Harness the Power of Unbidden Ideas

Most of us when forced can’t pull fresh ideas out of thin air, yet we often find our best ideas coming to us in the shower, on the toilet, at the beach or gym, or even behind the wheel of our car. Each of us is different and we each have certain situations that seem to be fertile ground for fresh new article ideas.

Don’t you wish there were ways to harness the power of these spontaneous ideas so they happen just when you need them most?

Actually, there are.

With just a little digging, we uncovered (5) techniques that people use to “spontaneously” generate great ideas. Put some of these to use to help fill your article writing hopper.

  1. Use Your Thinking Spot
    Winnie the Pooh has his thinking spot. John in our cartoon has his thinking spot. You have a thinking spot. Find your thinking spot and use it whenever you need to come up with new ideas.

  2. Let Your Subconscious Mind Do the Work
    A day, week or month before you write an article, create the TITLE for the article. Let your subconscious mind create the entire article, or at least the main points of the outline of the article, so that when you finally sit down to do the article it’s already pre-written for you.

  3. Sleep on It
    Spend a few minutes before you fall asleep immersing yourself in your niche article’s subject matter. Then clearly define your desired outcome (i.e. create some fresh article ideas) in your mind as you close your eyes. When you awaken, immediately jot those ideas in the notebook you’ve strategically placed next to your bed.

  4. Meditate
    If you don’t already meditate, do a little research to find a meditation style that works for you. Use the same methodology as we suggested for “Sleep on It” but instead of sleeping, meditate instead. When you’re done, you should find yourself full of fresh ideas.

  5. Play with Your Ideas
    Many ideas are only half-baked. Before you act upon those ideas or dismiss them out of hand, try playing with them instead. Let them roll around in your head for awhile and collide with other ideas. In a matter of hours or days, you may find your ugly duckling idea has turned into a beautiful swan.

Personally, some of my best articles, blog posts, and business ideas come from either the morning shower, a relaxing moment in the sun or while in the business day with interactions with others (usually problem solving)… but I also find that if I’m in my favorite environment that I can dream up dozens of article ideas at a time on command from having done so for so long. The real secret is to capture the article topic & concept ideas on paper or whatever electronic device you have so that you don’t lose your best inspirations throughout the day.

Do you have other methods of harnessing the power of unbidden ideas?
We’d love to hear them! Share them with the rest of the EzineArticles community in the comments section.

Article Summary and Keywords

TIME SAVINGS IDEA: What if we automated a way that you’d no longer have to create an article summary or enter 3-7 keywords with each article submission?

With our scale, we’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to make the article submission process even easier than it is and one solution we came up with last night was to remove 2 transactions from every article submission that could be accurately handled with some automation behind-the-scenes.

It may not seem like much… removing 2 things to do with each submissions, but at our scale, that would remove a couple MILLION human transactions annually… freeing up our members to do 2 less transactions with each submission and thus simplify the process a bit…giving you more time to write & submit even more articles.

Here’s how it’d work:

Article Summary Automation: The article summary would be automatically grafted from the first paragraph. If the first paragraph was only a single sentence, then we’d automatically create a 4-7 sentence paragraph from the following sentences until the summary was enough of a teaser to be valuable. Most article writers already load up the first 3-7 sentences with enticing overviews about what they’ll get with the rest of the article.

Keyword Automation: Using our own analysis of statistically improbably keywords and keyphrases in your article title, article body and potentially even your resource box; we could take a strong uncannily accurate prediction as to which keywords best describe your article’s intent. 3-9 months later, we could use the actual keywords that are used to find your article by our users to further tweak and refine the best keywords to aid all sites who still use our meta keywords tags to help them understand what the page is about.

Your thoughts? Good idea? Would this be a helpful enhancement to your member experience?

Cheryl A. Chatfield, Ph.D. -Author Spotlight

EzineArticlesCheryl A. Chatfield, Ph.D. - EzineArticles Expert Author Expert Author Cheryl A. Chatfield, Ph.D. is in today’s Author Spotlight.

Cheryl is a writer, teacher and inspirational speaker based out of Burlington, Connecticut. While these are impressive credentials in their own right, what really attracted our attention to Cheryl was the editorial quality of her articles.

In less than 6 months as an EzineArticles Expert Author, she has managed to already receive Platinum status and serves as a role-model for creating original, high-quality, problem-free articles.

We asked Cheryl to share some tips for writing great articles.

  1. What drew you to our attention is the editorial quality of your articles. What’s your secret?

    “Thank you for the compliment. Reading each article carefully and being sure to review it more than once helps to assure me I’ve made few errors. Proofreading and rewriting are essential skills. In addition, I care about what I say and I know that readers will judge me by the way the article sounds.”

  2. What EzineArticles tools do you find most useful?

    “I love the article reports. I track the views and URL clicks on each of my articles. In the almost six months I’ve been with EzineArticles, I have been able to determine which of the two categories I write for produce the best results, as determined by the number of people visiting my website. While some of my articles have more views, I can see that the ones that produce the most clicks are best. The tools provide that data for me on a daily basis and I use the information to analyze my overall success.”

