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Carson Brackney over at his Content Done Better blog had a comment about our landing page quality aspirations: Article marketing and landing page quality…

I wanted to put Carson to ease on one issue… he mentions:

“Instead, I am concerned about squeeze page-reliant clients and other with whom I have worked on articles experiencing decreased effectiveness from their campaigns due to a failure to adjust to EzineArticle’s eventual adjustments.”

To be clear, the only landing page quality metric that we’re actively rejecting articles for are links that are dead. I don’t think that’s too unreasonable to expect that a brand new article submissions should have a valid link that works when clicked on… but we do frown on authors who put a ‘parked’ domain in their resource box because that adds no value to our users when they click on the URL in the authors resource box.

Many had a field day complaining about my entry on how I was proposing that resource box website link standards should be raised (63 comments, many of them negative)…and even though I did a follow up to that post to reassure everyone of our intentions; It really seems to me that few are thinking about this issue from our end-users perspective (something that we obsess about improving) or the perspective of making those who refer traffic to us, to look good for having done so.



I don’t get it…

How can anyone object to raised standards?

What that says to me is that I need to check and re-check my own.

If I want to be lazy and sub standard OK then. But I don’t choose that.

I am an artist. One of the things I tell myself is that, “At the moment I think I have ‘arrived’ I am indeed FINISHED.”

I can only get better by accepting that there is more to attain.

I just got off My Space… networking. WOW! There is some heavy duty competition out there. I need to adjust to that and apply myself to meeting a higher standard, constantly! If I don’t I will become ordinary and an after thought. My passion for art means more to me than that.

I welcome the bar being raised higher.

Thank you for reminding me!


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Carson writes:


I think the adjustment you did make is perfectly reasonable. I’m sure you can see where some article-based marketers might have had concerns about “raising the bar” in terms of landing page quality. I certainly didn’t mean to apply that alterations weren’t a good idea–I just had some initial thoughts about how certain changes could have impacted some of my clients.


I have to agree with you and I hope the quotation pulled from my blog didn’t give you the idea that I was anti-improvement–I just wanted to make sure those with whom I work would be prepared to react accordingly.


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My message was not really directed at you. It was in response to Chris’ statement below:

“Many had a field day complaining about my entry on how I was proposing that resource box website link standards should be raised (63 comments, many of them negative)”

I guess I should have stated that.



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Kathy –

I really like your quote –

‚¬“At the moment I think I have ‚¬arrived’ I am indeed FINISHED.‚¬

Is that your original quote? And if it is, may I use it with attribution to you?

If not, do you know who said it? There are lots of places I could use it, including with me-self. (spelled differently on purpose)


Comment provided December 3, 2006 at 11:17 PM




How flattering.

Yes of course, go ahead and use it.


Comment provided December 4, 2006 at 10:12 AM



This is off the subject but I can’t help it…

WOW! and more WOW’S!!

I just got my BEAUTIFUL MUG from EzineArticles! I even got candy inside my mug w/ a note that is actually signed by you, Chris…. such wonderful attention to detail.

I mean WOW!!

I am just stunned at how COOL EzineArticles is for sending these out to their authors!

As if I don’t benefit enough already just by having my articles published by EzineArticles.

WOW… I just can’t say it enough.

I wrote my webmaster about receiving your generous gift and her response was:

“I just love people who do business right”

I second that!


Kathy Ostman-Magnusen
Platinum-level author

Comment provided December 5, 2006 at 6:43 PM


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