The Time To Begin Writing An Article

Mark Twain Said:

“The time to begin writing an article is when you have finished it to your satisfaction. By that time you begin to clearly and logically perceive what it is that you really want to say.”

True true…


Lance Winslow writes:

Mark Twain,

Is a very interesting guy and his quotes are fun as well. I had never heard this one and I am glad you had found it to open philosophical dialogue on this topic. Indeed, he has something here, think about it, the best time to “begin writing an article” is when you have fully considered all you really want to say in your mind. Then it is just a matter of putting that thought into a format, so you can properly convey it.

Such as the template format below or another one of your choosing. It seems to me that, once you think of an idea to write about and put a title to it. And know what you want to say, then its just putting the words on the page and connecting that thought in a way that the reader is ready to receive it.

And to this point I would like to add the reader’s point of view:

“The best time to read an article, is when you want to hear what someone has to say on a subject you really want to learn.”

So, this is where preparedness meets opportunity at EzineArticles. The author has put down information and when the reader is ready to receive it, whenever that is, well, that article is here, ready and waiting to be of service. See, the brilliance of EzineArticles, Mark Twain would have posted here, and some day soon some author here will become the next Mark Twain, and that time will be based on what I, he and Chris have mentioned here today.

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Thomas Cummins writes:

interesting topic Chris, my my and it is ever so true.

As a writer I am always taking notes as thoughts fly by as quickly as little birds snatching up flying insects and it is essential to read over and over editing as I go to put the finishing touches and sometimes the original is enhanced so much it is barely reminiscent of the first few drafts. The title is the killer and where I constantly have to work at realising I am not just writing for my own ideas and interests but the interests of readers and getting down to basics is not always easy. Mark Twain had it down pat and I have a road of discovery always ahead and in clear vision on the horizon and so onward I trek. Dia Dhuiit Chris agus beannacht De ort

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Thomas Cummin my thoughts exactly. I keep a little notebook with me and every time an idea crossed my mind I note it down. I start the draft immediately i get to my PC. Within a short time the draft gets fatter and fatter and the idea starts taking shape. Then finalizing the article is just a matter of putting my little ideas together.

But I always have a problem with the headings. That is something I’m working on though.

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Florence Givens writes:

I love Mark Twain quotes.
To me what he was really saying is, after that you’re satisfied with what you wrote, it is then the time to begin writing…of and in itself it simply means to write quality writing after you’ve finished what you really wanted to say!

Say it right, the second time!The first write is practice, the second write is literature.

E-zine Articles is a place to begin. Have a Glorious read and write!

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Lance Winslow writes:


I like your reading of that quote, well said. – Lance

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Florence Givens writes:

Lance, Thanks! I like your reading of that quote and also what you have added about the readers, who really play an important part in this process. Your comments are well said and well read! -Florence

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Florence Givens writes:

To: Chris Knight…
Chris Knight knows what quality and demand means. He’s great in his field. He desires quality writing here and readers demand it! E-zine articles is a wonderful world to be in, whilst in the writing and reading mood. Thanks, Mr. Knight for being there for us all, writers and readers alike! -Florence

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Lance Winslow writes:


I visited your most excellent website and you are quite the expert in poetry. In my efforts to write an article in every category at EzineArticles, I have 4-left to do. One is a Book Review on a Poetry Book, and just think I have the perfect person to ask?

Which Poetry book should I go buy, read and write a book review on? Any that you would recommend?

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Florence Givens writes:

Thomas, if you ever need a title to your articles, songs, poetry, I’d be happy to assist you. I love to write titles, they come easy to me. First comes the title, then the ending, after that the body of the article. It’s so much fun.

When reading, oftentimes I read the ending first, it does not bother me to do so. Some say, why read the ending first? My answer is, why should I waste my time if it does not end right as oftentimes others do and are frustrated by its merits.

When writing, I must have the title first then I know when I am going from there. It’s truly amazing how all writers have a wonderfully different style.

I like your style about the quote of Mark Twain, you also included the readers that are so important in this field also. Lance, also included the readers alike. Good comments from you both and Chris!

I love E-zineArticles, there’s nothing like this Website! Go Mr. Knight!

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Florence Givens writes:

Lance, Thanks! I downgraded my Website to 2 pages instead of the 20 that I had recently, but thanks for stopping by the website.
I’d loved to send you ” A Little More Cream Please” It’s my book of course and would you consider doing a Book Review on that Poetry Book? S/H Free of Charge, no further cost to you now or later.

Thanks for your kind reply. I’m at the same name as the website only use @aol instead of the (dot) .com

I am getting ready to write an article also, on “Poetry As A Gift.” Thanks for sharing your great writing, ideas and expertise!

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Florence Givens writes:

Lance, The book” A Little More Cream Please,” has ten parts and 232 pages. You can check it out on….other than that I do suggest the poetry book: “God and Coffee, IN THAT ORDER”
by Kristina Seymour, 160 pgs. I have that book also.

