Landing Page Quality Scoring

Summary: Your website link(s) in your article’s resource box MUST provide our users with perceived value when they land on your website…and we intend to figure out how to quantify/qualify whether your URL adds value or turns off our visitors as part of our obsession with wanting to improve our users’ experience.

Today more than ever, we live in an “ad-scoring” world where publishers not only want quality advertisers, but they are concerned with the quality of the landing page once one of their users clicks on the ad, that the experience is positive.

How does this apply to EzineArticles and our expert authors? When our website visitors come to us because they trust us to provide them with a (5) star quality experience, we look bad if they click on the website in the resource box to a (1) star website experience or worse, broken/dead link. Therefore the more relevant your website is to the content in your article, the higher the relevancy and perceived value will be to our user who is leaving our home to visit yours.

Here are (7) initial guidelines on what a 5 star vs. 1 star website landing page looks like:

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I Dream In Quality Original Articles

I was just musing about how happy I am to see this blog mention in “Tech Tonic” today… because they said, “Submit your good articles to Ezine Articles” as a tip in their “10 important tips to get your blog noticed” article.

Notice they didn’t say, submit your crappy or your poor articles, but no… they said, ‘good’ articles. Notice they didn’t mention any of our competitors either. Nice. :-)

This tells me that all of the repetition in the EzineArticles newsletter and this blog about the importance of quality original articles has had market impact… if only in small victories like this blog mention today.

One Note: If you read the article on Tech Tonic, I wholeheartily agree that you should never use automatic submission tools to spam your blog to the search engines. Best way to get included in the search engines is to build a great website that by its very nature encourages others to link to you to provide value for their audience and you’ll be found & indexed pretty quickly…and of course, Google XML Sitemaps are encouraged as is following their webmaster best practices guidelines.

Debbie LaChusa’s Podcast Interview of Chris Knight

EzineArticles expert author Debbie LaChusa of recently interviewed me for her Podcast that was posted late last night. [CLICK HERE TO LISTEN 25:31 Minutes]

Some secrets revealed about which category you’re articles are and whether that impacts how much exposure your articles generate; what article marketing really is and how to get started; and how to figure out where to market your articles once you’ve started your basic article writing & marketing plan.

[Side Note: Want to learn more about Podcasting? Read our collection of 167+ Podcasting articles.]

Amortize Your Content Investments Over 36 Months

Writing quality original articles has a clear cut cost or investment associated with each and every article you or your team produces. If you’re a solo-professional who writes your own articles, your cost may be related to lost opportunity costs vs. what you could be doing with the same time if you weren’t producing new articles. If you’re an entrepreneur who has in-house or freelance writers who produce quality original articles for you, then you know the exact economic cost per article produced.

I study publicly traded companies that specialize in content/publishing and recently I’ve noticed a trend that they previously thought that article content development costs should be expensed in the same year it was written; but today, the ROI evidence points to the fact that articles produce a very real tangible return for 3 or more years instead of the first year it was produced in.

You won’t get any argument from me or pretty much any of our expert authors that articles can produce tangible economic value for 10 or more years, but it looks like 3 years is the current norm to expense justify the development costs of producing content.

Why am I sharing this?

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EzineArticles – Born in November

Yes, today is my 37th birthday!… and later this month, EzineArticles will be celebrating its 7th birthday!

I work with the world’s greatest team of smart people and they just surprised me with this lovely birthday cake:


Shawn Collins – Author Spotlight

Shawn CollinsThis week’s author spotlight is on relatively new author Shawn Collins.

Shawn was chosen for many of the same reasons as our previous spotlight authors: great article content and composition, interesting author photo and utilizing the book listing feature of the member bio section. Another reason Shawn was chosen this week is due to a blog post he made on his own site which came to our attention through Google alerts: . Sure, nice plug for us – but, more importantly, Shawn is basically telling people “Go ahead and use my articles on your related niche site” … if that’s not a great call to action, I don’t what is.

Another thing to point out here is while doesn’t accept articles with affiliate links in them, we will gladly accept articles on affiliate marketing and strategy – especially ones as well written as Shawn’s!

Resource Box Mistake To Avoid

EzineArticles expert author Jinger Jarrett offers an important resource box tip in her recent article: 4 Article Writing Mistakes Every Writer Makes

Jinger advises against “Long Winded Resource Boxes” and I couldn’t agree more. Here’s her funny example of a poorly worded resource box:

I have children. Now I have grandchildren. I don’t have any pets, but one day I may just buy a couple of Rottweilers as pets because I love them.

