Olympiads All Have A Plan

If you’ve been watching some of the Olympics, it’s easy to get swept away in the ‘magical’ athletic powers each Olympiad displays… as if it just comes ‘easy’ for them.

We know consciously that each of them have many years of training, practice, coaching, and most of all… a game plan; yet we are quick to forget about all of their preparation as we mentally put them on a world pedestal of almost super-human abilities. DNA or genetics alone is never enough to win on a world stage.

If you’re like the masses, you approach Article writing & marketing with a hit or miss fashion, no plans and you just throw a few article darts at an article submission wall… as if you’ll stumble upon traffic attraction success by accident.

Today, I encourage you to consider approaching a *multi-year perspective* when thinking about what you want to contribute and get out of your article writing & marketing activities.

  • Set written goals for how many unique visitors you want to attract to your website.
  • Set written goals for how many unique high quality articles you want to produce each week or month.
  • Identify which sub-topics within your niche of expertise you want to absolutely own with content.
  • Do research to benchmark where you’re at in relation to where the rest of the content suppliers/producers are in your niche.
  • Take one small step of action before you go to bed tonight to put your article writing plan wheels in motion.

It’s not a time to dabble. It’s time to absolutely own the most content in your field of expertise. If you want celebrity status, a cult following, or your traffic hit meter to spin uncontrollably… you must have a plan, work the plan, go deep, be consistent, have high standards to only produce unique high quality content that no one else produces and continue to find ways to be innovative in your personal article content writing systems. You can do it! :)

How Can I Get My Article In The Most Viewed?

“W” writes us:

How can I land my article to the “most viewed EzineArticles in particular category (90 days)?

Many of our more experienced members know that if their article lands in the top 15 most viewed article in their category (over the past 90 days) that they get a lot of ancillary traffic & exposure.

There are some right ways and wrong ways to go about trying to achieve this… and even when you do everything right, there is no guarantee it’ll happen due to market forces beyond our and your control.

First, the **wrong way** to go about this goal (that could lead to your account being terminated & banned):

  • Email spamming of any kind.
  • Spam every social media site you belong to with multiple fake accounts.
  • Any kind of automated content spamming or splogging (spam blogging) tools.
  • Trying to abuse our site with bots that artificially try to run your numbers up.

The right way to attract a top most viewed position:

  1. Write high quality unique articles and submit them to EzineArticles before anywhere else.
  2. Make sure your article titles are keyword rich in a natural language way & don’t abuse keyword density metrics.
  3. Produce a high volume of high quality unique original articles because the odds are more in your favor if you write 100-250+ articles vs. 10. You never know when you’ll get a home run.
  4. Promote your newest articles to your house permission-based email newsletter list or client list. This is only a wise thing to do if your lists are double confirm opt-in. Single opt in is not good enough; plus always provide a 1-click method for your email newsletter members to get off your list instantly.
  5. Install the free EzineArticles widget on your website to showcase your articles to your audience.

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Automatic Updates to Twitter

Edit Author Bio ScreenshotNow EzineArticles can automatically syndicate your new articles into your Twitter account so every time we accept a new article submission of yours, it’s automatically updated on your Twitter profile.

Here’s How You Do It:

  1. Log in to your EzineArticles Account
  2. Select Profile Manager from the Author’s Area navigation bar
  3. Select Edit Author Bio from the Profile Manager drop down menu
  4. Select the “Author Name” for the bio you want to edit (ie: Your name)
  5. Enter your Twitter Username and Password
  6. Click Save Changes

The automatic update to your Twitter page will look like this:
Article Title: EzineArticles URL

Be sure to Follow EzineArticles on Twitter as we often give micro-status-updates often.

The Media Is Definitely Watching

Joan PerryEvery day I’m reminded that traditional media people are constantly using EzineArticles to find experts for various reasons ranging from looking for story angles, looking for support references to complete a story or show a diverse opinion on a particular topic.

It also works the other way when EzineArticles expert authors mention their articles during interviews:

Check out this mention of Joan Perry, CEO of Take Charge Financial from the Los Gatos division of the Mercury News.

Joan said,

“It’s wonderful. We were in Japan for five weeks, staying with Rotarian families as a professional and cultural exchange. Every year the trip goes to a different country. . . . I was very fortunate, it’s a very plum [thing] to be picked for. I wrote every day and put the articles on EzineArticles.com.”

If you’d like to read Joan’s articles, you can find them here.

The Olympics on EzineArticles

Olympic articles on EzineArticles.comThis is a great time to remind everyone that we have over a hundred expert authors in the EzineArticles Olympics category.

In honor of the spirit of the Olympic games going on this week, any articles submitted with the words “Olympic” or “Olympics” in the article title will receive priority article review.

Did you see the Opening Ceremony on Friday? Wow…that’ll be a tough act to follow for the London Olympics in 2012!

Singapore National Day

Today, Singapore observes the day it withdrew from the Federation of Malaysia in 1965 and became a republic. The National Day of Singapore is celebrated with parades, fireworks, stunt displays by the Singapore Armed Forces parachutists, cultural demonstrations, music and dance.

In honor of this day of celebration, EzineArticles Singaporean Expert Author Vern How Chan is today’s Author Spotlight.

