What Are YOU Missing on Twitter?

If you’re a Twitter user who doesn’t follow @EzineArticles, you’re missing a lot of great EzineArticles information and training! The following is a list of (50) random author tips, insider info, fun facts and reminders we’ve tweeted in the last two months. Any one of these could have been the magic bullet to help you take your article marketing to the next level.

Just CLICK on any of the “ReTweet This” links to auto-populate your Twitter status field. Then just edit for length and retweet to your heart’s content!

EzineArticles Tips and Training Snippets:

  • Golden rule of HTML for Article Writers: Every HTML tag you OPEN, must be CLOSED. http://is.gd/ulS9 [ReTweet This]
  • Tip: Don’t use URL Shorteners in your Resource Box or article. Better to include a URL from a domain that you own/control for life. [ReTweet This]
  • Article Writing Tip: Let each article stand alone and deliver your intended message. Your readers will love the simplicity of your delivery. [ReTweet This]
  • “Hit the ground running” in your article body. Your 1st sentence and 1st paragraph should deliver immediate value to your reader. [ReTweet This]
  • Most authors find it’s easier to write (1) 1000 word article than (2) 500 word articles; yet (2) 500 word articles always outperforms. [ReTweet This]
  • Article Writing Tip: Don’t let your article’s primary aim be to attract traffic. Let it be to help your reader improve or solve a problem. [ReTweet This]
  • What’s the IDEAL word count? 400-800 words. Anytime you approach 1200 words or more, consider breaking the article in half. [ReTweet This]
  • Your resource box should not be more than 15% of the article body length. Don’t oversell here. Let your expertise shine through the article. [ReTweet This]
  • Resource Box: Include one benefit-oriented sentence about what specifically you can do for the reader that is related to your expertise. [ReTweet This]
  • If your reader wants to contact you, can they? Or do they need to be a sleuth? Add your name and contact info to your site and be known! [ReTweet This]
  • Article parts are not syndication friendly. Consider changing titles so each article stands alone and not dependent on another article. [ReTweet This]
  • If content is King, RELEVANT content is Queen; ie, the power behind the throne. Writing articles about lawn care doesn’t sell puppy food. [ReTweet This]
  • Your article should not need your article summary in order to make sense. The ARTICLE SUMMARY is a teaser to the full article. [ReTweet This]
  • Don’t quote or source in your articles. Readers want your voice. Give them what they have not yet discovered or read elsewhere. Be unique. [ReTweet This]
  • Make your articles easy on the eyes. Use proper format, paragraphs, and lists. The goal: easy reading and quick info-sharing. [ReTweet This]
  • If you COPY and PASTE from MS WORD and you use our WYSIWYG editor, be CERTAIN to use the “PASTE FROM WORD” button only. [ReTweet This]
  • Know and understand SEO, but don’t depend on it for your marketing plan. Draw readers with expert content, not just well-researched keywords. [ReTweet This]
  • Q: What tense should I write in? A: Present tense is more exciting and makes info sound current. Ex: Articles make (vs ‘made’) my day! [ReTweet This]

EzineArticles Fun Facts:

  • A ‘Parrot Expert’ isn’t really an expert at all, but rather they repeat and regurgitate what others have already written = not a real expert. [ReTweet This]
  • Our Member Support team breaks records this week with over 2K emails touched so far (and counting) as we work to remove the current backlog. [From 5/20] [ReTweet This]
  • Fun Fact: In 2009 we dedicated ~2,500 hours to answering your 90,000+ emails via our Member Support Team. Thank you for the challenge :) [From 5/22] [ReTweet This]
  • Fun Fact: Top 50 articles of all time have received 37270+ clicks each. Top 5 received more than 100k clicks each. It’s possible! [ReTweet This]
  • Fun Fact: EzineArticles.com is the 67th most popular website in the USA (according to Alexa), 98th in the UK, 125th in Canada, eh? [ReTweet This]
  • 268 new Platinum USA members were shipped limited edition EzineArticles mugs today. If you’re a new Platinum member, congrats! [From 6/10] [ReTweet This]
  • Fact: Each article is reviewed by 2 humans on our team (Primary Editor and QC Editor) [ReTweet This]
  • Fun Fact: We currently tweet newly published articles on behalf of 11,300 members (expert authors) who have 2,266,268 total followers. [From 6/17] [ReTweet This]
  • ‘I’ve seen sales CTR conversions increase by 23% (via Google analytics) w/ the traffic brought in by EzineArticles.’ -Stephen Sandecki [ReTweet This]
  • Fun Fact: Average http://EzineArticles.com/premium/ Member scheduled their articles for release 2 days, 58 minutes into the future in May. [ReTweet This]
  • Fun Fact: Last month, top 24 members submitted 201 or more articles. Top 5 members submitted 500+ articles. #HAHD [still time! :-] [ReTweet This]

EzineArticles Inside Information:

