Author Alert Sign-Up Box

Grow your EzineArticles Fan Base!

Here’s another handy EzineArticles tool to add to your website or blog – the Author Alert Sign-Up Box. Now visitors to your site can sign-up to receive email alerts about your latest published articles.

It’s Easy to Find:

  1. Log into your EzineArticles Expert Author account
  2. Click on the “Author Tools” drop-down menu
  3. Select “Create Author Sign-Up Box”

It’s Easy to Customize and Preview:

  1. In Box 1 click on “Pick a Template” and choose “Wider” or “Smaller”
  2. Click on “Choose a Color” and select a color to match your site
  3. Click on “Change Dimensions” and type in the desired dimensions to adjust the size
  4. Click on “Change Author Name” and pick any author name from the list
  5. View the preview in Box 2 and make changes as needed

It’s Easy to Install:

  1. When you’re satisfied, select and copy the HTML code in box 3 to your clipboard
  2. Paste the code into your website or blog

Examples of the “Author Alert Sign-Up Box”:

Option #1: 160 X 80

Email Address:

Receive Author Alerts

Option #2: 400 X 70

Christopher Knight’s new article email alerts
Sign up to receive email alerts of Christopher Knight’s latest articles from!

Email Address:

All subscription requests go through a double-opt in (also known as “confirm-opt-in”) process to ensure they really wanted to receive email alerts whenever you have new EzineArticles published. Members can unsubscribe at any time with our failsafe unsub process in each mailing.

This is a brand new tool for us, so please leave a comment (good or bad) to let us know how it’s working for you.

My Next 10 Article Ideas

If you were one of our top February 2009 U.S. expert authors by # of article submissions, watch your postal mailbox this month!

Your article ideas are important and we want to help you capture them. So in the next few days we’ll be sending a couple of notepads like these, plus the highly-coveted Expert Author removable notebook sticker, to our 500 top-submitting authors.

These notepads are perfect for:

  • Capturing your next (10) article ideas
  • Doodling and sketching
  • Writing out your next (10) article ideas
  • Folding into little Origami cranes
  • Jotting down your next (10) article ideas
  • Building stylish EzineArticles paper airplanes
  • Planning for your next (10) articles

Do you get the feeling we’d really like you to use the notepads for your next (10) article ideas? =)
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Add an EzineArticles Widget to Your Site

Drive traffic back TO your articles!

If you’re an Expert Author, you already know that article marketing is a great way to drive traffic FROM your articles TO your website. But did you know that it’s just as easy to drive traffic TO your articles FROM your website by adding an EzineArticles widget like the one to the right?

Having an EzineArticles widget on your website is a great way for clients, prospects and other visitors to see a live listing of your current articles and be made aware of your EzineArticles Expert Author status.

With a simple click, they’ll be reading your articles and uncovering the added value you bring to your niche market and to them – what an excellent way to enhance your credibility and the credibility of your company.

Adding the widget to your website or BLOG is simple and you can customize the theme to suit your site. Plus, you can choose to have it list any EzineArticles Expert Author, not just you.

Feel free to dive right in – the directions are below. Or spend a few minutes watching this “How-To” video first to learn more.

Downloadable Versions:

WMV Format MOV Format MV4 Format MP3 Format

How-To for Members:

  1. Log into your EzineArticles Membership account
  2. Click on “Author Tools”
  3. Click & Choose “Create a Widget”
  4. Follow the directions for adding a Widget to your website

Or click here to go directly to the public widget creation page. Either way, get that widget up on your site and start driving traffic back TO your articles today!

Preventing Self-Promotion Overload

Yet another trick to get your articles approved faster:

Blatant Self-Promotion CartoonIn the realm of article marketing, self-promotion is a good thing… but like all good things it needs to be done in moderation.

One quick look at our editorial guidelines will tell you that we allow up to (2) active URL’s in the Resource Box that are self-serving (any link that you own or control). This guideline is designed purely as a quality control measure to help keep self-promotion to a minimum.

There is no technical reason why we couldn’t allow more active links, but an article stuffed with self-serving active links looks “spammy” or closer to “article vomit” than a clean article with a single or double URL in the Resource Box.

It’s also well-established that ezine publishers and webmasters value articles with LESS links, not MORE when it comes to their decision as to which articles they are going to reprint. MORE links creates more metaphorical link payments that have to be made to the author to use his or her article… thus articles with fewer links get higher distribution.

