16 New Sports Categories

We’ve expanded our Recreation & Sports category to include (16) new sports!

If you’re like most people, this month you’ve committed yourself to losing more weight or becoming more physically active… I just got back from the gym and geez, the parking lot was packed!

Hopefully one of the 16 new sports categories will either be of interest to you or if you’re an expert in one of the areas, we welcome your article submissions.

Put on your muscle shirt and here we go with the list:

If you’re an expert in any of the above areas, we welcome your sports-specific articles: http://members.ezinearticles.com/

1 to 200 or 200 to 1

Ant writes:

Is it of any value submitting the same article to more that one article directory. I currently submit to your site first and then submit to around another 20 article sites. I am not sure if I am wasting my time because of duplicate content issues?

Would it be better just to submit the one article to Ezine and leave it at that or submit to many and gain the backlinks and traffic.

Chris Knight responds: I’ve always said that it’s better to submit 200 articles to (1) directory than it is to submit (1) article to 200 directories… and the primary reason behind this is that there aren’t 200 directories that you can trust in the marketplace…or at least have a good feeling that they will treat your article with respect and plenty of traffic for your contribution.

I also think you should put a lower priority on getting backlinks and a higher priority on getting qualified traffic from every article that you syndicate. Let the backlink love take care of itself and don’t make that a focus… Focus on quality and quantity for your original article submissions and reject sites that don’t at least give you as much traffic as we do per article submitted.

Lastly, we’re not a directory any more, but rather an expert author community. :) …semantics, but thanks for submitting to EzineArticles.com first! This is one of the things we work very hard to make our site attractive enough, benefits delivered wise, to earn your first submission before going to other sites.

The Google Book Search

Google’s Book Search engine isn’t something new, but it is cool to find out who’s been writing about you: Check out the 41 books that have cited EzineArticles.com or one of our authors as a resource for their book.

Amazon.com has something similar: 25 Books that have cited EzineArticles.com

I tried to do a similar search on BN.com, but they returned 2,008 irrelevant results…not sure why.

Top December Authors

Top December 2006 Authors By Article Volume:

Platinum : Alexander Gordon – 696 – United States
Platinum : Morgan Hamilton – 251 – United States
Platinum : Michael Russell – 243 – Australia
Platinum : Sharon White – 232 – United States
Basic PLUS : Sean Mize – 198 – United States
Platinum : Gail Leino – 143 – United States
Platinum : Foras Aje – 132 – United States
Platinum : Lee Dobbins – 132 – United States
Platinum : Kevin D Browne – 130 – United States
Platinum : Groshan Fabiola – 129 – Romania
Platinum : Sarah Freeland – 125 – United States
Platinum : Andrew Caxton – 124 – Ireland
Platinum : Mike Singh – 124 – United States
Platinum : Lance Winslow – 122 – United States
Platinum : Tim Connor – 118 – United States
Platinum : Michelle Bery – 104 – United States

Plain Text Editor

Leigh from Aussie land writes:

I am new to writing articles and have just one question ,how do I add html links to the body text of a plane text edditor such as note pad? or before I submit the Artical. Regards Leigh

First, read my article on this topic (Essential HTML Skills For Article Authors – 7 Tips)…

Next, consider getting someone to proof your articles before you submit them to us. If your articles are written like your comment to us above, we won’t accept them (you had a punctuation and 3 spelling errors). I’m not saying this to be mean, but rather we see a trend where authors will email us in what I call ‘fast and sloppy’ format to ask us author support type questions… and then we’re left to wonder why we accepted their articles if they communicate with spelling & grammar issues outside of articles… do they also write like this within their articles?

Next, be sure to read our editorial guidelines as to what we’ll accept in terms of links in the article body. Normally, we reject any self-serving links above the fold and try to encourage you to put your active self serving links in the RESOURCE BOX below the article body.

In my plain text editor of choice (EditPlus), they give me the option to view my file in plain text or with enhanced HTML code view. The enhanced HTML code view allows me to quickly spot basic HTML coding mistakes and I’d encouage everyone to use a plain text editor that makes HTML code in pretty colors so that you can decrease your HTML code mistake rate.

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New 10 Point Blog Comment Policy

Blogging friends and blog commentors: I need your help with a new blog comment policy that I put a great deal of thought into… before we make it live, here it is for you to give us your agreement, disagreement or any additional thoughts on it:

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Welcome to 2007

What are your article writing & marketing goals this year?

If you haven’t already contemplated them, written them down or even started considering what your article writing goals should be, this is a great time to do just that. (hint hint!)

Before you start telling me about how you’re going to improve the quality of your articles or the volume of articles that you produce, let me challenge you to begin your article writing goal-setting by considering what your END OUTCOME is first. ie: Writing articles and submitting them to EzineArticles.com is a means to an end…and you must decide what that end outcome should be for you and your business.

Here are some tips to help you create your article writing & marketing goals for 2007:

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EzineArticles.com Blog Comment Policy

We warmly welcome and invite you to be an active participant in the blog discussion threads!

In order to have some civility and order to the blog discussion, here are some guidelines we use to moderate the discussion:

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