Overcoming Writing Obstacles: Leveraging Your Time

Part 2 of the “6 Ways to Overcome Obstacles and Write High-Quality Articles in Large Quantities” video series.

Gary’s like most EzineArticles Expert Authors. He’s got a spouse, kids, pet, house, etc. He also spends a lot of time working and playing in his niche. Basically, he has a very busy life. So, when he writes, he has to leverage his time and get as many articles written as quickly as he can.

In this episode, Gary shows you how to be more effective with your time so you can get more of a return on your article writing efforts.

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When Gary gets excited about a topic, he can be a little hard to understand. So here’s a short outline of what he had to say:

  1. Write in Article Sets – They get you into “The Zone” and really focus your energy on writing.
    • Answering customers’ frequently asked questions (FAQ). Every question you receive is at least one article. Write articles to answer those questions.
    • Write by topic or sub-topic. Turn each item into a stand alone article and go into greater detail about each one.
  2. Cut Up Longer Articles – Cut up longer articles into two, three or more stand-alone articles. Do this when you get rolling and type a really long article.
  3. Article Title Writing Sessions – Spend 10–30 minutes writing article titles – try to generate at least 50 article titles. Then, when you sit down at your next writing session, you can immediately start producing high-quality articles. And remember to make use of our Article Title Writing Service.
  4. Repurpose Existing Content – This is content that you’ve already written, but haven’t yet submitted as an article to EzineArticles. Content like:
    • Video Scripts
    • Your Website and/or Blog Content
    • Email Auto Responders
    • Books or eBooks You’ve Written
    • Forum Posts
    • Old Newsletters
  5. Use the EzineArticles Blog – This resource is packed with ideas for your next set of articles!

These aren’t the only ways to leverage your article-writing time – there are plenty more! Share your favorite time-saving writing technique with the rest of the EzineArticles Community by leaving a comment below. Then give some of Gary’s suggestions a try on your next set of high-quality, original articles.




Excellent set of suggestions. Well done! Following up on your initial comment about using time effectively, I would encourage writers to set a time limit for their writing. They should get into the habit of spending a maximum of 30 minutes on an article. It takes practice but it can be done.

Comment provided April 19, 2010 at 10:23 AM


Trisha writes:

Little did you know… I DO actually speak stickfigurese and that Gary is a smarty pants. Wait, he’s not wearing pants. What a great video, helpful AND entertaining. I will be practicing all of these methods. You most definitely have talent for video. I LOVE Gary!

Comment provided April 19, 2010 at 10:47 AM



Having worked with Gary for over a year now, I can guarantee that he does indeed wear pants. As a matter of fact, he is fully clothed throughout all videos.

It’s a little-known fact in human circles that the current fashion for stick figure men is very tight, form-fitting black clothing. Things were very different back in the 80’s when all the sticks were wearing tie-dyed parachute pants.


Sally Ferguson writes:

The backlinks are a great help. The blog link took me back to an article on creating “more than 50 article ideas…” Quick help for getting out of a rut!

Comment provided April 19, 2010 at 7:27 PM


ntathu writes:

what a great way to share your knoweldge..love the little post notes and Stick Figures. I like the idea of having title writing sessions…would you recommend just sitting down and brain-storming title ideas or to allocate a time and do keyword research for titles/go over most read article figures? thanks nx

Comment provided April 20, 2010 at 6:17 AM


You definitely want to spend a little time up-front reviewing your keywords and article stats before sitting down to brainstorm titles. It’s like gathering the ingredients prior to cooking – it’ll save you time and yield consistently better results. As a matter of fact, this is basically how our in-house title writers do it.


john writes:

great demonstration of knowledge and experience in the art of writing articles. Before reading your article, i used to wonder where people get all the topics the write upon. Now reading you say take time to develop the titles first is an eye opener to me. Great work Gary, thanks a lot .

Comment provided April 20, 2010 at 11:23 AM


Dean writes:

The information shared in this little video is priceless. Great tips with precise instructions, my brain is buzzing with ideas, thanks Gary, thanks Marc, you make a great team. You also gave some additional tips in your replies that are very useful.

Thanks again.

Comment provided April 21, 2010 at 1:57 PM


Sue Fegan writes:

My favorite time saving suggestions from EzineArticles are the ones where you write a main article with lots of tips, then go straight back and write an entire article on each tip. You did all your thinking in the first article, and most likely had to edit some parts out to keep the initial list of tips down to a manageable size.
I found i can go back like suggested here and look at anything I have done, or ideas from some of the places suggested here in this post and can take just one small part of it and make an entire new article from it.
Each on of those titles you brainstorm, could end up with four or five articles.

Comment provided April 21, 2010 at 10:31 PM


Pete Moring writes:

Great little video, (I like Easy-to-understand :-)

You should advise your human monitors to take a similar route.

I gave up writing articles several months ago when I started getting messages back asking me to ‘correct’ something – either in the title, or the body because of ………… Some reasoning that I just couldn’t figure out.

It’s like when the kids are set English homework by their teachers these days…. you know, when the kids don’t have a clue what’s being asked, and WE most certainly don’t……….. I think it’s called – “Oblique-Speak”.

So if your little stick character could pay a visit to the department that sends out those infuriating E-mails, it would be very much appreciated :-)

Thanks – Pete.

Comment provided April 25, 2010 at 3:02 AM



I addressed this with you privately.


Vitus Kung writes:

Thanks very much putting up such great video series for sharing! It is informative, creative and entertaining! What a great job!

Comment provided July 28, 2010 at 12:09 AM


Hunter writes:

Hi and yes you are right, if you want to be a success onilne then you need to incorporate some form of article marketing into your onilne strategy..I have been doing this for some time now and can virtually dominate any market with time.

Comment provided April 7, 2013 at 11:18 PM


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