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EzineArticles Expert Author Nick Usborne recently came out with a guide for copywriters and other commercial writers (like article writers) called: “Writing Rituals

I’ve reviewed his 45 page PDF (it’s a fast & entertaining read) where he makes an analogy about his brother, the Cabinet Maker [See Cabinet EzineArticles] and how he approaches a cabinet job as it relates to a writing job. What results from the thought process is a set of (5) Writing Rituals.

Who it’s’ really targeted for:
People who struggle with procrastination and distractions when writing…that often leads up to intense stress that’s just not necessary. Nick’s 5 writing rituals provides a framework to help this type of individual get from where they are now to where they need to be.

I’m a big believer in everyone having or creating their own “writing ritual” system for success. It’s $29: Writing Rituals



Hi Chris!

It’s an interesting idea to follow a ritual! A ritual is something sacred, mystic and many times neurotic too. I know that there is a positive intention in this analogy of course; I only mentioned that a ritual can be dangerous because this is a characteristic it can acquire.

Perhaps for a few authors it is really necessary to consider the matter this way: writing needs a special attitude or mood.

I don’t have this problem. I can write without distraction for hours, even if an earth-quick happens where I am! Other people sometimes have problems, when they want to have my attention and I’m writing!

My advice for the authors that have problems of concentration: forget the world.
It fits with the conception of a ritual, somehow: follow your ritual, follow your program.
The world, your problems, intentions, plans, etc. can wait. This is the sacred moment dedicated to your creativity: Now, nothing is more important than writing for you!

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Alyssa Johnson writes:

I agree with Nick that you need to have some framework to keep you writing. I don’t care what word you use to describe it, it’s a process that keeps you moving forward.

I recently discovered my own and it’s made a HUGE difference. Prior to it, I was probably averaging 3 articles a month. Now I’m shooting for at least 4 a week!

I know for some of you that’s still small potatoes but it’s a huge leap for me and it’s all because I created a system to keep me on track.

Best wishes to all in finding your ritual, system, zone, or whatever the heck YOU call it! :)

Comment provided February 21, 2008 at 12:13 PM




Congrats on shooting for (4) per week!

Nice job.


Comment provided February 21, 2008 at 12:21 PM


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