New Category Selection on the ‘Submit an Article’ Widget

New updates in the last week to the ‘Submit an Article‘ widget make it even easier for you to choose the most relevant categories.

Last month, our Developer Team launched the BETA version of a new widget-based Member Interface. The new interface gives you the power to customize your Author’s Area homepage to look and work the way you want.

One of the primary changes between the standard homepage and the widgetized one is the functionality to submit articles right from your homepage.

This week, two new features were added to the Submit an Article widget designed to help you select the right category: the Category Drill-Down and Suggested Categories.

Category Drill-Down

The new Category Drill-Down feature simplifies the process of choosing a category by offering just one drop-down menu. You can find the drill-down feature under the Details tab of the Submit an Article widget. To select a category with the new feature:

  1. Click on Select a Category …
  2. Select the top level category of the niche you’d like to choose.
  3. The drill-down will display the specific niches in that category.
  4. Select the specific niche that best identifies your article.
  5. If you need to choose a different top level category, use the “Back” option in the menu

Selecting the best category is one determining factor in the success of every single article. By placing an article in the right category, the chance that it’s discovered by browsing readers increases dramatically because many readers search for content by category.

Suggested Categories

To make the category selection process even faster, we’ve also added the Suggested Categories feature, which lets you pick an article’s category based on what you’ve written in the past. In other words, it suggests categories based on your recent articles. The Suggested Categories display is right below the Category Drill-Down menu.

Once you get a chance to try the new category selection tools at your disposal, stop back and leave us a note. You can also comment on any features of the widgetized Author’s Area by clicking the image on the bottom navigation of the new Author’s Area Homepage.

Also, the widgetized homepage is in BETA testing right now, so you can switch back to the old homepage at any time by clicking on the “switch back” link at the top of the page.


Alexis writes:

Nice improvement.

Comment provided January 18, 2011 at 3:11 PM



Thank you for the new technology

Comment provided July 7, 2011 at 10:26 PM


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