Turkey Day in the USA

To all of our USA-based Authors, Happy Thanksgiving. :-)

Most of the behind-the-scenes EzineArticles team are off with their friends and families today enjoying turkey dinners… but 500+ EzineArticles expert authors had their recently submitted articles reviewed/approved today. It’s one of the small ways that we’re showing our members that we like going the extra mile, day in and day out.

I’m thankful for a lot of things… In fact, this just blows me away: I just did a search on EzineArticles.com for “Thanksgiving” and it returned over 7,000 results!

Rather than share with you some of the best Thanksgiving day articles, I’m going to encourage you to try our little secret known as the Advanced Searchfeature that allows you to really drill into the EzineArticles.com database to find articles based on very narrowly selected criteria.

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HTML Numbered Lists and HTML Bullets

Krishna said, “I noticed and article you did about HTML basics – I then was looking at some articles and came across one that they had the html for bullets, bold etc in their article – I guess so other readers could pick this up easily. I see you don’t post your articles in that way. What do you recommend?”

Yeah, pretty conflicting message, eh?

The reason that I try to avoid using the HTML BULLETS and HTML NUMBERED LISTS in my syndicated articles is to make my article more universally available to prevent mis-interpretation. Sometimes publishers can be lazy and rather than use our handy EzinePublisher tool to grab a copy of the article, they will copy and paste the article. If I used HTML BULLETS or HTML NUMBERED LISTS, they might not copy and paste the HTML code that created the pretty bullets or numbered lists.

I’m trying to keep my articles in the lowest common denominator format that will increase my chances of not having the article miss-copy and pasted wrong… also, when Ezine Publishers use content, they don’t have the luxury of HTML code to make the pretty bullets or numbered lists… so by doing them without HTML, I make their job easier when using my content. Make sense?

Show us your EzineArticles Mug Shot

As Chris noted earlier this week, we sent out a large mailing of our “I Love EzineArticles” mugs and, based on the number of emails we are receving, they are starting to arrive at their new homes (for the most part intact).

We received our first 2006 “mug shot” from EzineArticles expert author, Patsi Krakoff. Patsi also mentioned her new mug in her blog (Ezine@rticles: I Love You Too!), as did EzineArticles expert Stephanie Mulac in her site (Ezine Articles Coffee Mug Speaks a World of Thanks).

Have a “mug shot” of your own?

Send a 500 pixel shot to support “@” ezinearticles.com and we’ll add it to this blog entry.

How Big Must EzineArticles Be To Meet Every Users Query?

This morning, I was asking myself this question, “How large (in terms of quality original articles) would EzineArticles.com have to be in order to provide useful results to nearly every single person who would ever come to the site to use it?”

1 million, 5 million, 10 million articles?

At 300k articles and 37k registered members today, it would appear that even with being 7 years old, EzineArticles is only a small child when it comes to evaluating its life cycle.

How will we know when we hit the point that the depth of EzineArticles.com meets 99.9999% of every users query?
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Jeff Herrings Says Writers Block Does Not Exist

EzineArticles expert author Jeff Herring in his business blog said:

My position is that writer’s block does not exist. I believe people get caught up in it because it sounds so cool, and makes you sound like a writer. “Oh, I have writer’s block” etc. Do you know anyone that runs? Have they ever had runner’s block? They might not have felt like running, but they ran any way.”

Well Jeff, when you put it that way, being a runner myself, I know there are days when I don’t want to run vs. when I enjoy running…and the difference in feeling has a lot to do with my environment. When it’s sunny outside or when I’m eating very healthy, I’m more likely to enjoy running than when it’s freezing cold and I just had a burger for lunch.

I think after you’ve written many hundreds or thousands of articles, you have a writing muscle/skill that is so well developed that you forget that newbies who are just starting out experience something different than what you do when it comes to the feelings of ‘writers block’.

For me, I have so many articles or writing ideas floating in my head at any given moment that all it usually takes is for me to stop, sit down at the keyboard and release my ideas. Usually, I’ll have a core idea or theme that has been brewing in my head before I even sit down to write the next article, blog entry or email newsletter issue.

I know that writers who fail to plan or fail to setup an environement that supports their article writing goals (if they have them) are more prone to feelings of writers block.

