Expert Author Showcase: Jonathan Farrington

The 5th edition in a series of posts showcasing quality-driven Diamond level Expert Authors and their article writing insights.

When Jonathan Farrington launched his first article writing campaign back in 2006, he believed in the “more is better” mantra. He felt he needed to submit each of his articles to many different sites in order to get the most exposure.

He admits he started by posting his articles to a total of 180 sites every month. That’s not a typo – 180 sites! He says, “In those early days, I was posting to around 180 sites every month. But, within the space of about eight weeks, I reached the top of a very steep learning curve, and my list had been reduced to around twelve sites – now it is just six.”

Starting a website and blog helped Jonathan reign in his efforts. With his focus on a few partnering sites, he could avoid the “scatter gun” approach of submitting, which wasn’t yielding great results. He says, “I believe it’s essential to select a couple of the most popular sites – which virtually guarantees a higher number of views – and then a few niche sites that specialize in your chosen topic. I am very lucky here because my area of expertise is Sales/Sales Leadership, and I have five or six excellent locations to work with.”

Looking Back

Now, five years later, Jonathan attributes his success to those first tentative steps he took back then. He says, “Everything that I have achieved online can be traced back to publishing my first articles. It brought me into contact with the most significant experts and gurus in my field, and I now work closely and collaborate with all of them. Without the opportunity to read my early work, they would never have heard of me, and my credibility has been established because of my written work.”

Despite taking some time off of article writing recently, Jonathan continues to get traffic through existing live articles. He’s preparing to start a new article writing campaign in 2011 as a “warm-up” exercise leading to the publication of his first book, which is scheduled for the end of 2011.

Jonathan had these tips that he wanted to pass along:

  • Jack Of All Trades? – The old saying goes, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” If you spread your writing over a wide variety of topics, you won’t be able to showcase your in-depth expertise as easily. Instead, stay focused on one specific topic or a small number of topics, rather than a huge range. Build recognition in those primary niches, and work your way up that way.
  • Don’t Discount Any Experience – If you have experiences from working different roles in the same industry, don’t discount any of the roles you had when you’re looking for inspiration for new articles. Even if your first role seemed insignificant, you may have learned the most about the industry in that position.
  • Record Your Ideas – Pick an accessible medium to record new ideas when they come to you. Maybe it’s handy to have a pad of paper, an audio recorder or something else. Whatever you use, just keep it nearby as much as possible for impromptu idea brainstorming.
  • Have a Writing Strategy – Keep a schedule and a strategy to continue writing regularly. Evaluate that strategy to make sure it’s helping you accomplish your own goals, and if it’s not working, make changes.
  • Use Your Article Reports – The article reports sent out every month provide a wealth of data about the articles on your account. Don’t let this information go to waste. Use it to direct future content decisions.
  • Focused Site Selection – The “scatter-gun” approach to article writing, where you submit a single article to hundreds of article directories, is a waste of time. Focus on a few of the best directories to carry your content. Use the time to write completely new articles to add new value to your inventory instead.
  • Share, Share, Share – If you have something to share, share it in an article. Don’t think twice about it. Each new idea you put out there opens up a new opportunity to get yourself in front of other experts and eventually become a guru yourself.

Do you consider yourself a guru in your niche? In article writing? Share your own tips to article writing success here, or leave a message for Jonathan.


J Chase writes:

Good suggestions. To bad I did not have these when I started, would have saved me a lot of time and effort.

For newbies, take these suggestions to heart.

Comment provided April 21, 2011 at 10:25 AM


Perry Mink writes:

Great advice. I am new to article writing, and I have a question about the best approach to submitting my articles to other sites. With what information I’ve gathered from reading articles about this subject, it’s not a good idea to republish the same article to additional sites without changing the content considerably. My understanding is that it can have a negative impact on seo rankings. Is this true?

Thanks for the great advice.

Comment provided April 21, 2011 at 11:20 AM


Charles Curtis writes:

Two things: Good and bad.
Bad: I have written quite a few articles in the past 6 months, and struggled with them. I discovered that my writing style is very old fashioned, and I have had to re-learned in order to be effective. It has been a painful learning curve.

Good: I have attained a much higher rating, especially from EzineArticles since I have changed my style. It is still painful to give up the old ways, but it has to be done.

Many thanks for the education, advise and encouragement. I really needed it even when I thought I didn’t.