  • @ExtremeEzine Shows us his EzineArticles mug + a reminder to check out the FREE Article Writing training we offer: http://is.gd/uKzv [ReTweet This]
  • Your Article Title: We have an automated article title capitalizer the capitalizes the first letter of each major word for you. [ReTweet This]
  • Linking to PDF’s in your articles: We currently don’t allow PDF links in articles due to poor user experience for low bandwidth users. [ReTweet This]
  • Little known Category Guidelines cheat-sheet: http://bit.ly/ayXmh [ReTweet This]
  • All EzineArticles videos are posted on our YouTube Channel (10) days after they go live on our site. http://is.gd/wWqY [ReTweet This]
  • True question someone asked us today, ‘How do I find article agents or where do I find them?’ :) Answer: Your articles *ARE* your agents. [ReTweet This]
  • Little known secret for high-volume article writers: http://EzineArticles.com/bulksubmission/ [ReTweet This]
  • What you call Pen Name, Pseudo Name, Pseudonym, Literary Double, or Nom De Plume… We call “Alt-Author” (short for Alternate-Author Name). [ReTweet This]
  • Our article submission form is now disallowing articles that contain META HTML tags in them as they never belong in articles. [ReTweet This]
  • RT @KeithGoodrum News flash! @EzineArticles only allows 30 articles to be in DRAFT… guess it’s time to start submitting them. #HAHD Yes! [ReTweet This]
  • The photo limit in your Prof. Photo Gallery increased to 100 from 36. We also reduced the min resolution to 240×300 to allow smaller photos. [ReTweet This]
  • Insider spy-photo of our in-house training center to help our Editors increase review consistency: http://twitpic.com/7qu7c [ReTweet This]
  • Having problems getting your new Facebook Profile entered into your EzineArticles BIO? Contact our Member Support and we can do it for you. [ReTweet This]

Motivational Moments:

  • It’s only the 4th of May and one member already submitted more than 100 articles this month. If they can, you can too! :) #HAHD [ReTweet This]
  • If you can imagine it, you can write it. Boldness has genius/traffic in it. Begin it. Write it and Submit it. -Chris Knight channeling Goethe. [ReTweet This]
  • Your articles are like training vehicles. Each article should deliver good quality strategies in terms your audience will understand. [ReTweet This]
  • Don’t lose your article writing focus. If you’ve forgotten what your focus is, revisit it and start writing! Your audience is expecting it. [ReTweet This]
  • Cure writer’s block: go back to basics. What are you trying to tell your readers, and why? Answer those two questions to get writing again! [ReTweet This]
  • Expert authors are defined as writers who cannot be imitated. They are UNIQUE, offer VALUE, and DELIVER in every article. [ReTweet This]
  • Quality content is: informative, unique, and well-written. Quality content is not: continually re-hashed or full of grammatical errors. [ReTweet This]
  • Use articles to brand yourself. Once readers recognize your unique style they’ll associate it with quality material… and come back for more! [ReTweet This]

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Zack Lim writes:

Hi Chris,

Thank you for sharing this few tips.

I have indeed learn many valuable knowledge from your tweets.

Looking forward to more tweets from you :)


Comment provided June 29, 2009 at 9:59 AM



I’m following you on twitter but it’s hard to keep pace with all the tweets that come along, not only from you. This list here is a great overview.



Comment provided June 29, 2009 at 10:08 PM



Chris, congratulations on an incredibly clever way to get people to retweet your tweets.

The list above provides lots of fodder for your audience to feed its own Twitter tribes, and I’m so impressed by what you’ve done that I’m writing about this in my ezine on Tuesday , linking to this post, and encouraging my Publicity Hounds to follow your lead.

I love the four categories of tweets that you’ve offered.

I also like the fact that your followers simply need to click on “retweet this” and it takes them directly to their Twitter account.

If your followrs want to retweet lots of the tips above, they can do so and “drip” them out over a period of time using a tool like TweetLater or HootSuite.

Nicely done! I’ll bet this brings a ton of traffic to your site.

Comment provided June 29, 2009 at 11:27 PM



These tips are particularly useful, thankyou. I’ve got into the habit of writing very long artilces so perhaps I ought to shorten them to 500 or cut them in half as you suggest.

Comment provided June 30, 2009 at 1:51 AM



Hi Chris,

I already follow you on Twitter but this list is very helpful regardless.

Great idea to summarize/organize all in one place as a reference for your readers.

A smart marketing tactic I’ll be covering on my E-Commerce Success online marketing blog soon thanks to you and @PublicityHound.

Scott Fox

Comment provided June 30, 2009 at 12:49 PM



p.s. have we sent you a review copy of my new book, e-Riches 2.0: Next Generation Online Marketing Strategies yet?

EzineArticles.com is prominently mentioned in the chapter about Article Marketing!

Comment provided June 30, 2009 at 12:52 PM


Joni Solis writes:

Wow, love this list and the way it is broken into categories. I followed a link here from Publicity Hound’s ezine. Had to see this retweet list and hope to make one like this of some of tweets soon.

By the way, can you let us know how you add the Re Tweet link? Where do you find the link?

Comment provided June 30, 2009 at 1:54 PM



Glad you liked it Joan! This is our 2nd time doing this format as it worked so well the 1st time.

Thanks Scott for the mention!


We created them by hand but are considering automating the creation of them using PHP.

One secret: Form the link by hand and then do a S&R (Search and Replace) by searching for a blank space and replacing with a “+” sign.

When we put this list together, our criteria was to not include tweets that promoted either a blog entry or email newsletter item nor past event… That way, all of the tweet content should have been relatively new to everyone (unless you already follow us on Twitter).

Some gave us some jabs for going over the 140 character limits when retweeted, but we felt the information was more important in those cases …enough so, that we’re willing to lose the retweet-ability of the tweet;

It’s currently an accepted norm for people who retweet stuff to SHORTEN the tweet or only grab a segment of it provided they keep the RT: @EzineArticles or include a (via @EzineArticles) with the tweet to show source origin.

Comment provided June 30, 2009 at 2:15 PM



I’ve been following along for awhile now. Always look forward to new info and guidance, so thank you.

Comment provided July 7, 2009 at 7:46 AM



I like your theme, did you buy it or is it original? I’m in search of something similar to this for use on my web site
I don’t think these are really the best pieces of advice. Some things you should leave to professionals is surgery and dentistry.

Comment provided June 7, 2011 at 4:40 AM


Our theme is original – it was produced by our in-house graphic artist.


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