Expert Author Case Study: Jan Gamm

Today’s Expert Author Case Study shows us the client-centric world of Spanish author and marketing professional Jan Gamm.

Jan Gamm’s writings and illustrations are seen the world over. She considers herself an author and artist with an honest slant on the way things are run, the way everyday life affects each of us and the humor which may be found in even the most annoying scenario.

Jan is in the minority of EzineArticles Expert Authors who do the majority of her article writing and marketing services for others. She has discovered that adding article marketing to her client’s promotional toolbox provides them with the same benefits of increased highly-targeted website traffic, improved credibility and better media exposure that she enjoys.

It’s Jan’s unique use of article marketing, and her no-nonsense work ethic, that makes Jan a great subject for today’s Expert Author Case Study.

  1. Jan, besides writing articles on behalf of others, what sets you apart from other Expert Authors?

    I would say that my work discipline sets me apart from most other authors. Many EzineArticles authors write from home as I do but I have learned the hard way that you must approach the hours you spend writing in a professional manner and determinedly complete tasks set as you would in an office environment.

  2. What’s your secret to article writing success?

    Enthusiasm: be passionate about the subject and if you are writing for a client, read up on their product or service until you feel qualified to write about it with confidence.

  3. How do you stay motivated to write articles for yourself and others?

    The pleasure of seeing your work in print and being read by thousands is great motivation. One of the most disheartening aspects of writing is the sadness of the mothball effect – good articles left unread for lack of exposure. EzineArticles fixes that big-time.

  4. How do you decide what to write about – especially for yourself?

    I read the newspapers and stay reasonably current with what is going on in the world. As I have a wide range of topics that I find interesting, the problem for me is always selecting from a list of things I’d like to write about rather than trying to find inspiration. A good tip is to read the online newspapers and note how many readers wrote in with comments on particular stories. The stories with a high level of commentary will attract further interest from EzineArticles’ readers.

  5. How do you balance writing for quality and quantity?

    I never sacrifice quality for quantity. Stretching an article will only result in wordiness which is usually boring. Should a client demand 600 words and only 400 write easily, find more facts to write about rather than waffle along aimlessly.

  6. How has using EzineArticles affected your traffic and that of your clients?

    EzineArticles puts articles ‘out there’ with such speed that results come in rapidly. This impresses new clients and also encourages them to pass on recommendations to others.

  7. How does article marketing fit into your business?

    The majority of my business is marketing for other people. Each company has a different service or idea or product to promote but they all benefit from effectively targeted articles. As long as care is taken to use the right key phrases, articles will reach the intended audience. Job done.

  8. What EzineArticles tool(s) do you find the most beneficial?

    Actually the most valuable resource for me is the article base itself. Sometimes I have to write about weird and wonderful products I know nothing about. To write convincingly you need to learn about these things. Researching can throw up only a little information, but on EzineArticles someone has always written about [that subject] sometime! Seeing the product from other authors’ viewpoints is very useful.

  9. If you had to start over again, what would you change?

    I began writing articles about the things I feel strongly about and then looked around for somewhere to place them. I wish now that I had found EzineArticles from the outset. I would have tailored my work more carefully to fit in with EzineArticles’ guidelines. I also wish I had learned a little more about how the search engines ‘find stuff’ before I waded in to write articles that are not as highly profiled because they were written without effective titles, introductions, conclusions, key words and phrases, references, headings and so on.

  10. What advice would you give newbie article marketers?

    Make it interesting. Read it through, leave it overnight and read it through again. If you can still find it interesting after two reads you probably have a good article – if it makes you want to throw yourself off the nearest ice face after the first two paragraphs, ditch it and start again.

  11. Anything else you’d like to share?

    Bookmark websites that provide basic information so you have a ready and easily accessed source of reference:

    • A good thesaurus is useful.
    • Use a decent plagiarism checker – it is easy to inadvertently plagiarize someone else’s work and plagiarism can take place over a couple of sentences that are so easy to change. Just search online for ‘plagiarism checker’ to find a free site.
    • There are free grammar checks online for those who doubt their own abilities and certainly nobody is perfect.

