gathered some of the best ones from September right here. Retweet any of them to enhance your article writing efforts.

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EzineArticles Tips and Training Snippets:

  • Your resource box is the ‘nutritional information’ of your article; give readers a breakdown of how you are beneficial to their daily lives!
  • What’s better than spell check? A friend willing to read your article. Human eyes catch things like “to” vs “too” better than software.
  • Keep the ball rollin’! Use your unique content & style in your articles to build credibility & continue w/ relevant linking.
  • Think of your article as a journey for the reader. Leading them to a link rich with content will inspire them to make a return trip!
  • What the link?! Picture ergonomic chairs, then picture cat food. What’s in common? Nothing! Uphold credibility w/ relevant linking.
  • Resource Box Looting: Stuffing keywords into a resource box robs the reader of an awesome experience and loyalty to you.
  • Titles are like champagne corks! They need to be well-made & a good fit to the article to keep the contents fresh!
  • Adding a location to your title is like sending a spouse to the store – if you’re not specific, you might not get what you wanted!
  • Stay dry in your niche by fending off over-saturation with an umbrella of quality information & unique perspective.

EzineArticles Inside Information:

  • Is your workspace cramping your article writing style? Check out these tips to foster article growth:
  • Learn how you can save time & build a massive library of quality, original articles fast at
  • Don’t throw your readers in a loop! Visit User Experience Land to see how links can ensure a great user experience:
  • Having trouble finding the right article? Learn how to effectively perform an Advanced Search on EzineArticles here:
  • Avoid pesky roadblocks! Here are tips on how to edit your article before resubmitting it:

Motivational Moments

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gilbey writes:

I wonder the way these tips benefits for SEO. I have adopted them few of them with unique content online which drives huge trafic from G.

Comment provided October 9, 2011 at 9:14 AM


Gilbey –

Glad to hear the tips are a great benefit to you. It sounds like you answered your own question. If re-purposing the tips drives huge traffic from Google, then in your case it appears that it definitely benefits your SEO efforts. :)



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