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No, I’m not one of the crazy people sitting in 37 degree F. weather overnight at Wal Mart to get my hands on one of the 400k Sony Playstation 3’s that went on sale this week. Frankly, my Xbox 360 is just fine thank you… and I did stay up to Midnight last year to get one.

After having studied product launches for the last year thanks to Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula (blatant plug & endorsement), what’s really amazing to me as Sony’s PS3 launch unfolds is that it’s all a staged scarcity product launch… Excellent marketing for sure.

Thankfully we have 348 expert authors who write articles about computer/online gaming and there are quite a few excellent articles that compare and contrast the new PS3:

I like how the last 30 articles shows a great chronological history of how the Sony PS3 came from rumor to reality…

Did you buy your PS3 yet?

Updated Nov 26th 5pm CST: Appears I’m not the only one blogging about the Sony PS3 scarcity play. Check out Ryan Healy’s blog entry: Scarcity Frenzy


Maus Yoshida writes:

In Japan, crazy people were also waiting overnight in front of many shops in Akihabara, famous Otaku town in Tokyo. Unfortunately recently SONY corporation have some problems about keeping their products quality, however, PS-3 is still attractive and I was looking for the good articles to explain in users’ voice. I am grateful to EzineArticles expert owners, I will translate it to Japanese and use in my weblog, of course, keeping the links alive.

P.S. Congratulation for Ezinarticles 7 years birthday!

Comment provided November 17, 2006 at 11:58 AM


Ed Howes writes:

Perhaps Sony will send the next 10 million to the Middle East and see if the people would prefer virtual violence.

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MJE Sales, LLC writes:

My friends tried to get one at walmart – all they ended up with was 2 rain checks… which is better than nothing – but they stood in line in the rain for over 16 hours…

There were people outside of walmart 38 hours before they went on sale. I was shocked… and awed.

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Wow, thanks for the report from Japan!

Sorry though, as our reprint rights TOS does not allow translation in other languages per section 1 m:

You can however contact the author of the article directly and ask for an exception.

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Bill Glass writes:

Hi Chris’
I may be be crazy but I’m not insane (in my opinion). However,to some people,this is their lives.
This is the Generation that we live with now.
My 6yr.old daughter wants one of these game consoles in the worst way because all of her friends
have them. I keep telling her NO WAY because of the more than obvious reasons! Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure there is “some” educational value to these game consoles but in my opinion nothing takes the place of the 3R’s,outdoors,board games,playing ball and the list goes on. Whether it be consciously or sub~consciously maybe for convenience or were just too darn busy nowadays but for whatever reason it has now become socialy acceptable to allow our children to spend hours & hours in front of the TV wearing their little thumbs to the bone while their Education and Social Skills suffer!

Comment provided November 17, 2006 at 2:57 PM


Maus Yoshida writes:


Thanks for quick reply and suggestion.
It is unfortunate but I will use articles as it is in English according to the rules.


Comment provided November 18, 2006 at 7:42 AM


Robert Michaels writes:

The console gaming experience remains a second-class citizen to the PC as long as the controller remains. There is no substitute for the mouse and keyboard to maximize the user enjoyment of their game. Console gaming is fine for sitting on the couch with friends and playing racing and sports games but why pay these exhorbitant prices for a graphical-driven system?

Comment provided November 22, 2006 at 11:26 AM


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