    If you are writing for someone else, they appreciate the care you take to ensure their article has been properly checked for plagiarism, grammar, spelling etc.

Jan shows us that good article writing and marketing can work not only for your business, but for a client’s business as well. She demonstrates that best practices make a huge differenece no matter who you write for or where you write.

A Few of Jan’s Key Points:

  • Approach your writing in a professional manner – no matter where you write.
  • Be passionate and well informed about the topic you’re writing on.
  • Never sacrifice quality for quantity.
  • Use EzineArticles article base as a researching resource.
  • Strive to understand SEO strategies and EzineArticles Guidelines.
  • Make your articles interesting!
  • Use online reference tools to help make your articles as good as they can be.

Now go put some of Jan’s key points to good use when writing today’s batch of original, high-quality articles. And leave a comment for Jan – I’m sure she’d love to hear from you. :)


john writes:

that was quite enlightening.
keep up the good work

Comment provided April 16, 2010 at 4:20 AM


Jan Gamm writes:

Hi John,
Many thanks for your comments,
Jan Gamm


Lakshmi writes:

Great article with good information.

Comment provided April 16, 2010 at 11:59 AM


Jan Gamm writes:

Thank you for your comments Lakshmi, good luck with your own projects,
Jan Gamm


Maria Rattray writes:

Hi Jan – perhaps i should have read this before starting to write articles. So much time is wasted if one doesn’t understand the need to for keyword-rich titles, well-crafted resource boxes and the likes. If I were to give any newbies advice it would be to read, read, and read again about what article marketing is all about. That needs to take place over several months I’d say. Even then, you need to cross-check to see if what you are delivering is hitting the mark.

Comment provided April 18, 2010 at 8:58 PM


Jan Gamm writes:

Hi Maria,
I am so pleased you found the interview helpful. I have been writing for the web for some years now but when I started I had no idea what I was doing really – hit and miss mostly! Even now I am learning new things every day and of course web based work morphs on a daily basis anyway. What is found to work one day fails dismally the next! Good luck with your own work and thank you for your comment – regards Jan



Hi Jan. The interview is quite enlightening. Specially for budding writers like me.

Wish you luck ad love!

Comment provided April 19, 2010 at 6:57 AM


Jan Gamm writes:

Many thanks for your input, Witney. I wish you every success with your own writing – Jan



I agree with all points, but particularly liked your point on working from office. While freelancing, i find it quite distracting when my toddler keeps trying to get onto my lap to watch his nursery rhymes CD! It always makes sense to hire an office and work quietly, even if it’s just a few hours every day. The solitude and resultant concentration help you increase your output.

Comment provided April 19, 2010 at 11:51 AM


Jan Gamm writes:

Hi Ketan,
Of course for mothers working from home, toddler must always come first and be top priority. My daughter is nearly twenty three and six feet two and still manages to capsize my working day whenever there is a crisis in her life! As your toddler gets a little older it will get easier though – I promise! Best of luck, and many thanks for reading my interview,


Marivic writes:

Thank you for your tips. I’m a newbie marketer. Until now, SEO for me is still as clear as mud. I am exerting so much effort to learn this thing and maybe I can learn a lot from other writers like you through your articles.

Comment provided April 24, 2010 at 8:02 AM


Jan Gamm writes:

Thank you for your comments Marivic. If you are just starting with SEO a big help is the Google keyword traffic estimator, which allows you to paste keywords into a box and be supplied with the most valueable keywords and phrases for that item. There is always a selection to choose from and you can then try to include the words as sypathetically as possible.

Most authors view SEO as a necessary evil, myself included. They certainly de-rail creative writing to an an extent but unfortunately unless you master it to a degree, your articles will not be seen. The guidelines for SEO change constantly, which I find annoying because it means articles can drift in and out of favour with the search engines on the whole, though, you can get a client’s product or service marketed very well through article writing.

You might look into press releases too, which can be highly effective when combined with article marketing – there are free sites you can use as a platform. All the best,


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