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For today’s blog entry, I went searching to see which blog entry out of 855 entries to date received the most views. It was this one with 3,341 views (Add EzineArticles Search To Your Browser).

Three months later after that blog entry about how EzineArticles can be searched from your favorite FireFox 2 or IE7 browser, we’re now seeing 14,176 searches last month alone and on track to see 200,000 search queries in 2007 from users who search EzineArticles directly BEFORE they land on our site (saving them time). Way cool. :-)

Those who use our SSP services (it’s an autodiscovery thing that is part of the OpenSearch standards) have essential access to EzineArticles from their browser search box and we’ve been tweaking our ability to deliver better search results based on feedback received. Have you tried this feature yet and what did you think of it?

Food and Drink category expansion

Hungry today? Here are brand new niche categories that we’ve opened up in the Food & Drink section:

One of my favorite dessert is raspberry tort…and thankfully, it’s only really good a few rare times a year when the raspberries are in season…otherwise, I’d probably enjoy it daily. :)

Types of Food & Drink article submissions we’re looking for: You may think we’re looking for recipes here and while we accept them, we’re after a bigger picture of articles about the totality of a particular food & drink topic.

Example: The kitchen tools, people, strategies to bake, cook, package, brand, sell, purchase, etc. food related items. National and International histories behind various dishes. Reviews of your favorite kitchen tools (appliances, can openers, aprons, ovens, grills, grinders, presses, strainers, peelers, graters, measuring tools, season & spice tools, mixing bowls, shakers, timer’s & thermometers, utensils & sets, etc), professional and consumer kitchen tools, clothing, accessories and unique items that you use to make or work in your kitchen. For the Restaurant-Reviews category, we’re only looking for positive reviews of restaurants you liked. If you hated the restaurant, we’d prefer to not see the article.

Self Esteem – NLP-Hypnosis

Five new niche categories to announce today:

  • Self-Improvement: Self-Esteem
    • How to improve your confidence and lead a more self-actualized life

  • Self Improvement: NLP-Hypnosis
    • NLP = Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Hypnosis covers various art and science forms of altered states of consciousness

  • Business: Accounting
    • Accounting systems, software, bookkeeping, & methods

  • Business: Accounting-Payroll
    • Payroll implementation, management, software, service providers, tax issues relating to payroll & more

  • Business: Productivity
    • How to increase personal & team productivity, business efficiencies, work-life balance, office efficiency & more

If you’re an expert in any of these areas, we welcome your original & quality article submissions.

Author Bio vs Resource Box

For someone new to writing and/or syndicating their articles, it may seem like the “Author Bio” and “Resource Box” below the article body are one in the same, but they serve two very different functions. Let’s take a quick look into each of these promotional tools to better understand what to do with them:

Author Bio (Biography):

  • Purpose is to give a big picture view of why you, the author, are an expert in your field and who you serve by stating your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).
  • You can have a call-to-action in the author bio, but normally there isn’t one. It’s more of a summary of your expertise.
  • Placement is usually on the author profile page that lists all of your articles (or in EzineArticles case, in the expert author bio and extended author bio page).
  • May include your primary business website address, your blog address, and sometimes your personal website address.
  • Can be lengthier than your resource box, but should not spill over into every expertise you have under the sun.
  • Should include a professional author photo.
  • Often used when you get interviewed by others.

Resource Box:

  • Purpose is to give readers of a specific article, resources, where they can learn more about how to get more of what they were just reading.
  • Includes a specific call to action that is highly relevant to the same content as the article.
  • Placement is directly below the article body.
  • Should include at least (1) http://Your-Company-Name.com/ website address so your readers can find you.
  • In EzineArticles.com, if your author bio has a photo uploaded, it will automatically be used in your resource box in a thumbnail size.
  • Important that you don’t include conflicting information in the resource box, such as other expertises you have that are not relevant to the topic of your article or other websites that you own that are also not related to the topic of your article.

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VolleyBall Friday Night

The team had an after-work Volleyball party last night. Here’s the group photo of those who could attend:

(from left to right: Jason, Kara, Tracy, Kirk, April, Casey, Chris, Chad, Mike, Rick, and Chris)

(from left to right: Editor #16, Editor #23, Editor #10, Editor #15, Editor #16, Editor #13, Editor #2, Editor #11, Editor #19, Editor #7, Editor #1)   

Your First 10 Articles

I’d like to know: What is the number one thing stopping you from submitting your first 10 articles?

If you’ve already blown past your first 10 article submissions, can you think back to tell us what troubles, challenges, fears or objections you had during the process of your first 10 article submissions?

Sometimes we’ve forgotten in this blog (because most of the commenters are already intermediate to advanced) what it was like to be a newbie article writer/submitter/publisher…but the reality is that only 5,552 of our current 46,576 expert authors are Platinum level with us (11.9%)… meaning, the majority of experts who are members with us need some help over the first 10 articles submission hill. :-)

Last night in a private teleclass, Jeff Herring asked me, “Here’s a question I received last week from a student that I never would have thought of myself – in your opinion, what holds most people back from writing their second article?”

My gut feeling is that many authors are trying to be (too) perfect with their first submissions and they get locked up into a state of in-activity…the exact opposite of the massive action state they need to be in to reap the rewards of this article writing & marketing process… but I could be wrong.

Your thoughts?

Building Contacts via EzineArticles Inbox

Last night I was doing a private teleseminar for Jeff Herring’s mentor group and Jeff was asking me to talk about cool little-known features of the EzineArticles system…and he mentioned that they as a group had been discussing the value of the EzineArticles Inbox Contact list that allows them to identify the top authors by article counts in each category… a feature I didn’t know we had built into the system. Omigosh!

While embarassed, I was also very happy that our dev team cranked out a new feature without being asked to produce it. That’s the innovative spirit!

Here are some screen shots and what this feature is all about:

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