Turkey Day in the USA

To all of our USA-based Authors, Happy Thanksgiving. :-)

Most of the behind-the-scenes EzineArticles team are off with their friends and families today enjoying turkey dinners… but 500+ EzineArticles expert authors had their recently submitted articles reviewed/approved today. It’s one of the small ways that we’re showing our members that we like going the extra mile, day in and day out.

I’m thankful for a lot of things… In fact, this just blows me away: I just did a search on EzineArticles.com for “Thanksgiving” and it returned over 7,000 results!

Rather than share with you some of the best Thanksgiving day articles, I’m going to encourage you to try our little secret known as the Advanced Searchfeature that allows you to really drill into the EzineArticles.com database to find articles based on very narrowly selected criteria.

Here’s the EzineArticles advanced search tool:

For example, you could do a search for articles that have the word “Thanksgiving” in the title that are only found in the Holidays category from USA-based authors who are Platinum quality level with us that have a word count in excess of 500 words.

What’s really powerful about the advanced search function is when you’re digging for data from different perspectives. Example: You could look up articles that are about “Thanksgiving” from a “Canadian” expert authors perspective (or any other country of the 168 locations around the world that we currently have registered members in).

There have been a few times when I was trying to figure out how various experts around the world viewed an issue (ranging from politics, culture, holidays, etc) and being able to quickly identify and only read articles written from that authors country gave me quick access to insights that I might not have been able to get as easily from an author from my own country. Hope you find this feature handy.

Is there anything else we should add to our advanced search function?

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Rick London writes:

Dear Chris, Great article on Thanksgiving. And yes, we do have plenty for which to be thankful. And I’m not just talking about Britney Spears. But I digress.

A little trivia…….Did you know Thanksgiving is not an American holiday? At least not originally. Yup. first Thanksgiving celebrated in…………………………………
You guessed it……Newfoundland, Canada!! Really; about 30 or so years before celebrated in the U.S.

In Canada, Thanksgiving Days also arose during the colonial period. The earliest Canadian Thanksgiving was held in 1578, when Martin Frobisher held a ceremony in present-day Newfoundland to give thanks for a safe arrival in the New World. In 1879, Parliament established a national Thanksgiving day on November 6; since 1957, Thanksgiving Day has been celebrated in Canada on the second Monday in October.

It began later in 1627 in the USA at Plymouth Rock.

But….don’t get me wrong. I still love my Turkey
and sweet potato pie, eh? Yah!

Comment provided November 23, 2006 at 7:25 PM


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