Tuesday Top 10 Twitter Challenge

Just another great reason to follow @EzineArticles on Twitter!

Late yesterday our Twitter followers received a little surprise tweet – the announcement of the new @EzineArticles Tuesday Top 10 Twitter Challenge (#T4C).

Starting today, and on every Tuesday for the foreseeable future, we’ll be offering an assortment of prizes to the top (10) Expert Authors worldwide based on highest number of qualified article submissions from midnight to midnight CDT.

This week’s prize is a pair of EzineArticles “My Next 10 Article Ideas” notepads plus a few other shwag goodies. All you need to do to qualify is submit a LOT of high-quality articles on Tuesdays and be sure you have a valid postal address in your Member Profile. That’s it!

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This is the first of many new promotions designed to give our Expert Authors even more reasons to write and submit great articles – as if increased website traffic, enhanced credibility and additional sales weren’t enough! If you’re already involved in the #HAHD Challenge, then this contest is just a bonus for the work you’re already doing.

UPDATE (May 22, 2009 at 12:05pm): The Tuesday Top 10 Twitter Challenge has been discontinued. If you have any questions regarding this promotion, please contact Member Support.

Drive Crowds to Your Site with Article Agents

Want another secret for increasing website traffic?
Recruit more Article Agents!

Imagine you had a team of tireless sales professionals whose only job was to drive traffic to your blog or website 24/7. Best of all, they work for free, they each cost you only an hour of effort to hire and they’ll continue working for months or even years before they run out of steam.

We call these amazing little workers “Article Agents.”

Think about it. Every article you have published on EzineArticles acts just like a highly-specialized sales agent working to sell you or your company to the Internet public.

Here are some resume highlights for a typical Article Agent:

  • Available to work anytime, day or night, 365 days/year
  • Requires no vacation, sick leave or holidays
  • Will work for free
  • Extremely focused on the niche client
  • Capable of unerringly reciting the same story thousands of times
  • Willing to educate, entertain and enlighten the prospect while also working toward the sale
  • Works well with other Marketing agents – both paid and unpaid

Every time you submit an article to EzineArticles, it’s like recruiting another member to your sales and marketing team. And when that article’s accepted, another Article Agent goes to work for you.

So get to work recruiting, um, I mean writing, now! =)

Article Performance Reports

This morning all Platinum and Premium members received an email that included a recap of the performance of your articles as listed on EzineArticles.com.

Five pieces of critical information is contained in the email:

  1. Total Article Views For April 2009: _______
  2. New Live Articles Submitted In April 2009: _______
  3. Total Live Articles: _______
  4. Total Lifetime Article Views: _______
  5. Top 3 Performing Articles along with top 5 key phrases used to find them by your readership.

It’s our hope you will use this data to become aware of which keywords and keyphrases people are using to find your existing articles… and with that insider data, you’ll write & submit new articles this month based on that information. BTW, this information is always available to you via the Traffic Search Terms feature; but this email saves you the trip to dig for the data.

The secondary purpose is to show you how much traffic & visibility your articles are attracting for you.
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Writing Keyword-Rich Article Titles

Ask any EzineArticles veteran author and they’ll tell you that writing effective, keyword-rich titles for their articles is almost as challenging as writing the articles’ content. Yet doing so is definitely worth the effort!

Here are some examples and tips that will help you write titles that are not only search engine friendly, but also work to draw readers into the heart of your article.

Example 1: “Car Audio”
– This article title is too short to get any hooks and the reader has to guess your topic’s angle.

Example 2: “Car Audio and Subwoofers”
– This is better, but it doesn’t explain why someone should read your article.

Example 3: “Car Audio – Subwoofers That Will Make Your Friends Envy You!”
– Now you have picked up a 2nd keyword, “subwoofers” and a reason why to read the article.

Example 4: “Car Audio Components – 7 Tips to Amp Up Your Subwoofers”
– Here you have multiple high value keywords that give a reason to read the article and you even use a high value keyword as a verb, “Amp.”
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