If You Are The Expert, Must You Tell Them?

A question being asked a few times this month by some of our authors: “Should you try to qualify why you’re qualified to be the expert when putting the article body together?”

Easy answer: No.

More complex answer: If I have to remind you that I’m an article writing and marketing coach, would you believe it’s true vs. if I just assume you know that I am because I keep educating and training you throughout the year with my articles, email newsletters and blog entries?

If you’re worried about being taken seriously, then the easy solution to your worries is that I recommend you go deep on your topic and write more about it than anyone else… and don’t worry if you haven’t told them that you are the expert. When someone sees that you have written hundreds or thousands of articles around your niche area of expertise, they will know you are the expert because only experts ‘go deep’!

You could tell your reader in subtle ways that you are the expert:

For example: If I’m a fitness trainer and I state in the article that one of the recommendations in my advice to you helped me to achieve a 12% body fat ratio, it becomes assumed that I’m the expert.

For example: If I’m writing about wind surfing in Bonaire and I state something like this, “One of the lessons I learned from being the leader of the Bonaire Sailing Team is ________”, you can assume your reader will know you are the expert.

For example: If I’m writing about car audio system building and I state something like, “Having just built my 7th generation car audio system, I can tell you that as you get older you still need thousands of watts in your car stereo design to achieve a nice clean and crisp sound stage unlike the ‘SPL blast your ears off’ stage that every young twentysomething goes through.” — you know that I’m the expert.

For example: If I’m writing about article marketing and I state, “As I drilled through 300,000 articles of insider data to determine the impact of various variables on an articles ability to attract traffic, I realized that __________” — and you can assume the reader knows I’m the expert.

Your Resource Box Plays A Big Role Here:

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The Article Guy Has a Night with Knight

Last night (Monday, October 9th) Jeff Herring, The Article Guy, interviewed Chris as part of his Articleversary.

You can listen to the interview here.

Editorial Staffing…

May be the full moon, or perhaps it’s just timing… but we’re backed up by 3000+ articles at the moment and will be back on top again in the coming week.

One of our editors just had a brand new baby, another got married, another just came back from a mini-vacation and on top of that, I’m driving a quality requirement for double human approval on at least 10-20% of our daily approvals until we can hire another round of editors to keep up with the incoming load plus our new quality control metrics. The net effect is that we’re backed up a bit more than normal (sorry about that).

We have 6 very smart & efficient people in our editorial team and here’s a shot of 3 of them:

(From Left to Right, Editor #14, Editor #9, Editor #13)

400 Words Per Article or More…

Today is the day that I’ll be making a shift in my recommendation for what your minimum word count should be going forward… from 250 words min. to 400 words minimum.

When someone asks me what an ideal article word count is, I’m going to respond with 400-750 words as the range to shoot for.

We’re not changing our min/max requirements of a minimum of 200 words in the article body and a max of 3500, but on Wednesday November 1st, the new minimum will be 250 words for the article body.

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Lynn Kindler Interview With Chris Knight

Coaching/Life-Purpose Perspective:

Life Coach & EzineArticles expert Lynn Kindler interviewed me about what I love about writing, how I view EzineArticles and the service role of the site, what the future may entail for us, how EzineArticles is morphing, why there is always positive energy in each EzineArticles newsletter, what impact EzineArticles.com is having on the world, and why I’m passionate about what I do.


Leeuna Foster Interview With Chris Knight

Book Marketing Perspective:

Marketing strategist, author, poet and EzineArticles expert Leeuna Foster interviewed me about how long I’ve been writing, what I think are the (3) most important aspects of writing an article that can be used as a marketing tool, article traffic sources and what my advice is for any writer who is promoting their books with article marketing as a core strategy.


Permission Email Stats

One of the key ways that we drive pre-qualified traffic to your freshest article submissions is via a series of permission-based email alerts for all 301 categories or niches that we serve. The email alerts go out as a daily summary at 2pm CST every day.

A year ago we had 2,647 members receiving new article alerts, but today we are serving 16,285 permission-based email members who receive new article alerts daily for their category(ies) of choice.

Example: There are 114 members on our “Nutrition” email alert list and they only receive new article alerts when new “Nutrition” articles are available. The key here is that the content is highly relevant to the member requesting to be notified of it.

More email list trivia: The EzineArticles weekly/periodic newsletter goes out to 16,066 members and the EzineArticles blog notification list reaches 456 members.

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Jim Estill – Author Spotlight

Jim EstillThis weeks Author Spotlight is on Jim Estill. Jim was chosen today for 2 reasons:

1) Any time I read about someone starting a business from the trunk of their car and growing it to include a staff of 300 employees, it always piques my interest

2) And this article: How To Write An Article In 20 Minutes

In almost every teleconference we do, Chris talks about how to crank out a massive amount of articles in a short time. People always seem to be amazed that it is really possible. Jim’s article here is more proof that it is possible to create quality content in quantity.

Lastly take note of the Resource Box in Jim’s articles….short, concise and most importantly one URL that is an actual URL and not an anchor text link. This is another point we like to drive home because while yes, a keyword anchor text link may give you some additional search engine love….if a publisher misses to link it up because it doesn’t look like a URL when they are loading the article you’ll be All Out of Love (yes, an Air Supply reference).

Small Business Owners: I would recommend this article of Jim’s, good advice on competing against your larger competitors: Gorilla vs Guerilla – How Smaller Businesses Can Win

AskChristopherKnight.com launched

Over the past two years I’ve been using the left navigation below the fold position to cross-promote my Ezine-Tips newsletter, via my AskChrisKnight.com website.

The challenge is that I received about 70% of the questions relating to article marketing or article writing and the other 30% were completely off topic ranging from how to fix leaky roofs to you name it… Of the questions that were Article Writing/Marketing related, 90% could and should have been sent in to our EzineArticles Author Support team and I’d forward them every day to get a reply.

In the spirit of wanting to continue to hear what you, the market wants answers to, I launched AskChristopherKnight.com this week (you’ll find a link to this page directly below my picture here in the blog).

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Jeff Celebrates his Articleversary

Want to get some free article writing & marketing coaching?

Reserve 90 minutes next Monday night October 9th from 8-9:30pm EST where you can listen in for free as Jeff Herring interviews me for his “Jeff Herring’s October Article Anniversary Series” event.

I can’t believe I let Jeff talk me into doing this free call… so I hope you’ll join us for it. Lines are limited; Go here and reserve your spot.

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