Make Your Writing New Again

A trio of cures for that feeling of article deja vous

Article writing can be tough. Sometimes it feels like the words just won’t come – or like you’ve written on your topic a hundred times before.

Before you write an article that’s just a rehash of something you submitted last week… or is just plain bad, stop writing for a moment (but just a moment) and consider these (3) tips for making your old topic new again:

  1. Face Your Topic with Fresh Eyes – Try and think of yourself as a new reader looking for first time information on your topic of expertise. What have you not covered in your articles yet? Is there a question or issue on which you could write more specifically?
  2. What Don’t You Know About Your Niche Yet? – Is there a piece of your pie that you aren’t as sure of yet? Or perhaps an area you’ve been avoiding because you’ve been busy writing on the other ones? Take this time to research a new area better – and become an expert there too – and then tell us all about it!
  3. Write About Something Else – Anything else. EzineArticles has a lot of niche categories. Take a break from your usual area. If you usually write about real estate, but you are also a championship dog trainer (and have a separate dog trainer website/business/personal focus) – write about dog training for a while. Expand your portfolio a bit – even if it’s just to stretch your writing legs. And who knows, some of the best businesses derived from passionate hobbies.

Keep your writing consistent by writing a lot, but also editing. Ask yourself if your article is the kind of article you would read on your topic before submitting it. Building a reputation as an Expert Author is about quality and quantity. Keeping your standards high will keep your visitors coming back for more.

Put these tips to good use today and then leave a comment to let us know how it worked for you.

Claim YOUR #HAHD Mug!

Did you successfully complete the 100 Articles in 100 Days Marathon Challenge (#HAHD)?

If so, we’ve got one of these fine, limited-edition EzineArticles #HAHD mugs waiting for you!

To claim yours you’ll have to meet these qualification requirements:

  1. You must have submitted at least (100) articles to between March 20, 2009 and July 1, 2009
  2. All (100) articles must have been written/submitted under the same author/pen name
  3. You must have your current shipping address on file with EzineArticles.
    To verify your information:
    • In the Author’s Area click on the Account Manager drop-down menu
    • Select Change Account Information from the menu
    • Verify that your address information is filled out and correct
  4. Send an email requesting your #HAHD mug and the author name you qualified under to BEFORE midnight CDT, Tuesday, July 7th 2009

Once we have verified your qualification, we’ll send you this handsome new mug via the US Postal Service! Mugs will be shipped by July 15th, 2009 & expect to see them before the end of this month. In the meantime, why not leave a comment and share your #HAHD success stories with the rest of the community.

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