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If you’re a Twitter user who doesn’t follow @EzineArticles, you’re missing a lot of great EzineArticles information and training!

The following is a list of assorted author tips, insider info, fun facts and reminders we tweeted in the month of October. Any one of these could have been just the tool you needed to turbocharge your article marketing efforts.

Just CLICK on any of the “ReTweet This” links to auto-populate your Twitter status field. Then just edit for length and retweet to your heart’s content!

EzineArticles Tips and Training Snippets:

  • A trap to avoid: Making the focus of your articles about what you are AGAINST. Instead, argue your points about what you are FOR & why. [ReTweet This]
  • Resource Box Tip: Never pretend or say that a self-serving link is not your own when in fact it is. Build TRUST, not deception. [ReTweet This]
  • Tip: Excessive HTML in your article body makes it hard for publishers to use, meaning you and your links get less circulation. [ReTweet This]
  • Punctuation Tip: Reach the period sooner before later. Don’t drone on and fail to close your thought. [ReTweet This]
  • Article Writing Tip: Make connections with your readers by envisioning yourself speaking directly to them. [ReTweet This]
  • Article Body is where you GIVE; Resource Box is where you TAKE. (This is one of our core tenets.) [ReTweet This]

EzineArticles Fun Facts:

  • Fact: 6484 articles were Scheduled for future release in the month of Sept by our Premium members. [ReTweet This]
  • Website Magazine’s Top 50 Websites for ‘Net Professionals named EzineArticles #18! Cool! :] [ReTweet This]
  • “Mavis Beacon” is an excellent example of an unreal person that is used as an exclusive image to represent the brand in the market. [ReTweet This]
  • EzineArticles members submit an avg of 2+ articles in their article submission session. Smart, because it leverages their time. [ReTweet This]
  • 46.8 percent of EzineArticles members use FIREFOX for their browser! Wow. Best reason to use FireFox? Built-in SPELL CHECK! :) [ReTweet This]

EzineArticles Inside Information:

  • Clickbank Affiliates: We’ve never allowed clickbank URL’s in the past and now we’re auto-rejecting at the front door. [ReTweet This]
  • We’ve significantly tightened up our anti-derivative content filters last week. Yesterday alone 741 articles rejected at the front door. [ReTweet This]
  • How big should your Resource Box be? Between 7-15 percent of your article body in terms of word count and line length. [ReTweet This]
  • Want a reason to keep your self-serving links in the Resource Box and not the Article Body? Links in article body are set to NOFOLLOW. [ReTweet This]
  • We disagree with using iStockphoto for fake/pen author names. Reason: Because the photos aren’t exclusive to your name. [ReTweet This]
  • We’re not automatically declining articles with locations in the title; but article body needs to deliver specific locale info. [ReTweet This]

Motivational Moments:

  • “Being a published author is a big, fat billboard that says, I’m SMART!” – Arielle Ford [via @LisaDSparks] [ReTweet This]
  • Figure out what your readers want, then think about what they need. Find the balance between the two, and watch your readership grow. [ReTweet This]
  • Enthusiasm is contagious. Market a product/service you’re passionate about, and chances are others will become excited about it too! [ReTweet This]
  • Always know your purpose for writing each article. This will keep your content focused, concise, and easier for readers to understand. [ReTweet This]
  • Quality trumps Quantity. If your articles are failing to deliver, slow down, start over and allow yourself another perspective. [ReTweet This]

Misc. Words of Wisdom:

  • Blogging and article marketing are natural partners. Both present info, articles just do it in a non-promotional, more formal way. [ReTweet This]
  • 1 of the biggest advantages of article marketing is getting targeted traffic. You miss out on that if your links don’t match your articles! [ReTweet This]
  • Have your checked your ARTICLE DIAGNOSTIC CENTER lately for dead links that need fixing? Fix ’em and get your FREE traffic back! :) [ReTweet This]
  • Looking for fresh content? Try mentoring a newbie! You’ll be surprised at how much you learn and a new perspective is fertile soil for ideas. [ReTweet This]
  • Derivative = Spun or re-hashed content that is NOT unique as it delivers the same information only re-worded. This adds NO value. [ReTweet This]
  • Want to improve your readers trust in you, your articles, and your expertise? ADD AN AUTHOR PHOTO to your profile. :-) [ReTweet This]

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Arsham Mirshah writes:

Wow! I love when EzineArticles email markets — and now I’m following on Twitter :)

“Enthusiasm is contagious.” BRILLIANT!

Thanks Christopher Knight

Comment provided November 13, 2009 at 3:12 PM


Geoff writes:

I joined Twitter a few weeks ago and started following EzineArticles . Glad I did.

Comment provided November 15, 2009 at 6:17 AM


Shirley Bass writes:

I enjoyed everyone of EzineArticles tweets! Thanks.

Comment provided November 17, 2009 at 5:57 PM


Chris writes:

I notice now the resource box now is limited to 7 to 15%.

How come it keeps getting smaller.

Do you only want people to click on your adsense ads and not our link?

What about the Give and Take. It seems like you are constantly taking more and giving the authors less.

Comment provided November 20, 2009 at 10:18 AM



This is not true. The recommendation is to make your resource box about 15% of your article body’s word count…

Example: 1000 word count article body would have a 150 word resource box.

However, we do allow larger than 15% if the quality of the article is high.

Now, about giving authors less? Nope, not true.

Statistically, we keep an eye on how many clicks we deliver all of our authors daily. It’s CLIMBING every single month! This month, we’ve been delivering 239,000+ clicks DAILY on average to our members. No one else in our industry delivers like that.

…and it’s our goal to continue to deliver more to our members in terms of highly pre-qualified traffic back to your website.


Nicholas Wind writes:

Until I set up my blog 6 months ago I had no interst in writing anything.
I have a very smart young marketer friend who said if you are going to be marketing online you need a blog.
He was and is right on.
Now 6 months later thanks to sites like this I’ve learned much and my blog is nearing the top million in the states and top 4 million globally.
I have not yet asdded an article to your site but will start this week.
I have learned much from your site though and thanks for that.

Comment provided November 24, 2009 at 2:57 PM


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