  3. What kind of traffic do your articles generate for you?

    “Much of my website traffic comes from the articles. I have been pleased with that response. While I continue to work toward attracting more traffic, I see progress. I have had direct responses from people who obviously read the articles and were motivated to contact me.”

  4. What advice would you offer somebody thinking of becoming an EA author?

    “First, I would suggest that a potential author determine the desired outcome. Is it just to have an article published, is it to have someone read the article (writers often feel very lonely in their work), or is it to drive traffic to a website resulting in sales. Those are different goals. Once that is determined, I would recommend just writing some articles and analyzing the responses. A person has nothing to lose to try. And the only way to improve writing is to write. This provides that opportunity with a built-in audience.”

  5. In your eyes, what makes you unique as an article marketer?

    “I am a writer, so that helps. I understand marketing and providing benefits to the reader. I constantly work on improving the quality and the content of my work.”

  6. You’re fairly new to EzineArticles. What’s your impression thus far?

    “I love the chance to write and have my articles read by others. I see this as a necessary sales tool for my work. What better way for a writer to promote her work than to be able to write to do that?”

Thanks Cheryl for being an Expert Author and a talented member of the EzineArticles community!

Oftentimes it’s easy to get so focused on quantity of articles that we overlook the quality of what we write. As Cheryl points out, writing high-quality articles is equally important to the overall success of your article marketing efforts.

Bottom Line: Write lots of high-quality articles! ;-)

What is EzineArticles.com?

For many Expert Authors, article writing & marketing via EzineArticles.com is almost a way of life… Yet even these folks struggle to explain who we are and what it is we do.

Earlier this week, I wrote an internal email to help the 50+ people who work full-time behind the scenes at EzineArticles to explain to their friends & family what it is that we do here.

Here are some talking points that should make it easier for you to tell the EzineArticles story, justify your hard work and reinforce why you do what you do:

  • EzineArticles.com is a platform for experts in over 600 niche markets who share their expertise in the form of short articles (400-800 words long) for the benefit of having access to the tens-of-millions of monthly visitors the site receives.
  • EzineArticles members submit their best quality original articles in exchange for being able to post a resource box, with a link back to their website at the bottom of each article. This link drives pre-qualified visitors (traffic) back to their website.
  • Members get traffic, market visibility to their target market, media exposure and a platform on which to build their own platform… for FREE.
  • EzineArticles.com gives experts in 600+ niche markets a “voice”… a chance to be exposed to their target audience.
  • In terms of marketing strategies, EzineArticles.com is more like a “Grassroots” strategy because membership is free, yet the traffic results over time are very tangible.
  • To be successful online, every website owner must attract traffic… and not just any traffic. They need a large volume of highly-targeted traffic so they can have an opportunity to sell their products & services. EzineArticles provides a platform and a systematic way for its members to convert their expertise into short, informative, evergreen, tips-based educational articles that attract high-value visitors back to their website.
  • EzineArticles is highly efficient at converting article content into traffic… at a scale, rate and pace that is unmatched by competing platforms.
  • Last month, EzineArticles delivered more than 5 MILLION clicks to their members…FOR FREE. The value of those clicks ranged from 5¢ to ~$1.50 per click if they had to buy them on the open Pay-Per-Click market.
  • EzineArticles.com serves over 15 million unique visitors and over 30 million repeat visitors monthly. Soon, we’ll be announcing our first day with over a million unique visitors in a single 24 hour period.

Tell us… what is EzineArticles.com to you? We’d like to hear your viewpoint perception.

Take the 100 Articles in 50 Days Mega-Challenge!

Are you up for a REAL challenge?

This week marks the half-way point of the 100 Articles in 100 Days Marathon Challenge (#HAHD). If you’ve already enrolled, you should be well on your way to meeting your goal of (100) submitted articles by July 1, 2009.

If you haven’t entered yet, there’s still time! Simply doubling the original submission goal from (1) article per day to (2) articles per day puts qualifying for this challenge back in your reach.

For more information on the #HAHD, check out these essential links:

Be sure to follow us here and on Twitter for daily article writing & marketing tips, strategies & insights to help you succeed in a big way!

Are you in?

Add a comment to this blog stating that you’re going to commit to be one of the Expert Authors who writes & submits 100 articles in less than the 50 remaining days. When you’re successful, you’ll not only receive the accolades of your peers, you’ll also get the benefits of increased site traffic, improved credibility and higher sales… PLUS, you’ll get one of these cool, limited-edition #HAHD mugs!

Article Templates = Blueprints to Success

Every once in awhile, we’ll do a blog post featuring an article template idea. Each of these templates serves as a blueprint for building great articles in a particular style. When combined, these templates alone can provide the guidance and inspiration you need to quickly and easily build an incredible inventory of high-quality, original articles.

Today’s post is an article architect’s portfolio of (9) excellent templates. Use them to simply spark a little creativity, or better yet, commit yourself to writing (10) articles using each template (in the end, you’ll have 90 new submissions!). Either way, these blueprints will get you started on on a solid foundation!

