One More Article, One More Rep

Most people in life fall short of their goals because they give up or quit only a hair-fraction away from reaching their goals.

If they only knew that they were almost in reach of the success they seek, they would have added that one more repetition while in training/practice, one more phone call, one more minute/hour focused on an action, or even writing one more article.

Thinking about your article writing and marketing aspirations, what would you do if you knew you could not fail? What would you do if you knew your investment in every action counted or pulled you closer to your goals?

To Do List: Next time you’re in the gym, go get that one more rep at the end of your next set. Next time you’re writing articles, write that (1) more article. When you do this, your efforts will compound over time. A greater level of success and traffic back to your website is closer than you think. :-)

New Article Email Alert Stats

Permission-based new article email alert subscribers grew to 64,533 members (5.7% growth over previous month) and we delivered 1.2 million email alerts last month to help drive targeted traffic to your articles. Who else would do that for ya? No one else! :-)

For the first time in quite a while we had a few lists dip into negative growth (meaning they declined in membership) with Rugby -6%, Auto-Racing -4%, and Copywriting -2%.

One thing that continues to amaze me is that our Home-Improvement new article email alerts continue to grow at 20-30% PER MONTH. Real Estate general and Real Estate:FSBO are the only other two lists with 30% and 29% growth rates over the previous month. Probably no surprise that Mortgage-Refinance was up 23% as it’s from the same group of themed interests.

1.79 Million Clicks To Member Websites

Need some motivation today to help you prioritize your article writing and submission time investment?

Last month, EzineArticles delivered 1,791,867 clicks to member websites alone. This is a new record since we began URL Click Tracking in June.

We won’t be releasing which articles received the most CTR (Click Through Rate) to prevent gaming of the system, but I can share that the top article received 12,147 clicks in September and there were at least 100 articles with over 1,100+ clicks per article.

EzineArticles in the Blogosphere

The NAFASG Team from Singapore blogged about us: NAFASG Featured At Ezine Articles & Recognized As Expert AuthorCheck out their articles.

Karen Bryan wrote about Using Ezine Articles to get links and exposure.

Amy Waterman wrote about “Expert Author” on

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Rob StGeorge wrote about “Article Marketing – Another way to build Website Traffic.”

John J. Alquist wrote about “Has 52nd Article Published At”

This is funny: has an article about “How to Find Your Article in EzineArticles

Nick Bailey has “Submitting to EzineArticles 5 Tips For Successful Article Submission” and I agree with his 5 tips:

  1. Only Submit Original Content
  2. Do Maintain a High Standard of Writing
  3. Do Not pepper your article with hyperlinks
  4. Do Steer Clear of the Hard Sell
  5. Do Not Include Direct Affiliate Links

What Is Copywriting?

Haynes writes in and asks:

What is copywriting?

Most dictionaries say that copywriting is the written elements of an advertisement or the process of writing words to influence/sell something.

A common path for most article writers (those who write articles for a living) is to progress from “article writer” to “copywriter” because good copywriters are very well paid — and rightfully so. Even if your article writing path is not destined to be a full time copywriter, everyone who writes articles could benefit from learning basic copywriting skills.

Seems like most direct response copywriters are in two pools of talent, even though they can both crossover into each others sphere: Direct offline marketers and Internet marketers

You may have even heard of some of the names of the best copywriters on the planet (in no particular order): Michel Fortin, Carl Galetti, Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, Bob Bly, John Carlton, Dan Kennedy, Joe Vitale, Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, Ali Brown, Ted Nicholas, that one guy from Dak (Drew Kaplan), Clayton Makepeace, Dina Giolitto, and the list goes on. .

The thing I love most about copywriting is that it’s salesmanship in print… the art of helping get people what they want and generating demand for yourself, your business, and your products and services.

Question: Do you have a favorite copywriter whom you admire? If so, who is he or she and why do you admire their style?

WebWise Business Interview

Tune in this Sunday night, October 7th 2007 at 6pm EST / 3pm PST where Chris Curtis of WebWise Business will be interviewing me on how you can use Article Writing to promote yourself, your business and your website. [details]

Besides being an EzineArticles expert author, Chris Curtis is a triple-threat web professional (Web Design, Web Programming, and Internet Marketing) who pro actively seeks to assist business owners in shedding their fears and inhibitions about competing in the global marketplace.

How’d I get the interview with Chris Curtis? Our EzineArticles MySpace profile is to thank for the introduction. You’re welcome to also visit Chris Curtis’s MySpace profile.

Two Words

One small change to our Editorial Guidelines to share… we’ve ended our acceptance of *one word* article titles. Titles must now be 2 or more words to be accepted.

Reason: In many cases we were fine with it, but lately we received a lot of one word titles that were too ambiguous or unrelated to the content of the article… example: Article titles of a word like “Move” or “More” are too difficult for a reader to figure out what the article is going to be about.

As you may know, our editors read each article to make sure the article body delivers on the promise(s) made in the article title… and it’s just too difficult to know if this is true if the single word is ambiguous.

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