Timing Presentation of Your Affiliate Links

EzineArticles expert author Robert Worstell wrote in a blog comment something so important that it’s worth a mention in a blog entry all by itself:

“The thing to keep straight about affiliate links is timing their presentation.

No, they don’t belong in your articles. These articles are to create your own credibility on that subject. That credibility is what brings you click-throughs to your links.

Once they click, you can invite them to your list and _then_ offer them your affiliate links all you want.

Your article, in this case, should give them an introduction to you and your list – where you can increase their trust in your new relationship.

While some work at Bum Marketing without a list – and this can be done through articles alone – you’ll get more income (while mileage may vary) by getting them onto your list first. This then allows you to offer them all the affiliate links you want – while an article only (theoretically) offers one or a few.”

We’re not fans of “Bum Marketing” (*yawn*) because it often means someone is using article marketing strategies BEFORE they have a web presence. If you are a real expert, then get a real website before you begin syndicating articles. While I’m sure there are always an exceptional few who are genuine experts who do bum marketing, the reality is that the majority of articles submitted to us by Bum Marketers are not worth keeping… because they are not long-term players (the reference to “Bum” is a marketing gimmick to make it sound like you make money hand-over-fist with article marketing by being lazy like a Bum while money magically comes into your bank account from your minimal article efforts) nor are they in it for the personal credibility that comes from writing and marketing with articles (evidence is that they rarely write articles under their real name).

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