Nine Great Article Templates (a.k.a. Blueprints):

  1. Traps and How to Escape Them
  2. Things to Do
  3. Top 7 Tips
  4. Golden Rules
  5. Pain Avoidance
  6. Checklist
  7. Principles of X
  8. The Pros and Cons
  9. I Love

Looking for more article templates/blueprints? A simple search of the EzineArticles article database will yield hundreds of ideas. If you find something really cool, be sure to share it here with the rest of the Expert Author community!

Give This Cartoon a Caption

Today we’ve decided to do something a little out of the ordinary in the blog… have some pointless fun!Provide Your Funniest EzineArticles-Related Caption!

You’ve probably noticed that this cartoon has no caption. We need your help in coming up with the perfect one. Submit a funny EzineArticles-related caption via “Comments” and in one week we’ll pick our favorite.

If yours is selected, you’ll not only receive the accolades and adulation of the EzineArticles community, you’ll also receive this fine EzineArticles mouse pad.
EzineArticles Mouse Pad
Plus, we’ll recognize your accomplishment in a future blog entry.

So get your thinking cap on and submit your best caption in the comments (one per customer, please). Maybe you’ll become the proud owner of a useful, yet stylish, EzineArticles mouse pad!

Oh, and keep submitting those articles! =)

Benefits of Scheduled Article Release

Take control of WHEN your articles get published!

There are two theories as to which article submission strategy is best:

  1. “Big Dump” Submit all of your articles at one time to be released all at once.
    – This is the right approach when you begin with EzineArticles.com.
  2. “Sprinkle” Submit them over time to be released over time.
    – If you’re a veteran Expert Author, there can be value in scheduling your articles for release over a period of time to maximize traffic returns.

One of the easiest ways to “sprinkle” your articles over time is to use the Scheduled Article Release Feature, which is one of the many benefits of EzineArticles Premium Membership.

Who is the ideal member that can really take advantage of the Scheduled Article Release Feature?

Because you want to keep fresh new articles going into your article inventory even when you are on vacation, away from their office, or because you want to save significant amount of time (it’s much faster to upload 10 articles all at once and scheduled them for release over time than it is to submit 10 articles, one at a time.)

Take a look at some of the article scheduling stats for last month:

  • Total Articles Scheduled: 3,375
  • Distinct Members using the article scheduler: 107
  • Average Time Scheduled 2 days, 4 hours, 56 minutes
  • Shortest Time scheduled 0 days, 8 hours, 8 minutes
  • Longest Time Scheduled 79 days, 15 hours, 19 minutes

Wondering if EzineArticles Premium Membership is right for you?
Surf http://EzineArticles.com/premium/ to discover if the benefits of our Premium service level are right for you now.

Keyphrase Problem Solving

Articles with excessive keywords or keyphrases deliver a poor user experience, destroys your & our credibility and therefore, it’s something in conflict with our goals.

Until today our Editors had a different way of visualizing articles that were submitted with excessive keywords & excessive keyphrases.

If you had an article rejected for excessive keywords or keyphrases, when you clicked on VIEW to see what the problem is, we were only showing you the excessive keywords that tripped our excessive trigger… when most likely it was an excessive keyphrase that resulted in the rejection.

Effective last night, all accounts now are able to see what we see when we reject an article for excessive keyword/keyphrase usage.

If you are one of the 4,750 members who has an article flagged for excessive kw’s/keyphrases, log into your account and click on VIEW to see what we see. To fix and get your article approved, please lower your excessive keywords to less than 2 per 100 words.

Any questions?

Article Marketing Reality Check

In the solitude of the marketing trenches it’s sometimes easy to forget WHY we do what we do. This is especially true of our Expert Authors who may occasionally need a gentle reminder of the key reasons for writing and submitting a constant steam of fresh high-quality unique articles.

With that thought in mind, I’d like to share some impressive stats:

  • In April, EzineArticles.com logged over 30 million visitors of which 15+ million were unique.
    • Hint hint: You want your articles in front of this traffic!

  • Last month, we delivered 5,406,167 clicks to our members’ website(s).
  • Yesterday alone, we delivered 213,025 total clicks to our members’ websites.
    • That’s 18.2% GREATER than our average for April.

  • The average EzineArticles member experiences a 2-12% CTR. (Click Through Rate)

Despite those impressive numbers, there is one reality that, just like our members, we are not impervious to:

Each year, it takes more high quality articles to attract the same traffic level that fewer articles attracted just a few years ago. Most likely this has to do with an increasing content supply in the marketplace while the growth rate for the number of humans going online is slowing. The only way for any of us to stay ahead of this trend is to constantly increase your article inventory.

It’s our goal to be your highest non-search engine referrer of traffic. You can expect us to continue to deliver solid traffic in exchange for your best unique/original article submissions — but we can’t do it without you!

Want a Bigger Traffic Reward? Invest in writing, repackaging and submitting as many high-quality articles as your time, talent and energy will allow. Every article you submit increases your percentage of the take from those 5.4 million+ monthly clicks (and growing monthly).

To put it another way:
More Articles = More Clicks = More Click Throughs = More Website Traffic = More Sales For You

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