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When we first launched the new Article Diagnostic Center, only 1,000 members were notified via their EzineArticles INBOX. This was done to gauge member feedback, fix or tweak things and improve the user experience.

Last Friday, we inched out another 4,600 member notifications that some of their articles have dead/broken links that need repair/attention.

I should let everyone know that we don’t intend to de-activate any dead links not repaired by our members until we’ve re-audited the entire site a few more times over a few more days to ensure that the links are in fact dead.

Some of the general responses from members to the dead link notification email:

  • Thanks! I fixed it. Great tool. Appreciate your help in finding inactive links.
  • Sorry, my server’s been up and down a lot lately.
  • or I’m moving to a new web host
  • My server is very slow at times and that’s why your server may have thought it was dead.

Questions asked:

Can I update these articles in the future instead of today?

Yes, if you don’t want to fix the dead links now and we inactivate your links, you can edit the article in the future to update or add a valid relevant link. [This assumes we will continue to offer free article re-review service…that is currently an undecided thing.]

Every time I try to replace an invalid link, when I go to resubmit the article, your system rejects my article as being duplicate?!?

Our anti-duplicate content checker software is more finely tuned today than ever and as such, no prior articles are grandfathered in. That means, all articles edited or submitted today, must pass today’s version of our anti-duplicate or duplicative (meaning a percentage of duplicate) content filter. If you don’t agree with it, then contact member support and we’ll review the situation.

Can you be more specific as to why you think my links aren’t working?

Uhm, ok, but what does it matter? :) If you think that your links are working, then go into the Article Diagnostic Center and REPORT THEM AS VALID. We’ll investigate your claim and respond with yes, they are valid or no, we’re still seeing them as invalid.

We dedicated a huge amount of server power and human labor BEFORE we identify any link as being dead/broken and in need of repair. We use 2 different server-based dead link identification routines and over periods of time.

The end-goal here is to make you look better to our users by not sending them to a dead or inactive link, to help our users have a positive experience of you, your article and your website and to increase our market credibility by not listing active links that are no longer working.

Always open to your feedback.



Hi Chris!

This is the automatic solution you found for the problem of the dead links. Now I remember the discussion we had about this matter. I think this is a great tool!

All authors must be grateful for that because if our links are dead, our work is wasted.

Comment provided March 18, 2008 at 1:16 PM


Lance Winslow writes:

The dead link issue is very important to this sites validity to readers and its standing in the online content arena, so this is a very wise move indeed. – Lance

Comment provided March 19, 2008 at 4:12 PM


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