Run 100 Miles in 100 Days Challenge

To coincide with our “100 Articles in 100 Days Marathon Challenge” (#HAHD), you are invited to join us in running 100 miles in 100 days (aka, #HMHD).

This challenge is already in progress – it started on May 1st, 2010 and “runs” until August 8th, 2010.

Unlike #HAHD 4, there are no prizes for entering or winning the #HMHD (Hundred Miles in Hundred Days) Challenge … other than bragging rights and a slim, lean body that comes from being fit.

What do you need to enter?

Nike+ Sensor($19-$29) and a iPod Nano 5th gen or iPhone 3GS or iPod Touch. If you don’t have a Nano or iPhone 3GS/iPod Touch, then you’ll need the Nike+ Sportsband ($59 from

You do not need Nike+ shoes as I run with a little $3 Nike+ pouch velcro’d to my shoes for the running sensor pod. You can find the running pouches at

The Challenge itself costs nothing to enter, nor does becoming a member of Nike+’s website.

How do you enter?

Purchase your Nike+ Sensor/kit and CLICK HERE to join the challenge.

I’m in the challenge myself as are many of the behind-the-scenes EzineArticles team who are looking to get into better physical shape or just enjoy the love of running. We hope to see you at the finish line on August 8th, 2010!

Are you in?

Overcoming Writing Obstacles: Frame of Mind

Part 3 of the “6 Ways to Overcome Obstacles and Write High-Quality Articles in Large Quantities” video series.

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face as an Expert Author is getting yourself motivated to actually write. For some reason, even the most accomplished writers often struggle just to get started.

Gary is no stranger to this particular writing obstacle. Thankfully, he’s found a variety of methods for overcoming it. In this video, he shares six of his tried-and-true techniques for focusing his energy and putting himself in the right frame of mind for writing.

Invest a little over 3 minutes with Gary and you’ll come away with several tools you can use to kick-start your writing sessions and ultimately generate more high-quality original articles.

Downloadable Versions:
WMV Format     MOV Format     MV4 Format     MP3 Format

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5 Tips to Achieving Painless Re-Review

This post was revised June 24, 2010 at 9:35 am to reflect a change in article re-review procedures.

Modifying your articles after they’re live doesn’t have to be difficult – just keep these 4 tips in mind before you hit submit.

Back in February, we gave you the option of editing your articles after they’d been approved and published. [view post] In order to maintain the quality of those revised articles, however, it’s still necessary to have 2 human editors review each one as if it were a brand new article. We call this quality-control step the re-review process.

During this editorial re-review process, your old article version will remain LIVE and will still be working for you to drive traffic back to your site and build your credibility and exposure. Once the article review is complete, the newly accepted version of the article will replace the old version.

Unfortunately, there are times when the revised article doesn’t get approved. In that case you’ll be notified via email that you have 30 days to make the necessary changes and resubmit your article for another editorial review. This process repeats until the article is finally approved.

But wouldn’t it be a lot easier to get your edited article approved the first time?

Of course. The good news is that over the last few months, our Editors have come to realize that there are just a few primary reasons why edited articles don’t get approved the first time. In this post, we’ll share some tips to help you avoid these common re-review pitfalls.

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Expert Author Case Study: Andrew Gowans

Today’s Expert Author Case Study examines how Expert Author Andrew Gowans brings a true multi-faceted approach to article writing and marketing.

With a background spanning 25+ years in I.T. and H.R senior management, Spanish author Andrew Gowans supports and helps others to write more effectively and efficiently while working at home and building successful internet businesses.

Andrew has designed and delivered workshops and seminars to different international groups in both the public and private sector. He has freelanced for a number of years, enjoying the freedom it brings and has a passion for ‘the little guy’, life-long learning and continuous improvement.

He currently has over 50 clients worldwide for whom he provides writing and ghostwriting services as well as coaching on website design and search engine optimization. Andrew has published a number of e-books and reports as well as having ghostwritten 7 books for his international clients.

As part of our Expert Author Case Study Project, we asked Andrew to share his insights and experience with the rest of the EzineArticles community.

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Articles Targeting Localized Search

Most Localized Niche Articlesarticles submitted to us with the intent of being indexed by search engines for localized-search (location specific) results end up getting rejected.

Why do they get rejected? For failing to deliver on the promise made in the article title.

For Example: “Morocco Body Painting Supplies”

What does this title really promise?

It’s clear to us that this author is targeting local search. They most likely have have no intention of delivering the benefit promised in the title of their article. In most cases, this type of author won’t even mention “MOROCCO” in their article body, but they will most likely include it in their anchored text link in their Resource Box. If they did mention “MOROCCO” in the body of the article, it’ll most likely contain excessive keyword repetition (a secondary reason we wouldn’t accept it).

This indicates to us that perhaps they don’t care about their end reader and only want their articles to show up in the local search results for their targeted keywords. Because this provides our users with a bad experience, we won’t accept this type of article.

If this author were to write about what’s unique about “Morocco Body Painting Supplies,” and the information supplied can’t be applied to any other locale, then we may be able to accept it.

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Find Email Alerts Cartoonout right away when fresh articles have been published on EzineArticles by signing up for email alerts.

Every day, we publish great content for you on, whether it’s articles by the authors you want to follow, content in the categories that are most important to you, or article-publishing news, tips and advice on the EzineArticles blog.

How can you stay up to date on all of this fresh content? Easy! Just sign up for email alerts and you’ll get a new notice in your inbox whenever something in your interest areas is posted.

