Who doesn’t love the Crocodile Hunter? EzineArticles expert Thomas Murrell (from Western Australia) wrote a tribute to Steve Irwin about his brand and marketing smarts that lead to his success: Why The World Loved The Steve Irwin Personal Brand

Article Writing Coach Perspecitive: In addition to the critical elements that Murrell reveals in his article, I really like his style of writing articles — as I’m left knowing that I received value from the format. Sometimes the format of an article significantly raises the quality of the arguments and thoughts being presented. If his article didn’t have a number of elements identified and it was one long conversational article, I probably wouldn’t have read it. Of course there is nothing wrong with a conversational article, but I’m a fan of the bullet point or numbered lists within articles or at least identification of sub-topics within a main topic. Nice job Thomas!

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Author Spotlight – Ellen Mossman-Glazer, M.Ed.

Ellen Mossman-Glazer M.Ed.Today’s Author Spotlight is on Ellen Mossman-Glazer, M.Ed., a Life Skills Coach and Behavioral Specialist, specializing in Asperger Syndrome, High Functioning Autism, ADHD, and learning difficulties. The primary reason Ellen was chosen today is that she really has done an outstanding job of leveraging her titles for optimal results. This is a topic that Chris has discussed a few time in this space, most recently here and here.

When looking at Ellen’s article titles, she nails these concepts both in including her keywords but also in expanding beyond them to let the reader know about what aspect of Social Training the article is about. She stays true to this format in her articles that aren’t on Social Training as well.

Another item I thought Ellen did a good job of was her Resource Box: A nice short bio with a plug to join her Ezines (call to action) and only one URL using the actual address instead of anchor text, which helps to make sure the link doesn’t get overlooked when someone republishes it. You can see what I am talking about here.

Lastly, on Ellen’s website, her “Featured on EzineArticles” button (left nav near the bottom) links up to her expert author URL instead of our home page. This is smart and exactly what we want to see authors do because her website visitors will be able to click on that button and then immediately view her articles on Nice job Ellen!

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Submission Barriers Be Gone

I have had a few private email conversations with authors on this topic, but wanted to get more input on it: What can do to remove barriers in the submission process which would allow you to submit more articles? (besides write the articles ;-)

Why do I ask this potentially loaded question? For the simple fact that our two new Assoc. Editors we brought on are learning the ropes quicker than anticipated and I don’t want them to get bored! ;-)

One Million Words is 2500 Articles

EzineArticles expert Steven Barnes said, “It is said that a novice writer must produce a million words of garbage before finding her true voice. How in the world will you ever create such volume if you constantly judge every word? If only you could learn to turn that voice off, you might not only accelerate your growth as a writer, but learn a critical lesson about the structure of the human psyche.”

If that’s true, at an average of 400 words per article, a novice author could expect to cut his or her teeth (expression that means to get started and learn the ropes) with their first 2,500 articles. If a person was writing 200 word articles (Our bottom acceptance floor for word count), they’d hit a million words somewhere around 5,000 articles… but at 700 words, they’d reach 1 million words around 1,400 articles.

Personally, I’m at about 4-5 million words published and while I’m a bit embarrassed over those first few hundred articles more than a decade ago, they were an important stepping stone that every writer must pass through on their creative writing way to genius. You can do it too and everyone here at looks forward to being part of your article writing history!

Long Tail Marketing

EzineArticles expert Titus Hoskins recently wrote an article reiterating the importance of long tail marketing that is worth a quick read: Boost Your Online Sales With Long Tail Marketing

Small planet theory: I was just on Anthony Blake’s forums when I read a comment Titus made about EzineArticles in July of 2005, “Ezinearticles – This brought in a lot of traffic when I first started but they have gone from around 2000 authors to over 7000 authors so their traffic is spread too thin now!” Titus: Curious: Do you still feel that way today now that we are at 30k+ registered authors?

Word Count Poll

Currently, our WORD COUNTS are based on the total words from the article body + resource box.

Should we keep it that way or should we exclude the RESOURCE BOX from the word count totals?

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MySpace Platinum Author Love

Is this the first author to include their Platinum membership button on their MySpace profile? If so, first dibbs goes to EzineArticles expert Jan Verhoeff! Nice job.

PS: Thanks to whoever sent to their list that I have a MySpace profile as I received 20+ friend adds today in about a 2 hour span. If you’re the guilty party who promoted my profile, please take credit so I can thank you. :-)

UPDATED TUESDAY SEPT 12th 2PM CST: The guilty party is the very smart Denise Wakeman. Thanks Denise!

Professional Author Photo Gallery

Today we released a new page that will auto-update to allow everyone to view which authors have uploaded (1) or more professional author photos: [Click Here To Surf The Author Pofessional Gallery]

Even Zig Ziglar Finds Experts Here

Wanted to share a quick mention from one of the many letters or testimonials that we receive each day. This one comes from EzineArticles expert, Harry Hoover:

“Chris, next week my piece on personal branding (The New Brand You) will be in Zig Ziglar’s enewsletter which reaches 53,000 readers. The editor found my piece at EzineArticles and dropped me a note to let me know it will be in next week’s issue. Cool.”

I’ve been a Zig fan for at least a decade now and have read most of his books. Nice job Harry! :-)

Author Spotlight – How to be in the Author Spotlight Author SpotlightEarlier this week someone emailed in asking how to “get in the Author Spotlight?” So this week’s Author Spotlight is actually on some things we look for when choosing an author to “put the Spotlight on”.

  • Recent Activity – Has the author been active in the last day, week or month. Generally, the squeaky wheel gets the grease and an author that is actively submitting articles will usually have a better chance of being in the Spotlight than a dormant one.
  • Membership Level – While it may happen from time to time and we will Spotlight a Basic Level Author, we usually choose Platinum Level Authors for the Spotlight.
  • Use of Author Bio, Extended Bio & Author Photo – We like to get to know our authors and an author which utilizes all the features of the Extended Author Bio makes that easier for us. It also makes it easier to Spotlight that author as there is more info to share.
  • Article Submission Quality & Form – If the article content is great AND the formatting which the article is submitted is stellar, chances are you may be in the Spotlight. Two reasons really: 1) Great content helps everyone & 2) Perfect formatting allows our Editors to approve articles quicker.

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