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Google has recently added blog results in their email-based Google Alerts; which means you can now subscribe to blog search results via email (or Google News, the web, etc). In my case, I’ve been a Google Alerts user since they original launched it and now I’m getting slammed with Blog results in my emails, but I can’t complain because it’s had a wonderful additional effect on traffic to

I must not be the only one that has happened to because I never requested blog search results in my daily Google Alerts; yet they are flowing and if you know anything about the syndication nature of our system, you know that many high profile blogs feed from us to enhance the depth of their respective niches… which means, literally, thousands of EzineArticles instances are showing up in daily email alerts that Google is sending and this benefits every EzineArticles expert author in a very positive way.

Unfortunately, it’s made my Google Alerts about 99% irrelevant to my needs for why I originally created the email alerts and this concerns me because I know Google is usually very attuned to their userbase. If too many folks complain or can’t figure out how to exclude the Blog Search results in their daily Google Alerts, they’ll be forced to remove them from the daily alerts unless requested.

In the meantime, it’s added a nice lift in traffic for everyone. :-)



I noticed it too, and was a bit upset by it, because most of what I’m getting under an alert for my name is XXX stuff, and some of it is pretty – well, out there, yanno?

I don’t mind getting the blog results, but I figured maybe they should separate them up and show it different, because I’m having to wade through them to find what really pertains to me.

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Bill Glass writes:

I understand your concern…and I thank you for the drop.”Everybody has an Opinion”…I’m sure you’ve heard this expression before.This may be good & bad for you(just something to think about).I’ve just joined your Blog merely to promote my ailing business.I really don’t think that is the true intention of a Blog.Please my Blunt Honesty,I’ve always been this way.I say this to you because I’ve always believed in the Principle of “People Helping People”.Because you’re providing a “Free Service” from which I am taking advantage of, the least I can do is “Submit a comment”~ Everybody has an Opinion and Everybody’s an Expert…Good Luck!…Feel free to Email me any time Chris!…Thank You!

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Edward Weiss writes:

Google is slipping! Their search results haven’t been as good and they are pissing a lot of people off. I used to be in the top 10 for the search term “piano lessons” and now? Not! They dropped me for no apparent reason.

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The true intention of this blog is to discuss insights and thoughts relating to the world of article writing & marketing… at the intersection of authors/experts & publishers/distributors of content.

The best blog ‘commentors‘ are the ones that ADD VALUE to advance the discussion in positive ways.

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Mike Valentine writes:


For those who don’t know how to manage their Google news alerts, go to and click on the “edit” link on the right side. Choose from the dropdown that appears where you want alerts from “News, web, blogs, groups or comprensive” if you only want them from one source, choose that, from all sources, choose that. This is being discussed a lot in webmaster forums and does have a bunch of people angry about excessive blog alerts. I use them for client sites a lot and find that for those in narrow, unusual niches, it is great to get “comprehensive” alerts from all sources. Those in more competitive areas, I limit it to single sources.

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Ed Howes writes:

I don’t think I’ll sell my Google stock just yet. :-) It looks to me like they will be receiving lots of complaints. Now I become keenly interested in what they do as a solution. Opt in search results seem obvious or a weekly or monthly summary.

From my first exposure to the internet only six years ago, when I knew nothing of search engines, I could see organizing all this information would be the challenge of the century. Even EzineArticles is a virtual library of filing cabinets. Finding information is one thing, organizing it in a useful fashion is another. On one search you find what you need from a sponsored link on page 1. On another, you go ten pages deep, visit a half dozen links and decide to do something more productive. It has to get better.

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Mike Valentine – thank you! I’m not sure exactly why I wasn’t getting these before and things changed, but your advice did the trick on the next alert I received. I appreciate it!

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