Be Unreasonable -Book by Paul Lemberg

EzineArticles Expert Author & Chief Business Accelerator Paul Lemberg of Quantum Growth Consulting has a new book out called “Be Unreasonable -The Unconventional Way To Extraordinary Business Results.”

Why do I (and others like Jay Abraham, Jay Conrad Levinson, T. Harv Eker) like and highly recommend Paul’s book? Because I’ve known Paul personally for a few years now and enjoy watching his mind work to solve business growth problems in unconventional ways. He reminds me of a modern day Thomas J. Leonard (deceased, coach industry leader) wrapped up with Jay Abraham’s marketing thoughts and strategic coach Dan Sullivan’s time management philosophies.

And the truth leaks out: Paul interviewed me for the book and you can read his case study of how I analyze opportunity on pages 133-135.

Here’s an excerpt from the case study interview Paul did with me:

One way to ensure client loyalty is to obsessively create value for them. While this should seem obvious, most business owners don’t act like it. (Most unreasonable tactics seem so obvious as to be almost not worth mentioning, except that few people are using them.) Many entrepreneurs realize that they need to create value for their clients, but they do it in measured amounts. They create value relative to what they are being paid, and they feel they should do just that much and no more… (side note: this is insane and can destroy your potential growth rate.)

To get to know Paul further, this article of his is interesting: Unreasonable Requests

Lemberg goes on in detail to describe how to: Be Uncompromising by sticking to your goals no matter what; Be Demanding by expecting more, not less from everybody; Be Critical by changing old systems that just don’t work; Be Outrageous by creating your own business brain trust; and Be Prepared for real success on your terms. Highly recommended :-)

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