  • Newly Published Articles by Your Chosen Authors: Use the email blank at the top of your chosen Expert Author’s page. See this example on Expert Author Christopher Knight’s author page. You’ll get an email alert whenever your authors publish articles.
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If you haven’t had a chance to check out email alerts yet, take a minute and sign up for some today, then come back and tell us what looked most interesting. Are we missing any topics that you’d like to get alerted about? Let us know!

Quick Case Study: Leanne Hoagland Smith

The third in a series of posts that highlight one Expert Author who has achieved success by doing just one thing exceptionally well.

If you want to be successful in Article Marketing, says Expert Author Leanne Hoagland-Smith, you have to be “Captain Focus” – someone who can create, follow and measure a marketing strategy – not “Captain Wing It.”

“In marketing, you must attract positive attention and then look to build a relationship with your potential customers,” she says. Understanding the goal of marketing keeps me focused on writing quality articles.”

An executive coach, consultant and published author (Be the Red Jacket in a Sea of Gray Suits), Leanne has submitted articles successfully to EzineArticles since 2005 in business categories ranging from sales to marketing to social media.

Leanne recently shared her tactics for a successful Article Marketing strategy with us:

  • Create a marketing plan. “[This plan is] supported by written goals and reinforced with an executive marketing strategy,” she says, “Understand where article marketing fits in that marketing plan, and know how to use keyword research to stay on top of market trends in their areas.”

    “Since my marketing plan incorporates an education-based marketing approach, article marketing is one of my primary strategies,” she says.

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Article Writing and Marketing Tips to ReTweet

Every month @EzineArticles provides well over 100 useful tidbits of information, fun facts and training – We’ve gathered 30 of the best ones from April right here. Retweet any (or all!) of them to enhance your article writing and marketing efforts.

Just CLICK on to auto-populate your Twitter status field.


EzineArticles Tips and Training Snippets:

  • Depending on your writing style, your tone can be light … but ‘LOL’ is not OK unless you are defining text slang.
  • Grammar Tip: Watch for homonyms, words that sound the same but have different meanings. Be right when you write.
  • Use ‘bold’ to emphasize headings, not keywords. Readers get distracted from the content if the wrong words stand out.
  • Simple way to increase your CTR: Optimize your Resource Box with links to content relevant to the article and call to action.
  • Article Title Tip: Do not include Quotes or Apostrophes around your article titles. We’ll just strip them out each time.
  • Following easy-to-use article templates not only speeds up your writing, but gives all of your articles a similar feel.

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More Facebook Upgrades for Your Author Bio

Add your Facebook Fan Page URL to your Expert Author Bio today!

Fact: Our Expert Authors are 4 times more likely to include a link to their Twitter page versus a link to their Facebook page.

This is interesting, especially considering Facebook has 4 times as many members as Twitter! Our guess is that many members see Facebook as a channel for personal interaction and not a good place to promote a business – so they use Twitter alone.

Facebook recently made it much easier for business owners and entrepreneurs to promote their business AND themselves separately through the use of Fan Pages. So we’ve upgrade your Extended Author Bio to now include a link to both your personal Facebook page and your Fan Page.

Adding Your Facebook Fan Page URL:

  1. Optimize your Facebook Fan Page so it’s unique, inviting and attractive
  2. Log in to your EzineArticles Member Account
  3. Click on the “Social Media” drop-down menu and select “Facebook”
  4. Copy and paste your Facebook Fan Page URL into the second text field (If you have a personal Facebook page, add it to the first field)

Our other Facebook-related upgrade allows members to “Like” your Expert Author Bio page. If a reader finds your bio interesting, they can click on the “Like” button. Now a link to your Expert Author Bio will appear on their Facebook page!

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Give this Cartoon a Caption

This post was updated May 11, 2010 at 3:50 pm

So Provide Your Funniest EzineArticles-Related Caption!you think you’re funny, huh? Well it’s time to prove it!

You’ve probably noticed that this cartoon has no caption. We need your help in coming up with the perfect one. Submit a funny EzineArticles-related caption via the “Comments” below or on our Facebook Fan Page. In one week we’ll pick the one that makes us laugh the hardest.

If yours is selected, you’ll not only receive the accolades and adulation of the EzineArticles community, you’ll also receive an EzineArticles cartoon mug with this cartoon (and your caption) on it! Plus, we might use your captioned cartoon in a future blog entry.

So take a well-deserved break, get your thinking cap on and submit your best EzineArticles-related caption(s). Maybe you’ll become the proud owner of an EzineArticles cartoon mug highlighting your unique sense of humor!

People love to laugh. So when you’re done sending us your caption, why not weave a little humor into your next set of original articles? Your readers will appreciate the breath of fresh air.

Winning Caption:
• “Honey, I swear that article on “How to Deal with a Nag” was purely fictional and based on what I’ve heard from other guys who have one of THOSE kind of wives … you do believe me, right Sweetie?” – Kathy Hauser

Honorable Mentions:
• “Sweetheart, I only write to help other people ‘Get Their Ex Back’ …” – Joyanna Winslow Deschaine
• “But Honey, I’m only two articles away from getting my mug!” – Rachael
• “But honey, you know that you can’t have four keyword anchor text with a 300 word article!” – Rachael

EzineArticles Team Favorite:
• “Wait – wait – if I hadn’t said I was Chris Knight you’d never have agreed to meet me!”– Isha

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