Editor Move In Day

The new EzineArticles Editorial Team room is ready for use and we have begun migration into it today.

Pretty messy, but it’ll resemble a highly productive team effort in just a few days… meanwhile today’s article review goal is 2,035… meaning we don’t intend to skip any beats while we move our team around.

Some of the smaller offices that formerly had editors will now become Marketing, a Conference room and a mug mailing prep area.

Hats off to our dev team who helped with this project from running miles of Ethernet for the gigabit network to terminating phone lines and setting up the PC’s.

5 more Associate Editors are being interviewed today and Tuesday and we’ll be hiring a few more this month to help work the backlog.

No One Evaluates Life Like You Do

Summary: You are unique. There is no one else on Earth who evaluates their life, business, or their expertise like you do.

There will be times in your article writing life that you’ll look at the raw volume of competing articles in your area of expertise and ask yourself, “Why should I bother writing more articles because everything that could be covered, has been covered?”

Nothing could be further from the truth!

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Mobile Cell Phone Segmented Mailing

In September, we realized that our Mobile Cell Phone category was getting a lot of attention (in the top 10 categories out of 435 in terms of total page views)…. So we let our 947 unique experts in this niche know of the exposure their articles were generating with hopes they would engage further with us — thus enabling the win/win cycle at a greater level.

September had 498 article submissions in Mobile Cell Phone and October had 726 article submissions (45.8% jump) and this indicates our members got the message. :-)

Progress Update on New Editor Office

Here’s Editor #25 using her creative skills to paint a black, white and red accent along the top thanks to advice from Member Support Specialist #13 (who has experience in interior design).

A first look at the workstation desks below. We’re still re-arranging the room based on feedback from the team that will soon be using it. I think we were a little too aggressive on how many editors could work in this space, so we’ve eased up on that to give a little more breathing room. It’s important that a workspace is a fun place to be at.

Next up after paint & network connections are completed,…some whiteboards and then the migration.

Small Successes – You Just Never Know

Jennine E. EstesDon’t get me wrong, I love it when I see our most highly engaged authors have success with us… But it’s also fun when brand new authors have smashing traffic success.

Check out this article by EzineArticles expert author Jennine E. Estes: Quick Tips On How To Build Your Trust In Your Relationship

As of this blog entry, her Aug 22, 2007 article received 17,403 visitors! That’s a home run (especially for a Basic level author with 3 submissions LTD (Life To Date))… and it’s so out of the ordinary, that I had our developers check into it to make sure the traffic was legit. Turns out, the bulk of the traffic came from Yahoo.

The lesson: You just never known when or which article of yours will hit a traffic home run and bring oodles of more visitors back to your website!

No Article Rehashes

Check out this publishers perspective on what they look for in articles that are quality: MMOL with Ezine Articles

1) We don’t even look at articles less than a minimum of 600 words.
2) We prefer in-depth articles on a single subject that is well focused.
3) We look for new ideas, and immediately reject rehashes, sound byte type articles, fluff, or anything that our readers are already likely to know.
4) The “Ten Tips to…” are not off-limits for us, but they need to be really good, and really thought out. No rehashes.
5) Here’s a big one. Many won’t like this. We have a strong bias AGAINST first person articles, unless the writer is well known. Columnists (in print or not) can get away with first person articles, because they are known. The truth is our readers don’t know you, and probably don’t really care about your personal experiences, and most first person articles are obviously about first person experiences. Unless you are Bono, or Hilary, or Dylan or…

And they “immediately reject rehashes, sound byte type articles, fluff, or anything that our readers already likely know.” Excellent guideline to follow from an article writers perspective!

Landing Page Quality

I was just reviewing a contract for a potential new vendor and this was their criteria for what constitutes a non-quality site:

An Unacceptable Format for a Website is one where the site: (1) resides on a free hosting service, (2) has content consisting primarily of advertising material, (3) lacks a professional appearance, or (4) is rendered in a language other than English.

Simple, succinct, and has advertisers best interest in mind…I like it. When an EzineArticles expert author gives a link to a free hosting service website, their credibility is in question.

Article Re-Approval Stats

We’re stopping for a moment this month to review the editor labor needed to human re-review articles that are updated/edited by our members.

Last month, 8,149 articles by 2,031 unique authors were human re-reviewed. See image:

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