Mike Berg – Author Spotlight

Mike BergPumping you up in this week’s author spotlight is bodybuilder and fitness trainer Mike Berg.

One of the reasons Mike was chosen this week is for the connection he’s made between what he writes about and his author photo. Without even looking at his articles, you have a pretty good idea of what Mike’s expertise might be. I thought this article was an interesting read as it dispelled some misconceptions I had about fitness and exercise.

Lastly, Mike does a great job of following the cardinal rule of Resource Box construction by including an actual http:// URL to help ensure that the link is active when his articles are republished.

Instant Article Rewriter Scams To Avoid

Expert Authors Beware: Don’t buy into these instant article writers, rewriters or wizards that falsely showboat that they fooled us once into accepting their PLR re-written articles.

The scam works like this: They use their PLR rewriter software to submit articles to us, we review them and if they were sneaky enough to get us to approve them; they then take screen shot captures proving that they fooled us once so they can go on to fool other people into thinking they can fool us.

Unfortunately, they have forgotten that it’s a very small planet and that usually within a few hours to less than 2 weeks time; we purge their articles and then ban them from the site.

Want proof that their methods fail? Just go look at any of their examples and try finding their articles on our site. The last guy who did this made the links in his EzineArticles acceptance emails active on his public sales letter page but we caught him in 6 hours. The next guy (who should know better) to try and scam us today was caught in 5.5 days… but this time, he took screen shots of his EzineArticles acceptance emails because he knew we’d ban or remove them shortly.

In addition to human article review, real-time and daily/weekly automated cleansing suspect-content identification, we receive reports daily about questionable author activities that are then investigated…so I can assure everyone that if you engage in article rewriting or PLR article submissions, it will not be a long-term relationship.

Recipe Articles

Effective November 1st, we raised our minimum article requirement from 200 words to 250 words in the article body. (UPDATE: 3/1/2011 – Minimum article requirement raised from 250 words to 400 words)

Denise then asked, “Yes, but it’s really hard I’ve found to make a recipe more than 200 words. Would there be an exception for that or do you not want recipes?”

First, you’re right … it is hard to meet the new requirement if your recipes are short. We’re not a perfect venue for recipe articles but do have a handful of expert authors who submit recipes either by themselves or as a component to their articles.

My recommendation is to either combine (2) recipes into (1) article to meet the word minimum or to add 2 paragraphs about why the recipe is important, perhaps some history on it or give some variations of it depending on style of presentation or use.

Blog Results in Google News Email Alerts

Google has recently added blog results in their email-based Google Alerts; which means you can now subscribe to blog search results via email (or Google News, the web, etc). In my case, I’ve been a Google Alerts user since they original launched it and now I’m getting slammed with Blog results in my emails, but I can’t complain because it’s had a wonderful additional effect on traffic to EzineArticles.com.

I must not be the only one that has happened to because I never requested blog search results in my daily Google Alerts; yet they are flowing and if you know anything about the syndication nature of our system, you know that many high profile blogs feed from us to enhance the depth of their respective niches… which means, literally, thousands of EzineArticles instances are showing up in daily email alerts that Google is sending and this benefits every EzineArticles expert author in a very positive way.

Unfortunately, it’s made my Google Alerts about 99% irrelevant to my needs for why I originally created the email alerts and this concerns me because I know Google is usually very attuned to their userbase. If too many folks complain or can’t figure out how to exclude the Blog Search results in their daily Google Alerts, they’ll be forced to remove them from the daily alerts unless requested.

In the meantime, it’s added a nice lift in traffic for everyone. :-)

Behind The EzineArticles Scenes

Thought I’d give you an update as to why we’ve been quieter than normal over the past 2 weeks:

We’ve shifted gears to work on infrastructure to pour more cement into our foundation so that we can support the future demands and opportunities of our membership base better… and this includes a serious mega-project that will give us internal guidance based on millions of transactions flowing through the site so that we can troubleshoot and access or view the trust-variable with each member more accurately.

Accounting/Finance: This week our new Accounting Manager was hired (it was 2002 since we last had a team/staff member for this position) and we’re bracing ourselves to begin taking on a flood of new clients for various projects (direct advertising, exposure/pr, lead-gen, and training/educational products).

Tech/Development: Our entire tech/dev team was shipped off to Washington DC for a week recently to get trained on advanced performance tuning of our database servers. As they apply the new lessons learned, you’ll probably never notice it but we’ll see it in increased uptime, increased speed and increased efficiency in program design.

Management Team: I’ve outlined a simple plan for how our management team must change and how I view the future of the services I’d like us to provide our stakeholders… so much of my and our internal obsession on quality controls, the need for more speed and user usability tracking doesn’t make it to the blog or EzineArticles newsletter, but hopefully everyone will notice the collective lift that these efforts create. :-)

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