Podcast- Stuart Crawford Interviews Jim Hart

Received word that EzineArticles expert author Jim Hart of Smart Books Media was interviewed by EzineArticles expert author Stuart Crawford of the Calgary Small Business Show podcast (Using Articles, Blogs and Link Exchange to Grow Your Business) on Wednesday the 17th.

Jim said, “I like EzineArticles.com.. It blows away the competition”. He also said he is very careful as to where he posts his articles and he hovers around 3 places to submit: EzineArticles.com, BestManagementArticles.com, Buzzle.com.

He said we have 20,000 visitors a day, but it’s more like ten times that. :)

Articles on Home Page

Mike writes:

How come my articles that are accepted, never hit your home page as recently added articles?

I just had an article that was just approved, but I do not see it on your home page. Also, how long does that link stay up there, even
if it is inserted (unlike mine).

Answer: Unless your articles are in a restricted category (sexuality for example) they will usually reach the home page unless pushed under heavy volume.

Currently, we’re only displaying 20 articles on the home page at any one time. Today, we approved 564 articles so far…which means, the home page turned over 28 times in about a 10 hour span of time while our editors worked. In a typical day (such as Friday), the home page will turn over 50-70+ times and all in a compressed time span of somewhere between 4am till 9pm CST while our editors work.

Because it is possible that your articles never made it to the home page if we approved more than 20 articles in a 5 minute span of time (say, multiple editors are working), I think what you are identifying is that we should probably lose that statement from our new article approval alerts because we can no longer guarantee your article will reach the home page every single time. Sorry…

We’re open to hearing how you think we should change this issue?

More Than This

Between my home and office, I listen to Sirius satellite radio… and usually if I don’t have dance music or 70’s rock, I’ll have on Fox News or CNN. One of my pet peeves with both news corporations is that right before a commercial break, they will tease me with a reason not to flip the channel…and then the story they promised won’t be available until after the commercial, then more news, then commercial and then they will finally give me the promised story. Liars I call them because it’s implied that the story will be available right after the commercial but it almost NEVER happens that way.

This morning, they teased me with a story about how going to the gym may be worse for your health than not going to the gym. Of course, I wasn’t going to buy the story but I arrived at work, it’s 7 degrees outside F. and I sat here waiting in my warm truck for the story they promised 2 commercial breaks ago before I head into the office.

The guest expert goes on to spew fluff after fluff after fluff and as I got angry that I waited the extra minutes to hear the fluff, …it occured to me…ohh no, it reminded me of some of the poor quality articles that make it into our site every day. There must be MORE THAN THIS?

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Salute To Mexican Authors

Hola… a quick salute to our (33) expert authors from Mexico as I enjoyed visiting your country over the past week for a little bit of business & a day or two of sunshine.

Over the years, I’ve been to Ciudad de Cuernavaca, Mexico City, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Acapulco, La Paz, and this trip was my first to the East side of Mexico in the Riviera Maya region.
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8 New Sub-Categories

Eight new categories have been recently added, from Paranormal to Real Estate Law! How’s that for a bit of dichotomy?

  • Real Estate Law – Articles relating to Real Estate Law/Lawyers
  • Timeshare – Cheaper travel is only one 90 minute presentation away.
  • Sleep & Snoring – Topics including Sleep Apenea, Insomnia and getting a good night’s rest.
  • Ergonomics – Better your posture, carpal tunnel solutions, etc.
  • Pain Management – Everything from relieving physical pain as well as managing/avoiding it.
  • Financial Aid – Need cash for college?
  • Psychic – You already knew about this category, didn’t you?
  • Paranormal – Ghosts, vampires and other spooky things.

This is a call for articles in any of the above niche topics… if you’re an expert in one or more of them, we invite you to submit your best original articles.

Mary Bauer – Author Spotlight

Mary BauerThis week’s author spotlight is on EzineArticles expert author, Mary Bauer. Mary was selected at the suggestion of one of our editors who had this to say about Mary’s articles:

“This author is AWESOME… one of the best set of articles I’ve ever approved… but that might be a bit biased considering she wrote of us Wisconsinites!”

So as we say in Wisconsin, or at least in northern Wisconsin from where I originally hail from, “ya der sure, we’ll hafta put Mary in da spotlight.”

Mary also utilizes the Amazon ISBN feature we added to highlight the books she has written. Mary’s articles are well written and overall good reading with a very inviting nature.

Guru Sharing Fear

Blog discussion starter question of the day:

What is your biggest fear when writing articles for syndication?…and what would you do differently if you no longer had that fear?

Article Title Tip- Expand by 40 Percent

More than a year ago, I had clearly identified a pattern that indicated you could attract more traffic per article by putting high value keywords or keyphrases in the first 4 words of your article title instead of junk words (such as conjunctions).

Today, it’s clear to me that isn’t as important as it used to be and what is more important today is expanding the LENGTH of your article title by 40% more than you’re used to (unless you already write very long article titles now).

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Judy Cullins – Author Spotlight

Judy CullinsEzineArticles.com Platinum Author Judy Cullins is our inaugural Author Spotlight for 2007.

Judy, a Book and Internet Marketing Coach, utilizes one of the best article generation tactics around – the vanuted Top 7 or Top 10 list. This article template is a favorite of many authors because of the simplicity — It’s an easy way to generate quality articles by simply organizing your thoughts in a sequential numeric order and then expounding upon them.

Another reason Judy was chosen because of her informative articles on a topic near and dear to our own hearts – Article Writing, Marketing and Production:

Top 10 Article Writing and Submission Mistakes That Stop Sales
Top 7 Mistakes and Solutions in Writing and Submitting Articles
Top Seven Tips for Writing Internet Articles Readers Love
Top Ten Great Headline Ideas

If you’re struggling with your article marketing efforts, take a break to give Judy’s articles a gander.

Article Whitespace Reminder

Whenever you have 400+ words per article or more, your article becomes a candidate for the ‘whitespace’ recommendation… which is: Make your article easier to read by hitting enter a little more often, use bullet points and numbered lists and best of all… use SUB HEADS.

Sub-Heads are often best done AFTER you’ve written your article because you’ll have better clarity as to what they should be and at what interval to insert them. You may even want to make your sub-heads stand out by making them BOLD. A typical article template might include 3-5 sub-heads and 1 to 2 paragraphs per sub-head.

The idea is to make your information easier to digest and increase the efficiency of the knowledge transfer to the reader. This leads to increased confidence and respect from the reader and thus more referrals, traffic and syndication potential for you and your articles. :-)

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