Perhaps if EzineArticles were Nike, instead of JUST DO IT, our slogan would be, JUST WRITE IT! :-)


This past week we’ve been tripping over hundreds of “I Love EzineArticles” mugs that our team has put together in a care package. The first round of 1400 mugs has been released this past week to the USA-based Platinum authors (with postal addresses that validated) who became Platinum sometime between Dec 1st 2005 through October 2006. After these go out, we’ll be catching up the new Platinum authors, so if you just qualified, be watching for the mug. After that, we’ll be putting together another care package (not sure what yet for the token) for charter Platinum members who received the mugs in 2005 and stayed active in 2006; and then we’ll focus on some love for the top expert authors who live outside of the USA.

Since we were tripping over the mugs, a couple of our dev guys thought it would be cool to create a 20 foot long layout of the mugs:

Email us your mug shot and we’ll add your photo to the latest round.

Transactional vs Relationship Selling

There are multiple channels that we currently use to bring exposure to EzineArticles.com for the purposes of attracting more quality original article submissions… and they can be grouped into two types:

Type 1) Encouraging and educating existing members on the benefits of writing and submitting more articles

Type 2) Identifying experts who have written articles, believe in the power of article marketing, but aren’t registered members yet.

The human marketing methods used so far has been our email newsletter, this blog, word of mouth campaigns, direct emails to our registered members, public relationships events & teleseminars/podcasts, *I Love EzineArticles* mug mailings, personal emails sent by our editorial team, and free bulk article submission labor assistance to high volume authors. Most of these could be classified in relationship selling where we/I share our values and try to attract those with similar values.

The other type of selling or marketing is “Transactional” where we add additional layers of programming into the user experience so that we remove barriers and create a loop or cycle that (in an automated way) encourages more quality original article submissions (while simultaneously discouraging non-qualified article submissions). In an ideal world, transactional selling allows for an increase in efficiency in the business model where everyone wins faster together without any incumberances of waiting for the human element to begin the marketing demand generation role.

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Sony Playstation 3

No, I’m not one of the crazy people sitting in 37 degree F. weather overnight at Wal Mart to get my hands on one of the 400k Sony Playstation 3’s that went on sale this week. Frankly, my Xbox 360 is just fine thank you… and I did stay up to Midnight last year to get one.

After having studied product launches for the last year thanks to Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula (blatant plug & endorsement), what’s really amazing to me as Sony’s PS3 launch unfolds is that it’s all a staged scarcity product launch… Excellent marketing for sure.

Thankfully we have 348 expert authors who write articles about computer/online gaming and there are quite a few excellent articles that compare and contrast the new PS3:

I like how the last 30 articles shows a great chronological history of how the Sony PS3 came from rumor to reality…

Did you buy your PS3 yet?

Updated Nov 26th 5pm CST: Appears I’m not the only one blogging about the Sony PS3 scarcity play. Check out Ryan Healy’s blog entry: Scarcity Frenzy

Landing Page Quality Follow Up Mini-Podcast

After Monday’s 50+ comments on the new landing page quality scoring idea that was presented, I wanted to set the record straight that we’re not going to reject content for ANY of the 7 guidelines this year, EXCEPT if you submit a new article that includes a dead/broken link.

I do acknowledge that the 7 guidelines were a bit vague and we didn’t have any way to easily quantify a few of the issues; but it was only an idea being floated for market feedback.

Here is a 16 minute audio recording that I just recorded that you can download and listen to on this issue.

Mental Health Professionals Telecourse

I’ll be one of the guest experts in Pauline Wallin, Ph.D.’s telecourse on “Internet Techniques For Mental Health Professionals” on Thursday night, November 16th between 8:30-9:50pm EST (my segment/interview is around 9:15pm EST).

Pauline Wallin, Ph.D. is a psychologist in Camp Hill, PA, and author of “Taming Your Inner Brat: A Guide for Transforming Self-defeating Behavior” (Wildcat Canyon Press, 2004) She is also a life coach. Visit http://www.innerbrat.com for more information, and subscribe to her free, monthly Inner Brat Newsletter.

This will be my only guest appearance in any teleseminar for November, and I plan on covering the basics of what article marketing is, the basic mechanics of article writing for syndication purposes, how to boost your professional profile with this method, how to get started and some of the very common newbie mistakes to avoid (all answers tailored towards mental health professionals).

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