Vern is a professional affiliate marketer who enjoys helping others take control of their financial life by using simple, proven marketing methods. He believes in successful affiliate marketing by having a clear focus and vision, taking calculated risks and being an honest marketer.

In his article, Best Online Marketing – 3 Top Secrets For Marketing Online Like a Pro, Vern uses the Q&A article format perfectly to deliver on his article title promise of giving 3 secrets to market online like a pro. He first asks the question:

“What Are The Best Online Marketing Secrets?”

He then uses subheadings for each of the 3 secrets and expands on each secret with 2 short paragraphs. His article concludes with a final tip that can be applied to these 3 secrets and his resource box has a simple call to action with his URL and short bio.

Vern How ChanAn EzineArticles Platinum Member since July 2006, Vern has 509 active articles with over 235,000 views. His articles can primarily be found in Internet Marketing and Traffic Building subcategories. Vern furthers his credibility as an EzineArticles Expert Author with his extended author bio and photo.

Vern How Chan – 5 Ideal Author Credentials

  1. Article Lengths in the 350-500 word range.
  2. Simple article body formatting with subheadings, numbered and/or bulleted lists, etc. make his articles easy to read.
  3. Consistently delivers on his article title promise.
  4. Extended Author Bio and Photo uploaded.
  5. Consistently writes and submits sets of 4-6 articles at a time.

Thanks Vern How Chan for being an EzineArticles Expert Author and to all 1,936 members from Singapore…enjoy your national day of celebration!

New Article Status Assist

We’ve added something new to everyone’s account to help you know where your new article submissions are at during their journey through our review and quality control process:
EzineArticles article status

There are 5 steps each article goes through:

  1. Pending Initial Review: Your article has been received and it is waiting for initial editorial review.
  2. In Initial Editor Queue: Your article is currently in the Editorial Queue.
  3. Pending Quality Control Review: Your article initial review has been completed.
  4. In Quality Control Queue: Your article is in final review.
  5. Will never get filled in as that means that your article is now live on the site. :)

If you use your mouse to hover over the red boxes as they are filled in… you’ll find little pop up helper tips to remind you about the 5 steps above I just listed.

Hopefully this new status update system will let you know where your article submissions are at in terms of review.

Any questions?

Speed Article Writing Strategy

Watch Dave Lakhani’s video about how to write a book very quickly:

The exact same strategy he’s promoting is one I’ve recommended for several years for creating articles from audio recordings, having them transcribed, and adding article titles, keywords and quick edit job to produce mountains of fresh, relevant, timely and best of all.. UNIQUE article content directly from your expert brain.

Things To Do Article Template

Things You Must Do Article TemplateHere’s a fun article writing template 2-pak called: “Things You Must Do” and “Things To Avoid.”

Your “things to do” articles will mostly be ‘pleasure seeking’ themes while your ‘things to avoid’ articles will cover ‘pain avoidance’ themes.

Article Titles options:

  • Use different tenses:
  • BEFORE: “9 Things To Do Before You Buy A Hybrid Car”
  • DURING: “8 Things To Do To Get The Most Gas Mileage From Your Performance Car”
  • AFTER: “7 Things To Do Get The Highest Resale Value On Your Old Car”
  • Use adjectives for emphasis:
    • “6 Simple Things You Can Do Before You Go On Beach Visit”
    • “5 Romantic Things You Can Do While On Vacation”
    • “4 Easy Things To Do When You Return From A Trip To Lose The Weight You Gained”
    • “3 Things You Absolutely Must Do To Become Rich By Selling Real Estate”
    • “11 Things You Must Do To Prepare For Your Next Olympic Competition Event”

    What To Put In The Article Body:

    The article body should not repeat the article title (as it is with all articles). Be sure to include a simple 3-5 sentence paragraph that explains the benefit of the things to do you’re about to list rather than rolling immediately into the list of things.

    Reason why: Because we use your 1st paragraph to help sell your article to potential readers via email, rss, the widgets, etc. that are part of the EzineArticles system.

    It looks best on the eyes when you use a numbered list, bolding the thing to do followed by a sentence or two that explains why the thing to do should be done. Most people would say that using the OL & LI HTML tags do make numbered lists look best, but that comes at a price: Incompatibility with TEXT-based email newsletters that syndicate your content.
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    Recent Articles on chop block

    Before we stop a service, we thought we’d give the community a chance to tell us why we shouldn’t.

    Tuesday, we’re considering shutting down the “RECENTLY APPROVED ARTICLES” link in the left navigation and corresponding RSS feed.

    Our reasons for wanting to remove this service:

    • Does anyone really care about recently viewed articles other than those who wish to do our site scraper harm? We think not.
    • At our current new article acceptance rate, articles fly so fast through this view that it’s hardly a service that we perceive has any utility for any positive user purpose.
    • We still have recently accepted articles on the home page for those who want to see what was accepted recently.
    • We don’t think removing this feature will have any material negative impact on the EzineArticles system.
    • Removing a left nav link will remove an exit click that doesn’t currently provide any contextually or categorically relevant articles useful for our readership.
      • ie: When a person is reading articles about weight loss, when they click on: “Recent Articles” They don’t see other weight loss articles, they see all of the recently accepted articles in all 569 categories. Makes no sense.

    Your thoughts?

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