Comment provided April 21, 2011 at 3:23 PM


Lance Winslow writes:

Alright Jonathan! I’ve known Jonathan for a long time, we met here at EzineArticles, and he’s a dedicated individual who gives 110% – great choice for the spotlight.

Comment provided April 21, 2011 at 5:26 PM



Hi Everyone,

It does seem quite incredible that I began my online “adventure” almost five years ago, because so much has been achieved since then. It also sounds implausible that I was actually posting to 180 sites, but I really did!

In those days, there were literally hundreds of “article resource sites” around, but I estimate that more than 80% have now fallen by the wayside.

As this review hints at, in 2006 I was embarking on a new adventure: I had sold my consultancy the year before, and I wanted to explore the viability of several online ventures, which had been parked in that area of my brain labelled “must try soon”

I also knew I had a few books in me, but the harsh reality was that outside Northern Europe nobody had a clue who I was. So my would-be publishers made it very clear that I needed what they called “a platform” – oh, and a reputaion on the other side of the pond!

With that stark advice ringing in my ears, I created my strategy, which in five very short years has led me to where I am today, and resulted in the creation of the JF Corporation, where we are totally dedicated to, as we say, “relentlessly pioneering sales innovation”

However, my journey all began when I somewhat nervously submitted my first article to EzineArticles on May 5th 2006 – only to be quickly seduced into posting nine more in order to obtain the highly coveted “Platinum Status”

I particularly remember quite early on receiving a very kind and encouraging message from someone whose sheer volume and breadth of topic/knowledge left me in complete awe – and it is poignant that he should take the time to comment today – thank you so much Lance!

Finally, I would say this. It would be very tempting, in light of this write-up, to succumb to penning a wholly sycophantic response, but that really is not necessary.

Since I began writing articles – and because I began writing articles – my work has been recognized, not only by my peer group, but also by all of the leading publications which are sales/sales leadership focused.

I now captain a very special group who represent the most successful sales gurus in the world.

I now have more than one entry if you “Google” me.

I have a multi-book deal with one of the leading publishing houses.

I have …well, I have so much to be grateful to EzineArticles for, and that is very genuine gratitude.

I think you’ll accept that after sampling 179 other venues, I speak with some authority?

Trust me, nobody comes anywhere near in terms of consistent professionalism, innovation, and all round excellence.

I just hope my experiences will inspire others to express themselves through the written word, and share their expertise with a voracious global audience.

Thank you again Chris and the team.



Comment provided April 21, 2011 at 6:56 PM


Richard Taputoro writes:

Hi Jonathan

Thanks for your valuable information you have presented. I believe in developing a writing style that is effective, understandable and most of all professional. You have given me something to think about.

Comment provided April 21, 2011 at 8:05 PM


Nancy Nicolazzo writes:

What a commendation for EzineArticles!

I have always loved to write and writing for EzineArticles has honed my skills and tempted me to write my first book.

I applaud the staff for reading what must have been thousands (millions?) of articles in a short period of time for the final #HAHD challenge!

The challenge helped me to write each day, which I am sure, is the habit I needed to develop to continue writing.

Thank you EzineArticles staff for remarkable work.

Comment provided April 22, 2011 at 7:15 AM


Nancy – It’s been our pleasure. Thank YOU for the kind words. :-)


Joe Short writes:

I was just checking my email to see if I have received a confirmation on joining my twenty something article marketing site when I cam across an email from EzineArticles and thus arrived at your showcase page. I thought I was going some to have reached the number of sites I have and then I find you had signed up to six times as many! As you rightly point out it is quality not quantity than counts and EzineArticles is the acknowledged number one article marketing site. I will now restrain from applying to any more sites in view of your comments. To be honest I suspected that it was not a very fruitful exercise but you have to experiment to see what works and what doesn’t.

Comment provided May 4, 2011 at 12:56 PM


Charles Curtis writes:

Hi – It’s me again. I have been in a very powerfully high learning curve over the last 6 months and thanks to EzineArticles, my educational curve is not only still very high, but I think I am doing much better.

I originally signed up for 8 different sites with the reason that I wanted to learn all different methods, not limit myself to one.

I am cutting back on the number of sites and now concentrating on fewer sites but with more information. Many thanks to Charlie Page and his staff for keeping me honest.

Charles R Curtis

Comment provided May 14, 2011 at 3:31 PM


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