Use Metaphors To Spice Up Your Articles

EzineArticles Expert Author Brian Clark of CopyBlogger had this quality article that I think you could really benefit from: Magnetic Blogging: How to Use Metaphors to Create Irresistible Content

Do you use metaphors in your articles? I know I do to help illustrate concepts. Hope you enjoy his article.

Relationships Niche Expansion

Announcing: “Relationships” now has a main category of its own plus 16 sub-categories.

You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with. ~Wayne W. Dyer

Here are the new EzineArticles Relationships main categories:

Note: Categories in BOLD are new Relationship sub-categories.

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Fastest Growing Business Categories

Every day we alert tens of thousands of permission-based email members whenever new articles are available in a category that matches their interests.

In the business categories, the average list growth rate is 13.8% month over month…but (4) business categories have had break-out growth rates and I thought you might be able to benefit by knowing what’s currently in hottest demand:

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Top Sales Articles

EzineArticles expert author Jonathan Farrington has been building an interesting project over at Essentially he reviews the top sales articles submitted to sites like ours and others, determines which ones are the best as judged by a panel of experts and they announce a winner every Monday.

Initially my gut thought was that he was going to show the top 10 of all time sales articles, but that would be pretty tough as there are tens of thousands of top sales articles by all kinds of experts in different niches. Essentially he had created a human filtered/reviewed portal designed to identify top experts in the sales niche.

I did like how Jonathan created an in-depth article about how he created his Top10SalesArticles site: How We Conceived And Delivered “The Top 10 Sales Articles” (even though this type of article is encouraged only if you can write such a piece that is more about the lessons learned in the process rather than a pure sales pitch).

Your Ideal Reader

Take a deep breath and in a moment, I’m going to ask you to close your eyes and do a quick visualization exercise:

Think about your ideal reader, your ideal customer, and your ideal web traffic visitor. Imagine what they are like, the problems that they have, the demographics and psychographics they have in common, and really consider for a moment how you can help them the most.

Many experts begin writing an article with the hopes to communicate a message or a string of thoughts and concepts with very little regard for how their words will be perceived and received by their ideal reader. Instead, you must begin thinking about your ideal reader’s needs, pains, problems and the solutions you can offer them.

Imagine the positive expression on the face of thousands of readers who are each reading your article having a 1:1 experience with you as they consume your written word as it translates to their world (and not yours). While keyword research does help give you some intelligence about what your target marketing is searching for, there are times when you must go beyond that to answer your readers unspoken needs, wants and desires.

Who’s your ideal reader/client/prospect/web traffic visitor?

Home Improvement Season

Announcing Brand New Home Improvement Article Categories:

Home Improvement articles have been removed from the “Home & Family” categories and now have their own “Home Improvement” main category along with a greatly expanded the number of sub-categories.

New Home Improvement Categories On

Are you a Home Improvement Expert?

There’s still plenty of time to become the #1 author in many of the new sub-categories.

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Dale is a Woman and Kris is a Man

These days it’s nearly impossible to guess the gender of an author by their name alone, much less figure it out on an authors name from a far away land where we’re not familiar with the naming conventions of their culture.

We’re considering adding the GENDER [M] [F] database field for all members so that we can learn more about the demographics of our members and so that we can respond via email without embarrassing ourselves with the wrong pronouns.


I know we could also provide useful data once we have a complete enough sampling of our members data… and we could also (not sure if we would ever do this) put a pink or blue symbol next to the authors article to indicate gender so that a person could then also search articles by gender…

What do you think?

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