4 Year Blog Anniversary

It was on this day, September 8th, 2004 that this business blog was started.

  • 1,209 Posts Were Posted.
  • 11,114 Comments Were Posted by 2,386 Unique Humans.
  • 3,908 Unique Users casted 15,958 Votes.
  • More than a Million Views have been logged.
  • Most commented post with 166 Comments:
    Just an Author or an Authority?

As I reflect back on the lessons learned, I don’t think I ever anticipated how valuable this blog would be for us in terms of having an ongoing discussion with our members.
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Search Your Own Articles

If you have just a few articles, this new feature may not mean much to you…

But, if you have lots of articles in your EzineArticles inventory, you’ll no doubt be frustrated from time to time when trying to find something you’ve written in the past. Thanks to many member suggestions, we’re rolling out our 1st version of search services dedicated to helping you search only your own articles.

You can find this service in the upper right corner of your EzineArticles Membership Interface:
New EzineArticles Search Services

What do you think? Like it?

How To Hit More Market Bullseyes

Hand full of article submissions almost hits the markA short story:

Pretend you have a paintgun loaded with a handful of paint pellets… Perhaps 7-10 pellets total. If you’ve never shot a paintgun before, your target practice might look something like this graphic to the left.

But, what if your paintgun magazine was loaded with dozens or hundreds of paint pellets?

Then no matter how bad of a shooter you are on your first day of target practice, your target practice might look more like this graphic:Dozens or hundreds of article submissions always hits the mark and a few bullseyes along the way

My point:

Writing & submitting a handful of unique and original articles is a lot like having only a handful of paint pellets VS. writing & submitting dozens, hundreds or thousands of unique and original articles.
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Editorial Office Expansion

We’ve outgrown our current office and as of yesterday, officially doubled our office size.

Here are some photos taken this morning before we do the move:

Old Office:
Existing EzineArticles Editorial Team RoomExisting EzineArticles Editors Room

New Office:
New EzineArticles Editorial Team OfficeNew EzineArticles Editorial Team Office
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