Interesting use of Professional Photos Feature

Check out Andy Smith’s interesting collection of professional photos or James Newton’s use of this feature to share his recent leadership awards (Nice Job!) or Jon Michael’s London adventures. Also, EzineArticles expert Steve Martinez used this feature to share some family and other professional photos including a trade show pic that I thought was relevant to include… and a very cool pic of himself next to his logo.

How creative can you be with your Professional Photo upload tool?

Politics of 3rd Party Article Submissions

We are often asked, “Do you accept automatic article submissions from so and so?”

To which we respond, “We do accept automatic article submissions from a select small list of 3rd party article submission service providers, but we have never disclosed and had no plans to disclose who the approved 3rd party article submission service providers are to prevent implied endorsements.”

Here are some of the politics behind our reasons for the above policy and many insights into our thinking on 3rd party article submission providers:

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Rating System Blues

Stephanie writes, “I was browzing my article and when I saw “rating” I clicked on the stars to see what the different ratings said. And by doing that I accidentally gave myself a 2/5 rating. I am sure that I am not the only one who has done this. That is probably why one of my articles got a 1/5 rating – someone clicked on the first star not realising that THAT is how you rate someone.”

Dear Stephanie, Don’t take yourself so seriously. :-) In the big picture of things, does anyone really care if one single article of yours has a low rating, even if it’s not deserved? Right now, it will have almost no impact on the traffic your article receives. Your complaint is one that we hear often and it usually comes from someone with less than 6 articles posted with us. I recommend that you write or post 60 more articles and then tell me if you still feel this way about the one single bad rating your article received. Love, The Article Writing & Marketing Coach

Known issue with email alerts

In our rush to release 79 new article categories before the weekend, we didn’t complete the connection between the 79 new email alert lists and the new subscription boxes that are in each of the sub-categories views (such as this one)… Sorry about this. Our dev team has been alerted and it’s on deck to get fixed this weekend. My apologies to our email newsletter audience that was just alerted to try this new feature that won’t work right till we can get it fixed.


New Home Page Design, 79 New Categories!

2 long weeks, 9 different design possibilities were tested internally, and what you see on the home page today is the result of dozens of hours of thought. We didn’t want to mess up a ‘good thing’, while we knew we needed to change it to allow for an expansion in categories. Yes, you can still click on the EXPAND ALL button to see all of the categories at once, kind of like the classic design. What do you think of the new design?

Thanks to hundreds of individual requests for new categories, we’re excited today to unveil the next 79 new categories. It was suppose to be 78 new categories, but Scrapbooking became the 79th…for a grand total of 301 categories. Over the next 3 weeks, we’ll be moving articles around and sharing what our goals are for the differentiation we’ll be looking for between similar categories (Writing Articles vs. Article Marketing for example).

Here’s a list of the 79 new categories:

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Top EzineArticles August Authors

Platinum : Lance Winslow – 417 – United States
Platinum : Michael Russell – 231 – Australia
Platinum : Gregg Hall – 218 – United States
Platinum : Morgan Hamilton – 208 – United States
Platinum : John Gibb – 177 – United Kingdom
Platinum : Mike Singh – 107 – United States
Platinum : Michael Bustamante – 105 – United States

Let’s do a comparison to see what the top 7 authors by volume were doing in August of 2005:

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