I have two (2) copies of it and will be glad to send one to you, S/H Free of charge for them both, “A Little More Cream Please” and this one also. It will be at no cost to you now or later. This is getting to be exciting! Thanks Lance! -Florence

“Like a piece of ice on a hot stove the poem must ride on its own melting. -ROBERT FROST …quoted from “Writer’s Quotation Book, A Literary Companion, Published by Barnes and Noble, Edited by James Charlton

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Lance Winslow writes:


Indeed, I cannot think of a better thing to do for a fellow EzineArticles writer than to do a book review and put it online for everyone to see. I would be honored to do this for you and you would be helping me reach my goal of at least one article per category here at



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Florence Givens writes:

Lance, Thanks for your kind reply. If you would send the info to my e-mail I will gladly get them out to you on today.

Thanks for the consideration also. I’m glad to help you meet your goal too in writing one article in every category here on

I will hopefully read some of your articles on today, I look forward to it also.
Again thanks for your consideration. -Florence

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Florence Givens writes:

Lance, Thanks for your kind replies, I’ve begun to read the topics and thoughts of some of your many articles here on EzineArticles and they are rich. I will certainly enjoy them, that’s some of the Best Writing I’ve read in years! Your kind of writing is not easily found. Bravo for you !

What I’ve just read over are intelligent and with much integrity, straight to the point, very informative and great articles!

I will be reviewing and rating some of your writings hopefully soon.
Lance you’re one of a kind! Your writings are riding on its own merits! Thanks for this rich meaningful array of everything! Best Wishes! Sincerely -Florence

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Ramalingam writes:

Mark Twain’ quotation is an inspiration to beginners who are yet to embark upon a writing career.I have a plan for writing article.The idea focussed on a topic will run in the mindscreen till it is jotted down and emptied in the form of an article.

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Florence Givens writes:

Ramalingam, I see that we get different understandings of Mark Twain’s quote, I respect your opinion also.

As we should also remember, Mark Twain wrote at times in metaphors and in parables as he would write this quote, “In my life there have been many troubles and most of them never happened. ”

That phrase most likely meant that he may have worried over things that never happened and was of little concern. Thanks for sharing your rich understanding.

Deep thinking writers, also read very deeply.

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Lance Winslow writes:


Unfortunately, I cannot accept your compliment because I am personally not satisfied with my writing and even after 6 million words here, I feel I have such a long way to go. So, my previous writing, I look at as practice really. Yes, my writing is straight forward, informative and to the point, but quite frankly, I am humbled by the other writers here who are so much better than I.

In fact, I am so impressed with the level of writing here at, I am just happy they allowed me in sometimes. So, for these reasons, I am unable to accept your compliment today, but in a few years who knows maybe I will be able to take that compliment then, and so I am saving your compliment and will revisit this in 3-years time and then maybe I can say thank you.

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Florence Givens writes:

I understand, there are so many other writers here on that’s better put than myself but since I am published, I am counted alongside poets of old and in the future.
Whether exposed or recluse I find myself amongst the best of writers here.

It’s okay about the three years from now, we can all use improvement. You’re welcomed- Florence

P.S. Readers, writers, editors, critics and friends…make up this wonderful world we live in!

Comment provided April 18, 2008 at 10:13 PM


Lance Winslow writes:


On your “P.S.” well I could not agree more and that was so perfect, as it is something that Sammuel Clemmens would have enjoyed reading.

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Florence Givens writes:

Lance, Thanks…here’s the poem excerpted from one of my books: “The Ring Of Friends: Forever”
‚©2002 By Florence Rosie Givens

“Readers, Writers, Critics and Friends”
Well read, well written, critics on corners,
friends at hand,
Marvelously all in place to capture all the
moments that you stand.

Be it ever a gratitude of best times all in
good taste,
For the “Readers, Writers, Critics and
Friends,” you won’t want to waste.

I guess you know they will help you along,
So why be concerned with all that’s said,
for they will make you strong.”
‚© 2002 By Florence Rosie Givens

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Lance Winslow writes:

Whooorah Florence!

Excellent, you are indeed a poet and you know it! That was terrific, thank you very much. – Lance

Comment provided April 21, 2008 at 8:47 PM


Florence Givens writes:

Lance- Thanks for your kindness! Glad you enjoyed it. -Florence
Please Check out e-zine article: Words of Wisdom – Universal Poetry and Its Beauty
By Florence Givens


‚© 2000 By Florence Rosie Givens

Heartfelt words flowing about. Made ready upon the mind. Yet, when we begin to read, a twofold meaning we find.

Words flow all by themselves, whether spoken or not. Expressly given from the heart, and who can but tell its lot. Wholesome words at best, silently moving on…telling the story of life.

Oh, the driven force, gentle as it goes. Sweeping everything in its sight with a slight bit of …enthusiasm..

Changes come and go. Oh, the lapse of time, gently going on. Colors of flowers, cherry blossom time, leaves of autumn colors, and the beauty of snow. Altogether we make four.

Friends, or make them what you want them to be. Imaginary names fall from the air, and we play happily again.

“Plaid Dresses”
Plaid dresses, father bought for me, The taste of elegance to be. A color burst of best things desired, Hopeful things before we retired.

“Casual Thinking”
Workdays call for attire. All of which, we admire. Yet, the weekend comes in. And, denim comes about then.

Times are pressing troubles our way, Yet hope is not far. We ask questions of our friends, yet the answer is already there. So after rehearsing it in our minds we tell ourselves…to move on.

‚© 2000 By Florence Rosie Givens
(Excerpts from “A Morning Without Coffee” Poem Collection)

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