First Quarter Video Roundup

EzineArticles Quarterly Video RoundupTesting Out Article Templates, Generating Great Content, Increasing Your CTR And More!

Our video studio has been busy in the last quarter producing an assortment of videos to help you, our Expert Authors, get the most out of your article writing efforts.

In case you missed the announcements on the Blog and in the newsletter, here’s a list of the videos we’ve released in the first quarter of 2011, along with a recap of each video’s key message:

  • Author Tools and Resources:
    1. Using Templates to Quickly Generate Articles – EzineArticles has created a large pool of highly effective article templates that authors can use for free. Using article templates is an easy way to create high-quality articles that help send large amounts of traffic to your website, blog or online store.
    2. Generating Great Content vs. Promotional Hype – One of the main reasons people start article writing is to drive more traffic back to their website or blog. But, there is a fine line between providing high value content and promotional hype. This video will explain how to write high value content instead of promotional copy.
    3. 7 Tips to Increase Your Click-Through Rate – To get the highest return possible on your time investment, you need to strive to increase the click-through rate (CTR) of the links in your Resource Box. In this video, discover seven tips to increase your click-through rate.
    4. Quick Steps to Resubmitting an Article – There’s a right way and a wrong way to handle rejected articles. This video walks you through the steps you should use if it happens to you.
  • Article Distribution:
    1. How Many Articles Do I Need To Get Results? – One of the most commonly asked question by people just starting with article writing is, “How many articles do I need to write and submit before I’ll see some results?” Watch this video to find the answer.
    2. How to Get Higher Returns From Your Articles – Article writing is a powerful tool for generating interest and buzz in your business, but keep in mind that the minute you finish writing an article and submit it, there are extra steps you should be taking to ensure the success of that article.
    3. Balancing Search Engine Optimization with Readability – One of the most challenging balancing acts in article writing is the one between search engine optimization (SEO) and readability. In this video, discover how to achieve the perfect balance.
    4. 8 Tips for Optimizing Your Landing Page – One of the most important aspects of the design of your website or blog should be the landing page, you know, the place where a visitor ends up after clicking on the links in your resource box. A correctly optimized landing page not only keeps visitors at your site, but it encourages them to sign up for your promotion or purchase your product. Discover our 8 tips for optimizing a landing page in this video.
  • Social Networking:
    1. Connecting Twitter with Facebook and LinkedIn – Social media sites are a great way to listen and connect to your targeted audience, but it can be a full-time job for any size business to manage these activities. Save yourself some time and increase your return on investment by connecting your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. Doing so will allow you to send updates through just one site! Discover how to link your social networking accounts today to maximize your article writing efforts.
  • Nuggets of Knowledge:
    1. Why Diamond Level Membership? – In this unscripted video, CEO Christopher Knight gives an inside look at why the Diamond Level Membership was created.

Where to Find Even More Videos:

You’ll find a complete list of all of our EzineArticles videos on our Video Archive. It’s organized to help you find the videos you’re looking for based on skill level. Videos are broken down into beginner, intermediate and advanced skill levels.

The videos are also organized into 8 handy categories:

1. Top 10 Reasons for Article Rejection
2. Social Networking
3. Author Tools and Resources
4. Nuggets of Knowledge
5. Overcoming Writing Obstacles
6. Article Content vs. Real Life
7. Article Distribution
8. 2 Minute Approval Tips

You can also view all of our videos on our Facebook Fan Page (on the “Video” tab), YouTube Channel and our Metacafe Channel.

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