Are you bored yet? Although you may find these facts about your life interesting, readers don’t. When I read a resource box about a 34 year old car enthusiast who owns her own auto parts shop, I yawn and then click away.

The bottom line is: readers don’t care about the details of your life. They want to know what you have to offer, and what you offer in your resource box had better be the next logical step in your article. Your article gives readers a taste; your resource box had better contain the next course. If it doesn’t, readers will click away and you’ve lost them.

Related: Article Marketing 101: The Perfect Author Resource Box

The main clue that most newbies miss is that the reason it’s called the RESOURCE BOX is because it’s suppose to be a resource for the reader to get more information that BENEFITS them. Therefore, be “benefit-oriented” when writing your resource box.

Directory No More…

Another very subtle shift that I’ve been making over the past 6 weeks is that I want our members and users to think of as an *online community of experts sharing knowledge* and not as an *article directory* or *article bank*.

Let’s face it, anyone with a few dollars can slam out a brand new article directory and call themselves a competitor.

We’re not interested in competing as an article directory any more. The area that really excites us is acting on which features and services could we add that would engage our members and users on a deeper and more frequent level throughout the year… ultimately figuring out how to unlock the enormous value that is already connected to; but isn’t tappable until we open up the toolset further that many have asked for.

No, we’re not going to change our domain name or brand name…and I guess that could be a bit confusing on why doesn’t want to be thought of as an article directory; but this issue is really a perception or thought intention designed to allow us to create an experience for our stakeholders beyond what simple article directories do today.

So, if you want to call us an article directory, that’s fine… but we’re going forge ahead to create our idea based on your input on what an online community of experts sharing knowledge looks like… and if we look less like an article directory every day, well, that’s part of the plan. :-) If you get more of what you wanted as a member or user of, well, that’s part of the plan too.

Article Marketing Benefits Changes

It’s been a while and a lot has changed since I first wrote the benefits page that outlines why you should consider article writing for syndication or article marketing…so today I’m updating it by removing (4) benefits and updating the depth that we deliver on.

Here are the (4) benefits of Article Marketing with that have been removed from our list:

  • Builds Link Popularity:
    By now you may have heard of “Link Pop” as an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. It means that the more links your website has by other sites, the greater importance bestowed upon your website when major search engines rank your site. Having articles in the directory helps you build link popularity; link popularity builds traffic to your website.
  • Get on Top of The Major Search Engines For Your Name:
    Many of our authors have been unable to get to the top of the search engine results until they got their articles listed in our directory. Once listed – as soon as only a week later, many found their names in the top 1st-page results of the major search engines. Do some “exact match” searches in your favorite search engine for some of the authors in our directory and you’ll see what we mean.
  • High-Quality Back Links To Your Website Helps Build Search Engine Relevancy & Traffic:
    The links that you receive from the Resource Box at the footer of your articles give your website a continuous trickle of traffic. More importantly they help build search engine relevance because is already a highly popular website as viewed by the major search engines. Having links in our directory may transfer some of our quality standings with the search engines to your website.
  • Your Articles In Reaches Other Article Directory Websites:
    We are not listing them publicly yet, but many extremely high profile publishers are currently syndicating articles from our directory into their high-traffic website. That means you not only get a high chance of your articles being picked up by ezine publishers for reprints, but you also get a high chance of having your articles picked up by niche publishers who have high traffic websites to deliver your articles even more exposure.

Here’s what’s been added to the benefits list and then why I removed the 4 above:

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How To Attract Buyers From My Articles

From the grab bag of questions, Martin asks:

“How to make money selling my ebooks on communication while I already have a few popular articles in your system, but it has not yet produced buyers?”

Christopher Knight, The Article Writing Coach Answers:

First, article writing & marketing is all about qualified visitor or pre-qualified traffic attraction…ie: Lead Generation. It’s not about making sales directly. The role or purpose for syndicating or distributing your articles is to expand your exposure and attract qualified visitors back to your website.

Once your articles brings qualified visitors back to your website, then it’s up to you to figure out how to convert and monetize that traffic into your product and services.

If you only have a ‘few popular articles’ in our system, that may not be enough in today’s competitive environment, especially if you compete in a highly-dense niche.

What to do about it?
Crank up the volume of quality articles that you’re producing on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. Find a way to increase your article production level by 10% because every article you put into syndication is yet another article that will sell for you to attract more qualified visitors back to your website.


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