Article Review Status

A quick update: Just a little over 4,000 articles in the review hopper as of this blog entry and we’re running about 2-3 days out on Platinum (was 4 days out until just a little bit ago) and 4 days out for Basic level members (this is faster than normal).

Taking an idea from the fast food drive-thru industry playbook, we’ve created internal stats for every membership level so that our leadership team can stay on top of when we’re running on time or behind the article review expectations we promised. Here’s the “Platinum” level internal performance thing from an hour ago that shows how many days out we’re at in terms of article reviews (DAO – Days Articles Outstanding):

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August Email Alerts Report

One of the ways we drive targeted traffic back to your new article submissions every day is via our permission-based email alerts.

Last month we delivered 1.3 million (29.4% growth) permission-based emails to 61,037 subscribers (10.6% growth) who asked to be notified when new articles were approved in any of our 407 niche categories.

Here are some interesting tidbits from last months email performance:

Category with the most members that didn’t receive any email alerts last month was Teleseminars with 212 members. What? Doesn’t Alex Mandossian have any competitors? :)

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Platinum Author Mug- Illustrated

Leave it up to EzineArticles Expert Author Jim Degerstrom who took his “I Love EzineArticles” mug to illustrate how to do some cool special effects

Nice work Jim!

While everyone else was drinking coffee, tea, soda and water from theirs, he used his mug to illustrate a tutorial for graphic artists.

I’m having flashbacks as I used Xara (software program Jim is recommending) years ago for it’s cool anti-aliasing effects but never kept up with it.

Jim also used a smaller image of his mug illustration here on his articles page.

Reminder: We love seeing your “I Love EzineArticles” ‘mug shot‘ so email them to us or post them on your blog or website and let us know.

Tracking Perception

Good or Bad, I enjoy reading how EzineArticles is perceived by others. Most of the public postings get a private reply to resolve a misunderstanding.

Someone tried hiring an article writer to produce as many articles as they could for $30: Project: Article Writer

First, their request is absurd…but the reason I share this link is because of this section: “4. If 1 or more of the articles are not approved by ezinearticles, this means that they are not of good quality or not original content.”

–>Ok, while we’re honored that you’re using EzineArticles as a quality barometer, please don’t make us your ‘Copyscape’ because it’s the quickest way to find your account terminated for sending in non-original content.

Author/Blogger Prince John wrote this blog entry last week: My Experiences with

Sorry about this Prince. We were wrong and you’ll be receiving a private reply on Tuesday where our support team will whitelist your name in our system to prevent author name confusion from happening again.

Rick Lomas blogged in his MySpace account this entry: The best email you can get from

Ahhh schucks. :)

There are many others including blog entries on how to scam or game us…including encouraging multiple accounts being setup to submit multiple nearly identical articles. A lot of them go into great depth with videos produced and images showing step by step, etc… but I see two patterns from these bums: Pattern #1) Their EzineArticles account is brand new or less than a month old; Pattern #2) For some reason, their EzineArticles account is missing…   The point: Don’t trust everything you read on the net especially from someone who has not had long-term success with whatever strategy they are promising will be the next breakthrough.

Top 25 Searched Words and Phrases

The three ways that you can search 1) The Google search box on top of every page; 2) the left navigation search box (known as our internal search); and 3) the advanced search in the left navigation.

Just for fun, today I ran a report to show the top 25 phrases and the top 25 searched for words from our internal search engine:
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