This issue is ripe for abuse and every single day we turn away dozens of articles (more than ten thousand articles a year) that are sent in with more than 2 active self-serving links.
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Monthly Performance Summaries

Premium Members received the first peek at a new feature to EzineArticles: Monthly Performance Summary Emails.

These summaries provide data on:

  • Total Live Articles
  • New Live Articles Submitted that Month
  • Total Lifetime Article Views
  • Total Article Views for the Month
  • Top Performing Articles
  • Top Keywords Used to Find Those Articles

The summaries will be automatically sent to all Premium Members beginning this month. There is no need to sign up. However, if you do not wish to receive these monthly reports, you can disable them in your Membership Account.
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Roadmap to Platinum

UPDATED March 23, 2011 at 1:14 pm: We’ve since added an additional membership level above Platinum called Diamond. To learn more about this new membership level see this post or view this video.

Pssst… wanna borrow my notes from the Secrets of Membership Upgrades video? I got ’em right here in this little PDF document. You can use it to get to Platinum Membership FAST! Just don’t tell Chris I gave it to you…

Seriously, so many of you told us how useful and informative this video is that we decided to go one step further and encapsulate the core message into a (1) page PDF document. Download it, print it and use it now to help you achieve Platinum Membership quickly and painlessly.

Suggested uses:

  • Tack it up next to your monitor as a constant reminder of your goal.
  • Fold it into a stylish EzineArticles paper airplane and have fun while you learn!
  • Put it in your EzineArticles file folder for future reference.
  • Save a tree – put it in the EzineArticles reference folder on your computer instead.
  • Email it to a friend who has dial-up *shudder* and won’t watch web videos.

Bottom Line: Achieving Platinum Membership status is one of the best ways to improve the quantity, quality and speed of your article submissions while at the same time boosting your credibility as an Expert Author. Get started now and you’ll have that little gold star in no time.

Don’t know which “little gold star” I’m referring to? I guess it’s time for somebody to read the PDF document or watch the video

Learn the Secrets of Membership Levels

UPDATED March 23, 2011 at 1:26 pm: We’ve since added an additional membership level above Platinum called Diamond. To learn more about this new membership level see this post or view this video.

Read on to discover the secret to gaining EzineArticles Platinum Membership status FAST

Are you an Expert Author trying to upgrade your membership status on EzineArticles, but finding the concept and process just a little confusing?

You’ll be happy to know you’re not alone! Many of the questions asked by authors are in regard to the purpose and procedure of the EzineArticles membership levels.

Some of the typical questions include:

  • “What’s the purpose of different membership levels?”
  • “How can somebody go directly from Basic to Platinum?”
  • “What’s the difference between Basic and Basic Plus?”
  • “Do I have to pay for Platinum Membership?”
  • “You guys are just evil and sadistic, aren’t you?”

Fear not Expert Authors! Your pleas have been heard. The answers to many of your membership level questions are in a brand new video hot off the… um, hard drive.

In this video, you’ll discover the reasons behind the membership level system and better understand the benefits of achieving Platinum Membership. The video will also touch on the often misunderstood Premium Membership. Best of all, you’ll get the straight scoop on how to move up the ranks to Platinum Membership quickly and painlessly.

Watch this video now to discover how you can become a Platinum Member FAST – unless you’re already a Platinum Member. In that case, keep up the good work! =)

UPDATED May 8, 2014 at 4:57 pm: Hi! We’ve removed this clunky old video and welcome you to view a more recent video on our membership levels by clicking here!

And leave a comment about what kind of EzineArticles training videos you’d like to see.

Edward Weiss – Author Spotlight

EzineArticles Expert Author Edward Weiss is in today’s Author Spotlight.Expert Author Edward Weiss

Along with being an Expert Author, Edward is considered by many to be the Internet’s favorite piano instructor. His site offers step-by-step instructions and video tutorials, plus a guarantee that anyone can learn how to play New Age piano.

And check out these stats! Over 270 approved articles and almost 400,000 views since February, 2005 – that translates to 300 views per article per year! At his current rate this is what his numbers will look like in (10) years:

  • Over 600 Approved Articles
  • More than 190,000 Article Views per Year
  • In Excess of 1.8 Million Total Views

We had a chance to ask Edward about the keys to his success as an Article Writer and Marketer:
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