Capitalization Writing Tips

We’ve begun the multi-week process of culling articles and members who previously promoted term papers and essays for college students and along the way, we identified quite a few expert authors who wrote about the essay writing process (a good thing compared to those who were assisting college students to cheat).

EzineArticles Expert Author Keith Adams (has a PHD in English Literature) was one example and his website (in partnership with Patrick Saintsburry, PhD in Humanities) offered a few excellent articles that I thought you could benefit from:

Obviously we accept the fact that non-American expert authors are going to differ on a few of the American English rules that we follow, but at least this gives our non-American expert authors a chance to see how we perceive the way the world should be. In most cases, we see no problems with ESL (English Second Language) authors in terms of CaPiTaLiZaTiOn issues, but rather they often struggle with proper punctuation including forgetting the space after any punctuation.

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