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EzineArticles Tips and Training Snippets:

  • When re-purposing blog content for articles, tweak the language. Articles that say ‘in this blog’ confuse readers.
  • The article body and title aren’t the only things that need proof-reading. Check the spelling in your links, too.
  • Too many ellipses (…) or dashes (-) in articles distract readers. Use them sparingly and correctly.
  • Eliminate wordiness and use words that are familiar and appropriate. Your article should be easy to read and understand.
  • Paragraphs should be used to chunk your sentences. This allows your article to be visually and logically appealing.
  • Don’t think about the keyword density of your article when writing. It’ll sound more organic if they’re used naturally.

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EzineArticles Introduces “Author’s Brew”

We’ve taken our members’ love affair with attention-enhancing beverages to a whole new level!

For over a decade, EzineArticles Expert Authors have extolled the virtues of coffee, tea and other “high-octane” beverages for their ability to significantly enhance the creativity and productivity of those who partake. This passion for caffeine soon became such an iconic representation of the article writing and marketing subculture that several years ago we felt compelled to add mugs and coffee to our lineup of promotional items.

Before long, our mugs, and the beverages they held, became a recognized symbol of achievement for thousands of Expert Authors around the world. Eventually, this highly-caffeinated undercurrent became so pervasive that it flowed right into the very look and feel of the entire EzineArticles experience on our Facebook Fan Page, our Twitter Profile Page, our YouTube Channel and even in this Blog!

So it should come as no surprise that we’re taking the next logical step into the realm of productivity-enhancing refreshment. Introducing: Author’s Brew.

Formulated for the unique demands of article writers and marketers, the Author’s Brew line of highly-caffeinated beverages promises to help prevent and eliminate many common productivity killers like:

  • Writer’s Block …
  • Afternoon Slump …
  • Motivation Deficit …
  • Garden Variety Laziness …
  • Early Morning Hard Starts …
  • and an Overall Lack of Ideas!

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