Diagnostic Link Checker/Malware Update

Article Diagnostic CenterUpgrades to the Article Diagnostic Center and malware link detection process are here!

Dead/broken links in live articles are now identified faster than ever before. Plus, malware links are identified and dealt with quickly.

Update to Link Checker

Dead/broken links create a poor user experience and destroy the credibility of the author and the publishing site. Therefore, it’s in all of our best interests to notify you quickly when your live articles turn up with broken links.

Here’s how the invalid link detection system works:

  • Day 1: If a link is broken for one day, it will not be reported in the Article Diagnostic Center. It is marked for further review.
  • Day 2: If a link is broken for the second consecutive day, you’ll be notified via email and the article will appear in the Article Diagnostic Center.
  • Day 7: Links continue to be checked daily. If the link is still broken on the seventh day, we notify you again via email.
  • Day 14: If the link isn’t fixed or tested as valid after two weeks, it’s de-linked after the 14-day mark.

** You can edit and fix your link at any point, before or after the 14 days. Simply login to your account, find your live article and edit the link.

At any point during this process, you can login to your account and visit the Article Diagnostic Center by selecting the Author Tools dropdown menu and then selecting “Article Diagnostic Center”. It is in our best interest, as well as yours to provide you this tool so that you may leverage the EzineArticles platform to meet your needs.

In the Article Diagnostic Center …

  1. Click on the invalid URL to determine whether or not the link is working properly.
  2. If the link IS working, click “Report as Valid”. The text “URL working?” will change to “Reported and in review” until our editors can verify that the link is valid.
  3. If the link is NOT working, click to edit the link directly in the article. Once the link is fixed by you, it will be removed from the invalid link database and no further action is required.

The goal of this change is to help you fix dead/broken links as soon as they’re known so that your readers have a positive experience. Plus, you look better because the link to the website in your Resource Box works.

Update to Malware Link Detection

In an effort to improve the EzineArticles system, we’re continuously investing more resources to check for unsafe sites and protect everyone from malware. Short for malicious software, malware is software found to be potentially harmful or reported for spamming/phishing. When a malware link is unknowingly clicked on, the software can penetrate a computer system without the owner’s consent.

Here’s an overview of how the process will work now:

  1. When you submit an article, we check all of the links to see if any of them link to unsafe sites. This includes sites that promote or distribute malware, viruses or other undesirable software.
  2. The malware scan is also run on all existing live article links every day, plus every link in each Author Bio.
  3. Any link found to be malware will result in the live article being taken offline and placed in Problem Article status in the account.
  4. In addition to the article being placed in Problem Article status, articles that contain malware links will show up in the Article Diagnostic Center for easy access and repair.

Any questions/comments?


Lisa writes:

Great stuff. I have a related question: What if an author needed to change a large number of their links at once? For example, if you changed your domain and needed to update all previous articles to reflect this. Is there any method for changing them other than editing each individual article?

Comment provided March 9, 2011 at 2:15 PM


Devon K writes:

Since you notify them twice by the seven day mark, why wait 14 days? Why not just de-list after seven?

Comment provided March 9, 2011 at 9:26 PM


Bill Ray writes:

Not only does it destroy the credibility of the author and the publishing site, it can change your organic ranking for your articles and the publishing site.

Good house keeping as I call it, is very important!

Comment provided March 9, 2011 at 10:35 PM


Tom Liston writes:

Seems like more than ample time for authors to be notified of their broken links

Comment provided March 14, 2011 at 2:29 PM



Its very useful for the webmasters who have collected thousands of backlinks and don’t want to spend much time to keep watch on them.

Comment provided March 15, 2011 at 6:40 AM


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