Your Article Inventory

Your Article Inventory is a very simple concept: Every article you have is an asset for you and is in your article inventory. With each article you write, you build up your article inventory and thus strengthen your asset base.

Recently, EzineArticles expert author Gary Simpson wrote an article based on this very same premise: (My Soldiers Are Out There in the Trenches Fighting For ME in a War that Gets More Intense Every Day)

EzineArticles INBOX Ready For Beta

Exciting News!… The new EzineArticles Inbox messaging system is ready for some stress testing…by YOU. :-)

You can access the system by clicking on your “0 Unread” Messages or from the AUTHOR TOOLS section under “VIEW MY MESSAGES.”

Phase 1 is this blog post about your first invitation to check out the new system so that we can get your feedback & suggestions to improve the reliability, stability and usefulness of the system.

Phase 2 will be phase out the membership CONTACT US form and phase in the EzineArticles Inbox for all Member To Service Provider (us) communications. Instead of filling out a contact-us form to ask us author support questions, you’ll simply compose a new message to us from within your EzineArticles Inbox.

Phase 3 will be integrate a ticket-based email support system to eliminate members from contacting us via email so that all communications are via this new messaging system.

Phase 4 will be the invite that we send to all of our members to come and further stress test it.

Phase 5 will be a surprise…

Michael Potter, J.D. – Author Spotlight

Michael Potter, J.D.This weeks Author Spotlight shines on Michael Potter, J.D., a relatively new comer to

Michael established his membership just this year but has already contributed 14 articles, articles which earned him the spotlight for this week because of the overall high quality of them. Too often in article marketing we get caught up in the “numbers game” and sometimes quality gets pushed out of the forefront. Michael’s articles prove that you can provide quality content while still producing at a high level. For new entrepreneurs, which many of our contributing authors are, I would highly suggest these two articles of Michael’s:

3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Not Be You
When A Corporation Makes Sense

Both contain great information and advice for solo entrepreneurs and their businesses on establishing business entities as well as protecting yourself and assets.

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